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Index page for lunar features whose names start with the letter A

Italics indicate farside features.

Many disallowed or discontinued names from ancient selenographers and from other sources are still useful, and are therefore included in this ABC
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Why is farside crater Anderson L nicknamed Anderson Finger ?
-Hewelcke- Abarim, Mons (IAU: crater chain Ball-Pitatus)
-Menzel, 1971- Abbe
-Caes- Abbe, Vallis (east of Abbe)
-Post Apollo- Abbot
-LTO- Abduh (Lyell A)
-Franz- Abel
-Riccioli- Abenezra
-Post Apollo- Abetti
-Wilkins- Abineri (Strabo A)
-Menzel, 1971- Abul Wáfa
-Riccioli- Abulfeda
Abulfeda crater chain (Catena Abulfeda)
-Hewelcke- Acabe, Mons (IAU: Byrgius and bright nimbus)
-Hewelcke- Aconitus collis (IAU: Boscovich)
-Post Apollo- Acosta
-Birt- Adams
-Sternberg- Adlunationis, Sinus (Planitia Descensus, Luna 9 site)
-Hewelcke- Adriaticum, Mare (IAU: Sinus Medii + SE Sinus Aestuum)
-Van Langren- Adriaticus, Portus (Rukl: 41/52)
-Hewelcke- Aea, Insula (IAU: Cauchy)
-Hewelcke- Aegyptiacum, Mare (IAU: part of southern Oceanus Procellarum)
-Hewelcke- Aegyptus (regio) (IAU: southwestern highlands)
-Hewelcke- Aemus (or Haemus) (IAU: Alexander)
-IAU 2009- Aepinus (north pole area)
-Hewelcke- Aerii, Montes (IAU: western end of Montes Carpatus)
-Franz- Aestatis, Lacus
-Van Langren- Aestuaria Bamelrodia (IAU: Palus Somni)
-Wood?- Aestuum Pyroclastics (see Aestuum, Sinus)
-Riccioli- Aestuum, Sinus
-Hewelcke- Aethusa, Insula (bright spot SW of Lansberg D)
-Hewelcke- Aetna, Mons (IAU: Copernicus)
-Hewelcke- Africae pars (IAU: far western highlands)
-Hewelcke- Agarum, Promontorium (aka Schmidt's Cap Cyrillus)
-NASA- Agassiz (Apollo-17 site)
-Schmidt- Agassiz, Promontorium
-Maedler- Agatharchides
Agatharchides, Rima
-Post Apollo- Agnes, Mons (in D-shaped Ina caldera)
-NASA- Agricola (Apollo-17 site)
-Post Apollo- Agricola, Montes
-Post Apollo- Agricola, Rima
Agricola Straits (see Agricola, Montes)
-Riccioli- Agrippa
-Caes- Air bubbles (the western end of Rupes Cauchy)
-Maedler- Airy
Airy swirl (see Airy)
-Menzel, 1971- Aitken
-Hewelcke- Ajax, Mons (IAU: Cavendish)
-Post Apollo- Akis (craterlet in the Euler group)
-Hewelcke- Alabastrinus, Mons (IAU: Lichtenberg's bright nimbus)
-Post Apollo- Alan (craterlet in Catena Davy)
-Hewelcke- Alani, Montes (northern rim of Mare Crisium)
-Caes- Alani's bright spot (high-albedo craterlet in Hewelcke's Mts.Alani)
-Hewelcke- Alaunus, Mons (IAU: Plutarch and Seneca)
-Post Apollo- Al-Bakri
-Van Langren- Albategni (IAU: Euctemon?)
-Riccioli- Albategnius
Albert (Luna-17 site)
-Van Langren- Alberti, Promontorium S. (Rukl: 24/25)
-Albin- Rima Albin / Rupes Albin (south of Lansberg)
-Menzel, 1971- Al-Biruni
-Riccioli- Alcuinus (Lubbock N)
-Menzel, 1971- Alden
-IAU XVIIB 1979- Alder (southeast of Von Karman)
-NASA- Aldrin (IAU: Langemak N)
-Menzel, 1971- Aldrin (crewmember Apollo-11)
-Post Apollo- Aldrovandi, Dorsa
-Menzel, 1971- Alekhin
-Birt- Alexander
-Van Langren- Alfonsi IX Reg. Cast. (IAU: Democritus)
-Riccioli- Alfraganus
-Caes- Alfred Worden's chain (chain of craterlets west of Gruithuisen)
-Schroter- Alhazen
-Riccioli- Aliacensis
Al-Khwarizmi (aka Arabia)
Al-Khwarizmi-King (basin)
-Wilkins- Aller (IAU: Atwood)
-NASA- Alligator chain (Apollo-15 site)
-Riccioli- Almanon
-Post Apollo- Al-Marrakushi
-Post Apollo- Aloha (craterlet near Montes Agricola)
-Hewelcke- Alopecia, Insula (IAU: Picard)
-Hewelcke- Alpes, Montes
Alpes, Vallis
-Riccioli- Alpetragius (aka Egg-in-a-Nest)
-NASA- Alpha Reed, Vallis (see Mare Ingenii)
-Riccioli- Alphonsus (impact site of Ranger 9)
Alphonsus, Rimae
-Elger- Alpine Valley (Vallis Alpes)
Alpine Valley Central Rille
-Riordan- Alser's alien / Shoeprint (in Robinson)
-Maedler- Altai, Rupes
-Birt- Alta Vista (see Teneriffe, Montes)
-Menzel, 1971- Alter
-Wilkins- Alter (Albategnius G)
-LTO- Al-Tusi (King Y) (see link below list)
-Hewelcke- Amadoca, Palus (IAU: Mare Humboldtianum)
-Hewelcke- Amadoci, Montes (IAU: Messala area)
-Van Langren- Amalfi (IAU: Barrow)
-Hewelcke- Amanus, Mons (IAU: Delambre)
-Gassendi- Amara Mons (location unknown)
-Hewelcke- Amarae, Paludes (IAU: Mare Spumans and Mare Undarum)
-Hewelcke- Amari, Fontes (IAU: Cruger's dark floor)
-Hewelcke- Ambenus, Mons (IAU: bright ray Mason-Mare Frigoris)
-Post Apollo- Ameghino
-NASA- America (IAU: Korolev)
-Menzel, 1971- Amici
-Post Apollo- Ammonius (in Ptolemaeus)
-Post Apollo- Amontons
Amoris, Sinus
-Schmidt- Ampère, Mons
Amphitheater (part of Vallis Alpes)
-Arthur- / -Wilkins- Amundsen (IAU: Scott)
-RLA 1963- Amundsen
Amundsen-Ganswindt (basin)
-Riccioli- Anaxagoras
-Riccioli- Anaximander
-Riccioli- Anaximenes
-?- Ancient Newton (unofficial name)
-Wood- Ancient Thebit (see Recta, Rupes)
-Muller- Andel
-NASA- Anders (IAU: Backlund)
-Menzel, 1971- Anders (crewmember Apollo-8)
-Menzel, 1971- Anderson
-?- Anderson finger (Anderson L)
-RP 1097- Andersson
-Wood- Andes mountains (see Humboldtianum, Mare)
-Van Langren- Andradae (IAU: Mare Crisium Omega)
-Post Apollo- André, Mons (in King)
-Rand McNally- Andreus Hills (see Herigonius)
-Post Apollo- Andronov
-Post Apollo- Andrusov, Dorsa
-Hewelcke- Anemusa, Insula (IAU: bright spot north of Lansberg)(?)
-Post Apollo- Ango (craterlet in the Euler group)
-Krieger- Angström
-Franz- Anguis, Mare
-Post Apollo- Ann (craterlet in the part of Palus Putredinis known as "Lacus Mozart")
-Hewelcke- Annae, Mons (IAU: Longomontanus and Wilhelm)
-Van Langren- Annae D. Aurel. F. (IAU: Caucasus Gamma)
-Van Langren- ANNAE Reg. Fran. (IAU: Arzachel)
-Post Apollo- Annegrit (craterlet near Mons La Hire)
-Kuiper- Annulatum, Mare (IAU: Mare Orientale)
-?- Annulus Concordiae (between Mts.Cordillera and Mts.Rook)
-Van Langren- Annulus Neptuni (IAU: Gassendi)
-Van Langren- Anselmi Elect. Mogunt. (IAU: Casatus)
-Maedler- Ansgarius
-Caes- Antaristarchus (Tsiolkovsky, the dark antipode of bright Aristarchus)
-Gassendi- Anticaspia (IAU: Mare Humorum)
-Hewelcke- Antilibanus (IAU: Aliacensis and Werner)
-Hewelcke- Antitaurus (IAU: chain of Almanon to Playfair)
-Menzel, 1971- Antoniadi (Basin)
-Wilkins- Antoniadi (Hecataeus B)
-Krieger- Antural (see Riphaeus, Montes)
-IAU XVIIB 1979- Anuchin
-Post Apollo- Anville
-Markov?- A.Pavlov (unofficial name for crater east of Cyrillus)
-Hackman- Apennine Bench Formation
-NASA- Apennine Front (Apollo-15 site)
-Hewelcke- Apennine Mountains (Montes Apenninus)
-Riccioli- Apianus
-Hewelcke- Apollinis, Promontorium (IAU: Promontorium Laplace?)
-Hewelcke- Apollinis, Sinus (IAU: Sinus Iridum)
-Menzel, 1971- Apollo (Basin)
-NASA- Apollo 11 Site (Statio Tranquillitatis)
-NASA- Apollo 12 Site (Surveyor crater)
-NASA- Apollo 14 Site (north of Fra Mauro)
-NASA- Apollo 15 Site (near Mons Hadley)
-NASA- Apollo 16 Site (near Descartes and Dollond)
-NASA- Apollo 17 Site (Taurus-Littrow Valley)
-Hewelcke- Apollonia, Insula (IAU: Plinius)
-Hewelcke- Apollonia Minor, Insula (IAU: Ross)
-Maedler- Apollonius
-LTO- Apollonius, Fossa
Apollonius, Rimae
-NASA- Apollo Ridge (A-10 / A-11 region)
-NASA- Apollo Rille (A-10 / A-11 region)
-NASA?- Appalaches, Rupes (discontinued name, see Al-Khwarizmi)
-Menzel, 1971- Appleton
Appleton-Tsu Basin
-Hewelcke- Arabia (regio) (IAU: SSW limb area)
-NASA- Arabia (IAU: Al-Khwarizmi)
-Hewelcke- Arabiae, Paludes (IAU: dark area De Gasparis - Palmieri)
-Maedler- Arago
Arago Domes (Arago Alpha and Beta)
Arago 5 (small field of Irregular Mare Patches SE of Maclear / SW of Ross H)
-Van Langren- Arati (IAU: Plato Tau)
-Riccioli- Aratus
Aratus CA (LTO: Lorca) ("Krishna" on Rukl's chart 23)
-NASA- Arbeit (Apollo-15 site)
-Hewelcke- Archerusia, Palus (IAU: Julius Caesar)
-Hewelcke- Archerusia, Promontorium.
-Birt- Archidaeum, Promontorium (see Berzelius and Geminus)
-Riccioli- Archimedes
-LTO- Archimedes, Fossa (Caes's Catena Beer)
Archimedes, Montes (aka Montes Lomonosov)
Archimedes, Rimae
-Van Langren- Archimedis (IAU: Teneriffe Iota)
-Riccioli- Archytas
Archytas, Rima
-Leonardi- Arcuate fractures (south of Arago)
-Post Apollo- Ardeshir, Mons (in King)
-Post Apollo- Arduino, Dorsum
-Hewelcke- Areesa, Palus (IAU: dark area SW of Fracastorius)
-Van Langren- Arenbergii (IAU: Murchison and Pallas)
-Webb- Argaeus, Mons
-Caes- Argaeus's elongated depression (WSW of Mons Argaeus)
-Post Apollo- Argand, Dorsa
-Birt?- -Schmidt?- Argelander
-Hewelcke- Argentarius, Mons (IAU: Archimedes)
-Van Langren- Argolii, Promontorium (IAU: ESE Santbech)
-Riccioli- Ariadaeus
Ariadaeus, Rima
-Hewelcke- Arietis, Promontorium (IAU: near Vitruvius)
-LTO- Ariosto (Hirayama C)
-Van Langren- Aristarchi (IAU: Archytas)
-Riccioli- Aristarchus
-LTO- Aristarchus, Collis
Aristarchus North (small field of Irregular Mare Patches NNE of Aristarchus)
Aristarchus Plateau (aka Wood's Spot) (both unofficial names)
Aristarchus Rilles (Rimae Aristarchus)
-Riccioli- Aristillus
-Caes- Aristillus's ghost (ghost-crater immediately north of Aristillus)
-Riccioli- Aristoteles
-Hewelcke- Armeniae, Montes (IAU: Gemma Frisius and Goodacre)
-Wilkins- Armenter (-898/ +426)
-IAU XVIB 1976- Arminski
-NASA- Arms (Apollo-17 site)
-NASA- Armstrong (IAU: Langemak)
-Menzel, 1971- Armstrong (crewmember Apollo-11)
-Schroter- Arnold
-Van Langren- Arondelii (IAU: Lexell A)
-Menzel, 1971- Arrhenius
-Hewelcke- Arrhentias, Insula (IAU: bright area north of Moltke)
Arrowhead, The (unofficial name/ nickname) (Mons Hansteen)
-NASA- Arrowhead (Apollo-15 site)
-Menzel, 1971- Artamonov
Artamonov, Catena
-Menzel, 1971- Artem'ev
-Post Apollo- Artemis (craterlet halfway between Euler and Lambert)
-Caes- Artemis/Felix/Verne cluster (irregular cluster of craterlets in Mare Imbrium)
-Wilkins- Arthur (Anaximander C)
-Post Apollo- Artsimovich
-Caes- Artsimovich's arrowhead (ENE of Artsimovich)
-Post Apollo- Artsimovich, Rima
-IAU XVIIB 1979- Aryabhata
-Riccioli- Arzachel
Arzachel, Rimae
-Van Langren- Arzahel, Promontorium (Rukl: 48)
-Riccioli- Arzet (IAU: Zach?)
-Post Apollo- Asada
-Schmidt- Asclepi
-RP 1097- Ashbrook
-Hewelcke- Asiae pars (IAU: probably SSE limb area)
-Hewelcke- Asia Minor (regio) (IAU: central highlands)
-Post Apollo- Asperitatis, Sinus
-RLA 1963- Aston
-Sternberg- Astronautorum, Sinus (south of Komarov)
-Van Langren- Astronomicum, Mare (IAU: Mare Frigoris)
-Wilkins- Ataturk (Romer A)
-Hewelcke- Atheniensis, Sinus (IAU: Sinus Asperitatis)
-Lamech- Athinagoras (Geminus A)
-Van Langren- Athlanticus, Sinus (IAU: Eratosthenes, Timocharis)
-Hewelcke- Athos, Mons (IAU: Euclides bright nimbus)
-Riccioli- Atlas
-Dembowski- Atlas's companion / Atlas bright spot (high-albedo spot E. of Atlas)
-Hewelcke- Atlas Major (IAU: Bouguer and La Condamine)
-Hewelcke- Atlas Minor (IAU: Sharp and Sharp B) (Wilkins's Aymat)
Atlas, Rimae
-Post Apollo- Atwood (of the trio Atwood-Bilharz-Naonobu NW of Langrenus)
-Van Langren- Auberi (IAU: Nicolai)
-Hewelcke- Audus, Mons (IAU: Reiner Gamma, with Reiner?)
-Van Langren- Augustini, Flumen S. (IAU: Zupus region)
-Hewelcke- Aureus, Mons (IAU: Egede A bright nimbus)
-LTO- Austen (Hirayama M)
-Maedler- Australe, Mare (Basin)
-Van Langren- Austriaci, Montes (IAU: Montes Apenninus)
-Van Langren- Austriacum, Mare (IAU: Mare Imbrium)
-Riccioli- Autolycus
-Franz- Autumni, Lacus
-Krieger- Auwers
-Caes- Auwers Tholus (dome south of Auwers)
-Schroter- Auzout
-Soares- Avani's ghost / Avani Soares's ghost (near Wollaston D)
-Post Apollo- Avery
-Menzel, 1971- Avicenna
-Fauth- Avis, Mare (location unknown)
-Menzel, 1971- Avogadro
-Wilkins- Aymat (Sharp B)
-Van Langren- Aytona (= Nachara) (IAU: Montes Harbinger Beta)
-Post Apollo- Azara, Dorsum
-Riccioli- Azophi

Index page for lunar features whose names start with the letter B

Italics indicate farside features.
-RLA 1963- Baade
Baade, Vallis
-IAU XVB 1973- Babakin (in Fermi)
-Birt- Babbage
-Menzel, 1971- Babcock (with Zasyadko on its floor)
-Kuiper?- Baby, The (Mons Delisle)
-NASA- Baby Ray (Baby Ray Crater) (Apollo-16 site)
-Post Apollo- Back
-Menzel, 1971- Backlund
-Maedler- Baco
-Van Langren- Badvari (the same region as Rand McNally's Andreus hills?)
-Van Langren- Baieri (IAU: Delisle)
-Lamech- Baillaud
-Schroter- Bailly (Basin) (with Wilkins's Hare on its floor)
Bailly-Newton Basin
-Maedler- Baily
-Birt- Baker (one of the triplet of craters NW of Langrenus)
-Sternberg- Bakhchivandzhi (Korolev C)
-Van Langren- Bakii (IAU: Arago)
-IAU XVIB 1976- Balandin (in Gagarin)
-RLA 1963- Balboa
-Caes- Balboa, Rimae (on the floor of Balboa)
-Lamech- Baldet (Cassini E)
-Menzel, 1971- Baldet
-Birt- Ball
-Wilkins- Ball, L.F. (Endymion B)
-NASA- Ballet crater (Apollo-17 site)
-RLA 1963- Balmer
Balmer-Kapteyn Basin
-Van Langren- BALTHASARIS Hispa. Pri. (IAU: Aristarchus)
-LTO- Balzac (Hirayama K)
-RLA 1963- Banachiewicz (with Knox-Shaw on its floor)
-Krieger- Banat, Cape (Promontorium Banat) (discontinued name)
-Krieger- Banat, Sinus (see Banat, Cape)
-Caes- Banat's snake (immediately north of Prom. Banat)
-Post Apollo- Bancroft
-Post Apollo- Banting
-Caes- Banting's Pacman (SE of Banting)
-Wilkins- Barange (Marius A)
-NASA- Barbara Mesa (A-11 region)
-Van Langren- Barbarini (IAU: Mosting)
-Menzel, 1971- Barbier
-Wilkins- Barcroft (Dollond B)
-NASA- Barjea (Apollo-17 site)
-Wilkins- Barker (Sasserides A)
Barker's Quadrangle (aka Trapezium)
-Post Apollo- Barkla
-Van Langren- Barlaei (IAU: Atlas A, or Atlas Alpha?)
-Post Apollo- Barlow, Dorsa
-RLA 1963- Barnard
-Riccioli- Barocius
-Hewelcke- Baronisus, Mons (IAU: Mairan)
-Van Langren- Barreae (IAU: Burckhardt)
-Menzel, 1971- Barringer
-Maedler- Barrow
-Menzel, 1971- Bartels
-Schmidt- Barth (IAU: Grove)
-Wilkins- Bartlett (-120/ +900)
-Riccioli- Bartolus (Bailly B)
-Hill- Basaltic Lava Areas (see Vieta)
-Murray- Basketball player (the Full Moon's dark mare-regions)
-NASA- Bassett (IAU: Scaliger)
-Van Langren- Batavicus, Sinus (IAU: Mare Nectaris and Sinus Asperitatis)
-LTO- Baudelaire (SE of Xenophon)
-Wilkins- Baum (Sven Hedin F or E)
-Post Apollo- Bawa (craterlet in Bowditch)
-Riccioli- Bayer
-Van Langren- Bazan (IAU: Pytheas)
-Wood- BBB (see Big Backside Basin)
-Copeland- Beaded ridge (see Wallace)
-RP 1097- Beals
-NASA- Bear Mountain (A-11 region)
-NASA- Bear Mountain (Apollo-17 site)
-Maedler- Beaumont
-Caes- Beaumont's 29 East ridge / Dorsum Beaumont (North of Beaumont)
-Van Langren- Bechleri (IAU: Triesnecker)
-Menzel, 1971- Becquerel
-Menzel, 1971- Becvár
-Riccioli- Beda (IAU: Censorinus N)
-Van Langren- Bedae, S. (IAU: Langrenus B, K, F)
-Birt?- -Schmidt?- Beer (of the couple Beer-Feuillee)
-Caes- Beer, Catena (aka the LTO's Fossa Archimedes)
-LTO- Beethoven, Rima (part of Rimae Prinz)
-Kidd- Beetle, The (Birt and Birt A)
-Maedler- Behaim
-Menzel, 1971- Beijerinck
-Post Apollo- Beketov
-Van Langren- Bekii (IAU: Godin)
-Post Apollo- Béla (craterlet SW of Mons Hadley Delta)
-Caes- Bela circularity (circular shape at Bela in Montes Apenninus)
-Van Langren- Belgicum, Mare (IAU: Mare Tranquillitatis)
-RLA 1963- Bel'kovich
Bel'kovich-Hayn shadow (clair-obscur phenomenon, see Bel'kovich)
-Menzel, 1971- Bell
-Menzel, 1971- Bellinsgauzen
-Birt- Bellot
-Menzel, 1971- Belopol'skiy
-Caes- Belukha, Mons (part of Rupes Altai)
-Menzel, 1971- Belyaev (crewmember Voskhod-2)
-Van Langren- Benavidi (IAU: Gay-Lussac Nu?)
-NASA- Bench (Apollo-12 site)
-IAU XVIB 1976- Benedict (in Mendeleev)
-Wilkins- Benitez (Pontanus A or C)
Bennett Hill (see Apollo-15 site)
-IAU XVIB 1976- Bergman (in Mendeleev)
-Menzel, 1971- Bergstrand
-Menzel, 1971- Berkner
-Menzel, 1971- Berlage
-LTO- Bernini (Jansen L)
-Schroter- Bernoulli
-Riccioli- Berosus
-Hewelcke- Berosus, Mons (IAU: Romer)
-Wilkins- Bertaud (Sirsalis A)
-Van Langren- Bervoeti (IAU: Ramsden)
-Maedler- Berzelius
-Hewelcke- Besbicus, Insula (IAU: Manilius)
-Riccioli- Bessarion
-Caes- Bessarion D hillock (east of Bessarion D)
-Maedler- Bessel
Bessel Ray (see Bessel)
-Van Langren- Bettinii (IAU: Bessarion and Bessarion A)
-Riccioli- Bettinus
-Sternberg- Bezout (Mechnikov D)
-Menzel, 1971- Bhabha
-Van Langren- Biaei (IAU: Hercules)
-Schroter- Bianchini
-Caes- Bibendum (east of Lansberg)
-Wood- Bibendum (east of Gassendi, in the Andreus hills)
-Van Langren- Bichi (IAU: Riccius)
-Gilbert- Bicke, Cape (IAU: south of Mare Crisium)
-Van Langren- Bickeri (IAU: Vitello)
-Maedler- Biela
-Wood- Big Backside Basin (the SPA / Southpole-Aitken Basin)
-NASA- Big Depression (Apollo-16 site)
-Lamech- Bigourdan (location unknown)
-NASA- Big Rock Mountain (Apollo-15 site)
-NASA- Big Sag (Apollo-16 site)
-NASA- Big Sink (Apollo-16 site)
-IAU XVIB 1976- Bilharz (of the trio Atwood-Bilharz-Naonobu NW of Langrenus)
-Riccioli- Billy
Billy, Rima
-IAU XVIB 1976- Bingham
-Maedler- Biot
-J.Moore- Bird, the (Irregular Mare Patch N°71)
-Wood- Bird's foot (system of wrinkle ridges on the floor of Wargentin)
-Menzel, 1971- Birkeland
-Menzel, 1971- Birkhoff (Basin)
-Birt- Birmingham
-Neison?- -Schmidt?- Birt
Birt, Rima
Bi Sheng
-Wood- Bishop mountains (see Mare Humboldtianum)
-Birt?- Bitterroot meadows (near Apollonius)
-Menzel, 1971- Bjerknes
-Lamech- Blagg
-Schroter- Blanc, Mont
-Van Langren- Blancani (IAU: Flamsteed Rho, etc.)
-Riccioli- Blancanus
-RP 1097- Blanchard
-Riccioli- Blanchinus
-Menzel, 1971- Blazhko
-NASA- Blinky (Apollo-15 site)
-Moore- Bliss (aka Birt's Jackson-Gwilt)
-Van Langren- Blitterswyckii (IAU: Atlas)
-NASA- Block (Apollo-12 site)
-Birt?- Bluereed meadow (Palus Epidemiarum)
-Post Apollo- Bobillier
-Menzel, 1971- Bobone
-NASA- Bob's Bend (A-11 region)
-Lohrmann- Bode
-Wood?- Bode Pyroclastics (see Bode)
Bode, Rimae
-Hewelcke- Bodinus, Mons (IAU: Cepheus and Franklin)
-Post Apollo- Boethius
-Maedler- Boguslawsky
-Maedler- Bohnenberger
-RLA 1963- Bohr
Bohr, Vallis
-Van Langren- Boivinii (IAU: Newcomb)
-Lamech- Bojena (location unknown)
-Wilkins- Bolton (-103/ -0.88)
-RLA 1963- Boltzmann
-Menzel, 1971- Bolyai
-Post Apollo- Bombelli
-RP 1097- Bondarenko
-Birt- Bond, G. (or Bond, G.P., see G. Bond)
-Birt- Bond, W. (or Bond, W.C., see W. Bond)
-Westfall- Bonestell (Cabeus B)
-Post Apollo- Bonitatis, Lacus
-Maedler- Bonpland
-Hewelcke- Bontas, Mons (IAU: Democritus)
-Van Langren- Bonvicini (IAU: Riccioli D dark spot)
-RLA 1963- Boole
-NASA- Boot Hill (A-11 region)
-Lamech- Boquet (location unknown)
-Van Langren- Borbonicum, Mare (IAU: Mare Nubium)
-Maedler- Borda
-Gilbert- Borealis, Insula (IAU: part of Mare Frigoris)
-Gilbert- Borealis, Promontorium (IAU: north of Mare Imbrium)
-Post Apollo- Borel
-Gassendi- Boreum Mare (IAU: Mare Frigoris)
-Post Apollo- Boris (craterlet near Rima Delisle)
-Post Apollo- Boris, Rupes (near Rima Delisle)
-NASA- Borman (IAU: Pasteur)
Borman (crewmember Apollo-8)
-Post Apollo- Born
Borya (Luna-17 site)
-Hewelcke- Borysthenes, Lacus (IAU: western portion of Lacus Somniorum)
-IAU 2009- Bosch (north pole area)
-Schroter- Boscovich
Boscovich, Rimae
-Menzel, 1971- Bose
-Hewelcke- Bosphorus, Sinus Propont. ad. (IAU: NE corner of Mare Vaporum)
-RLA 1963- Boss
-Caes- Bottle / Guitar (between Fedorov and Mons Delisle)
-Caes- Bottle (near the SW part of Niepce)
-Maedler- Bouguer
-Maedler- Boussingault
-Maedler- Bouvard, Vallis
Bowditch (with craterlet Bawa in it)
-Post Apollo- Bowen
-NASA- Bowen-Apollo (Apollo-17 site)
-Menzel, 1971- Boyle
-Van Langren- Bracamonti (IAU: Polybius)
-Post Apollo- Brackett
-LTO- Bradley, Fossa
-Schroter- Bradley, Mons
Bradley, Rima
-Menzel, 1971- Bragg
-Van Langren- Brahei (Tycho) (IAU: Aristoteles)
-LTO- Brahms, Rima (near Mons Delisle, Delisle, and Diophantus B)
-NASA- Brand (Danjon X)
-NASA- Brandy (Apollo-15 site)
-Menzel, 1971- Brashear
-IAU 2009- Braude (south pole area)
-Birt- Brayley
Brayley, Rima
-Menzel, 1971- Bredikhin
-Schmidt- Breislak
-Fauth- Brenner
-Post Apollo- Brewster
-RLA 1963- Brianchon
-Caes- Brianchon, Vallis (at the northern part of Brianchon's rim)
-NASA- Bridge (Apollo-15 site)
Bridge of O'Neill (see O'Neill's bridge, Promontoria Lavinium and Olivium)
-Menzel, 1971- Bridgman
-Van Langren- Briggi (IAU: Curtius B)
-Schroter- Briggs
-NASA- Bright Crater (Apollo-12 site)
-Caes- Bright eye (Hipparchus C during Full Moon)
-NASA- Bright one, the (IAU: Necho) (aka NASA's Roosa)
-Post Apollo- Brigitte, Catena (near Mons Argaeus)
-Schmidt- Brisbane
-Gilbert- Brittannia (IAU: Mare Crisium)
-Caes- Broken Ellipse (Irregular Mare Patch NW Jansen G, aka Carrel 1)
-NASA- Brontë (Apollo-17 site)
-Menzel, 1971- Brouwer
-IAU Commission 17- Brown
-Krieger- Bruce
-Van Langren- Brunii (IAU: Carmichael)
-Menzel, 1971- Brunner
-Maedler- Buch
-Post Apollo- Bucher, Dorsum
-Caes- Bucher, Mons (the SSE end of Dorsum Bucher)
-Post Apollo- Buckland, Dorsum
-Menzel, 1971- Buffon
-Menzel, 1971- Buisson
-Van Langren- Bullialdi (IAU: Reiner Gamma)
-Riccioli- Bullialdus
-Schmidt- Bunsen
-Maedler- Burckhardt (the crater with the "ears", aka Burckhardt's ears)
Burckhardt, Rima (see link below list)
-Maedler- Bürg
Bürg, Rimae
-Post Apollo- Burnet, Dorsa
-Krieger- Burnham
-Wilkins- Burrell (-809/ -130) (Schmidt's Melloni?)
-Maedler- Büsching
-Wilkins- Buss (-992/ -0.18)
-NASA- Buster (Apollo-16 site)
-Menzel, 1971- Butlerov
-Caes- Butterfly nut (the western part of Rima Delisle) (aka Dogbone / Winged nut)
-Menzel, 1971- Buys-Ballot
-Hewelcke- Byces, Palus (IAU: Sinus Amoris)
-RLA 1963- Byrd
-Riccioli- Byrgius
Byrgius A: La Paz (Wilkins)
Byrgius, Rima (see link below list)
-Hewelcke- Byzantium (urbs) (IAU: Menelaus)

Index page for lunar features whose names start with the letter C

Italics indicate farside features.

An additional list of names for Clair-Obscur phenomena on the moon's morning and evening terminator:

Johann Hewelcke's name Mons Mampsarus is a typographical error. On his chart it is Mons Campsarus.
-Riccioli- Caloris, Terra
-NASA- Cape, the (A-11 region)
-NASA- Cape Bruce (A-11 region)
-NASA- Cape Venus (A-11 region)
-Birt- C. Herschel (Caroline Herschel)
-Schroter- C. Mayer (Christian Mayer)
-Menzel, 1971- Cabannes
-Riccioli- Cabeus
-Hewelcke- Cadmus, Mons (IAU: Parrot C) (Wilkins's Millas, Lamech's Muller)
-Caes- Caes, Facula (the high-albedo craterlet NW of Sinus Honoris)
-Caes- Caes, Mons (see Helmholtz)
-Riccioli- Caesar, Julius (see Julius Caesar)
-IAU, 2010- Cai Lun
-Post Apollo- Cajal
-Menzel, 1971- Cajori
-Hewelcke- Calabraria, Insulae (IAU: probably parts of Montes Teneriffe)
-Hewelcke- Calathe, Insula (IAU: Tobias Mayer Beta, Rho, etc.)
-Hewelcke- Calchistan, Mons (IAU: Maurolycus, Stofler, etc.)
-Van Langren- Caleni (IAU: Asclepi)
-Van Langren- Calippi, Promontorium (Rukl: 48)
-Riccioli- Calippus
Calippus, Rima
-Van Langren- Cambierii (IAU: Sabine)
-NASA- Camelot (Apollo-17 site)
-Post Apollo- Cameron
-LTO- Camoens (south of Schubert C)
-Riccioli- Campanus
-Menzel, 1971- Campbell
-Hewelcke- Campsarus, Mons (bright area at Suess)
-NASA- Candide (Apollo-17 site)
-Menzel, 1971- Cannizzaro (in Poczobutt)
-RLA 1963- Cannon
-NASA- Canoe (Apollo-16 site)
-Van Langren- Cantelmi (IAU: Cichus)
-Menzel, 1971- Cantor
-NASA- Canyon (Apollo-15 site)
-Riccioli- Capella
Capella, Vallis
-Rand McNally- Cape Plato (see Plato)
-Hewelcke- Capraria, Insula (IAU: Montes Teneriffe Epsilon)
-Riccioli- Capuanus
-Wilkins- Caramuel (IAU: Bartels)
-Van Langren- Caramuelis (IAU: Descartes C / Dollond E)
-Hewelcke- Carcinites, Sinus (IAU: the eastern portion of Lacus Somniorum)
-Riccioli- Cardanus
Cardanus, Rima
-Maedler- Carlini
-Post Apollo- Carlos (craterlet SW of Mons Hadley Delta)
-Post Apollo- Carmen, Rima (near Mons Argaeus)
-Post Apollo- Carmichael
-Menzel, 1971- Carnot
-Post Apollo- Carol (craterlet near Ibn Firnas and Ostwald)
-Van Langren- Caroli D. Loth. (IAU: Metius)
-Van Langren- Caroli D. Mant. (IAU: Jacobi)
-Van Langren- CAROLI I Reg. Britt. (IAU: Walther)
-Hewelcke- Carpates, Mons (IAU: Eudoxus)
-Rand McNally- Carpathian plateau (see Copernicus)
-Hewelcke- Carpathos, Insula (IAU: Max Wolf)
-Hewelcke- / -Maedler- Carpatus, Montes
-Gaudibert- Carpenter
-NASA- Carr (IAU: Perepelkin)
-Post Apollo- Carrel
Carrel 1 (Irregular Mare Patch NW of Jansen G) (aka the Broken Ellipse)
-Post Apollo- Carrillo
-Birt?- -Schmidt?- Carrington
-Post Apollo- Cartan
-Van Langren- Cartesii (IAU: Romer)
-Gassendi- Carthusia (IAU: Copernicus)
Cartesio-Cayley zone (see Descartes)
-LTO- Caruso, Fossa (SE of Nielsen)
-Menzel, 1971- Carver
-LTO- Casals, Fossa (Rupes Cauchy)
-Riccioli- Casatus
-Van Langren- Casimiri Pol. P. (IAU: Mutus)
-Hewelcke- Casius, Mons (1) (IAU: Fourier and Vieta)
-Hewelcke- Casius, Mons (2) (IAU: Agatharchides P) (Wilkins's Novellas)
-Gassendi- Caspia (IAU: Mare Crisium)
-Van Langren- Caspium, Mare (De Moura) (IAU: Mare Crisium)
-Hewelcke- Caspium, Mare (IAU: Mare Fecunditatis)
-Menzel, 1971- Cassegrain
-Leon- (-"Nunki"-) Cassegrain, Mons (WNW of Cassegrain)
-Allard?- / -Schroter?- Cassini
-Cassini?- Cassini's Bright Spot (unofficial name for Hell Q)
Cassini's moon maiden (see Promontorium Heraclides)
-Van Langren- Cassiodori, Promontorium (Rukl: 48)
-Hewelcke- Cassiotis regio (IAU: the eastern border of Mare Humorum)
-NASA- CAT (Charles And Tom) (Apollo-16 site)
-Menzel, 1971- Catalán
-Hewelcke- Cataractes, Mons (IAU: Gassendi)
-Riccioli- Catharina
-Van Langren- Catholicum, Fretum (IAU: Mare Vaporum and Sinus Aestuum)
-Post Apollo- Cato, Dorsa
-NASA- Cat's Paw (Apollo-11 site)
-Hewelcke- Caucasius, Sinus (IAU: Sinus Concordiae)
-Hewelcke- Caucasus, Montes (originally at the IAU's Montes Pyrenaeus)
-Hewelcke- Caucasus Inferior, Montes (IAU: Borda, Santbech, etc.)
-Neison- Cauchy
-Caes- Cauchy D hills (NNE of Cauchy D, in W part of Sinus Concordiae)
Cauchy-5 (field of Irregular Mare Patches west of Donna in Mare Tranquillitatis)
-LTO- Cauchy, Fossa (Rima Cauchy)
Cauchy, Rima (aka Fossa Cauchy)(-LTO-)
Cauchy Fault (Rupes Cauchy)(aka Fossa Casals)(-LTO-)
-Rukl- Causeway (Bullialdus W)
-Riccioli- Cavalerius
-Maedler- Cavendish
-Post Apollo- Caventou
-Post Apollo- Cayeux, Dorsum
-Birt- Cayley
-Caes- Cayley's mob (cratercluster between Cayley and Rima Ariadaeus)
-NASA?- Cayley Formation
Cayley Plains (see Cayley Formation)
CBVC (see Compton-Belkovich Volcanic Complex)
-Hewelcke- Celenorum Tumulus (IAU: the chain La Caille to Vogel)
-LTO- Cellini (Kastner S)
-Schmidt- Celsius
-Riccioli- Censorinus
-Riccioli- Cepheus
-Menzel, 1971- Ceraski (see Tseraskiy)
-Hewelcke- Cercinna, Insula (IAU: Kepler's bright nimbus)
-Van Langren- Cerda (IAU: Krieger)
-LTO- Cervantes (Wyld J)
-Van Langren- Cesaris, Promontorium (Rukl: 47)
-Birt- Chacornac
-LTO- Chacornac, Fossa
Chacornac, Rimae
-Hewelcke- Chadisia, Promontorium (IAU: somewhere near Moltke)
-RP 1097- Chadwick
-NASA- Chaffee (IAU: Subbotin)
-Menzel, 1971- Chaffee (crewmember Apollo-1)
-NASA- Chain (Apollo-15 site)
-NASA- Chain Gulch (A-11 region)
-Birt- Chajorra (see Teneriffe, Montes)
-Hewelcke- Chalcidici, Montes (ejecta-ray east from Copernicus)
-Birt- Challis
-RP 1097- Chalonge
-NASA- Chama Peak (A-11 region)
-Menzel, 1971- Chamberlin
-Schmidt- Chamisso, Cap (IAU: Mons Argaeus)
-Menzel, 1971- Champollion
-Menzel, 1971- Chandler (and nearby highland ponds)
-Caes- Chandler's highland ponds (see Chandler)
-Menzel, 1971- Chang Heng
-Post Apollo- Chang-Ngo (craterlet in Alphonsus)
-Menzel, 1971- Chant
-Menzel, 1971- Chaplygin
-Menzel, 1971- Chapman
-Caes- Chapman D, Vallis (valley at Chapman D)
-RP 1097- Chappe
-Menzel, 1971- Chappell
-Robinson?- Chappy (ray-craterlet on Chaplygin's rim, see Chaplygin)
-Post Apollo- Charles (craterlet NW of Mons La Hire)
-NASA- Charlesworth (IAU: Saha)
-Menzel, 1971- Charlier
-Menzel, 1971- Chaucer
-Menzel, 1971- Chauvenet
Chawla (crewmember STS-107)
-Menzel, 1971- Chebyshev
-Wood- Cheerio crater ("ghost"-crater near Angstrom)
-LTO- Chekov (Kastner R)
-LTO- Chenier (Patsaev Q)
-Menzel, 1971- Chernyshev
-Lee- Chevallier
-Van Langren- Chigi (IAU: Tacitus)
-Post Apollo- Ching-Te (craterlet west of Apollo 17 site)
-Van Langren- Chisletti (IAU: Lambert)
-Schmidt- Chladni
-LTO- Chopin, Rima (very near Montes Agricola)
-Caes- Chopper, The (the chopper-shaped cratercluster at La Hire C)
-Menzel, 1971- Chrétien
-Post Apollo- Christel, Vallis (at Aratus CA, aka "Lorca")
-Hewelcke- Christi, Mons (IAU: Mons Piton)
-Van Langren- CHRISTIERNI IV Reg. Daniae (IAU: Purbach)
-Van Langren- CHRISTINAE Reg. Suec. (IAU: Regiomontanus)
-NASA- Chuck Hole (A-11 region)
-Riccioli- Cichus
-Van Langren- Ciermanni (IAU: Brayley)
-Hewelcke- Cilicum, Insula (IAU: Arago)
-Hewelcke- Cimaeus, Mons (IAU: Halley and Hind)
-Hewelcke- Cimmeriae, Paludes (IAU: Lacus Bonitatis, etc.)
-Hewelcke- Cimmerius, Mons (IAU: Macrobius)
-NASA- Cinco (Apollo-16 site)
-NASA- Cinder Cone (dark craterlet near Lassell C, see Lassell)
-Hewelcke- Circaeum, Promontorium (IAU: somewhere near Timocharis)
Circle harbour (Luna-21 / Lunokhod 2 site)
-Hewelcke- Cirna, Mons (location unknown)
-Krieger- Cisneutra (see Riphaeus, Montes)
-Krieger- Cissemlja (see Riphaeus, Montes)
-Van Langren- Clarae Isab. Leop. F. (IAU: Sulpicius Gallus M bright spot)
-Van Langren- Claramontii (IAU: Bianchini)
-Maedler- Clairaut
-Menzel, 1971- Clark
-NASA- Clark / Clark-Apollo (Apollo-17 site)
-Wilkins- Clarkson (Gassendi A)
-Neison- Clausius
-Van Langren- Clavii (IAU: Promontorium Laplace)
-Riccioli- Clavius
-J.Moore- Claw, the (Irregular Mare Patch N°22)
-Riccioli- Cleomedes
Cleomedes, Rimae
-Van Langren- Cleomedis, Promontorium (Rukl: 6)
-Post Apollo- Cleopatra, Rima (near Montes Agricola)
-Riccioli- Cleostratus
-Caes- Cleostratus, Vallis (valley WSW of Cleostratus)
-Post Apollo- Clerke
-NASA- Cliff (Apollo-15 site)
-Hewelcke- Climax, Mons (IAU: Sirsalis, Sirsalis A, and bright nimbus)
-Post Apollo- Cloos, Dorsum
-NASA- Cloverleaf (cratercluster in Aitken)
-NASA- Cloverleaf (Apollo-14 site)
-Copeland- Cluster mountain (Mons Vinogradov)
-Van Langren- Cobavi (IAU: Pico)
-Menzel, 1971- Coblentz
-Steavenson- Cobra Head (the "source" of Vallis Schroteri)
-Van Langren- Cocci (IAU: Vitruvius)
-NASA- Cochise (Apollo-17 site)
-Van Langren- Coci (IAU: Montes Teneriffe Delta, etc.)
-Menzel, 1971- Cockcroft
-Kuiper- Cognitum, Mare (impact site of Ranger 7 and Apollo 14's SIVB stage)
-Hewelcke- Coibacarani, Montes (IAU: Brenner, Fabricius, Metius)
-Hewelcke- Colchis (regio) (IAU: east of Sinus Asperitatis)
-NASA- Collins (IAU: Hirayama)
-Post Apollo- Collins (crewmember Apollo-11)
-Van Langren- Colombi, Promontorium (IAU: Agatharchides?)
-Maedler- Colombo
-Wilkins- Comas Sola (-760/ -548) (H.Hill's Basaltic Lava Areas?)
-Menzel, 1971- Compton (Basin)
-?- Compton peak (central peak of Compton)
-?- Compton-Belkovich Volcanic Complex (CBVC)
-Caes- Compton, Rimae (on the floor of Compton)
-Menzel, 1971- Comrie
-Menzel, 1971- Comstock
-Post Apollo- Concordiae, Sinus
-Van Langren- Conde Prin. (IAU: Nasireddin)
-Post Apollo- Condon
-Schroter- Condorcet
-Sternberg- Confucius (IAU: Paschen)
-NASA- Cone (Apollo-14 site)
-Menzel, 1971- Congreve
-Riccioli- Conon
Conon, Rima
-Van Langren- Conradi (IAU: Wrottesley)
-Caes- Constellation of four (Taruntius G, H, K, and P in Mare Fecunditatis)
-NASA- Contact (Apollo-15 site)
-Van Langren- Contarini (probably the Helmet)
-Van Langren- Conti (IAU: Tobias Mayer Alpha)
-NASA- Contour (Apollo-15 site)
-Maedler- Cook
-Wilkins- Cooke (Eimmart C)
-Menzel, 1971- Cooper
-Van Langren- Copernici (IAU: Eudoxus)
-Riccioli- Copernicus (aka Monarch-of-the-Moon)
-Hevelius- Corax, Montes (IAU: Proclus and SW part of rim Mare Crisium)
-Maedler- Cordillera, Montes
-Caes- Cori, Vallis (valley NNW of Cori)
-Menzel, 1971- Coriolis
-Van Langren- Cornaro (probably the Andreus hills)
-LTO- Corneille (west of Chauvenet)
-Hewelcke- Corocondametis, Lacus (IAU: Palus Somni)
-Hewelcke- Corsica, Insula (IAU: Timocharis)
-Wilkins- Cortes (IAU: Demonax A)
-Hewelcke- Cosyra, Insula (IAU: Tobias Mayer A bright nimbus)
-RP 1097- Couder
-Menzel, 1971- Coulomb (Zdenek Kopal's Nechville)
Coulomb-Sarton Basin
-Post Apollo- Courtney (craterlet NW of Euler)
-NASA- Cove (Apollo-16 site)
-Birt- Coxwell mountains (SW part of rim Mare Crisium)
-NASA- Crackled Hills (Apollo-15 site)
-Hewelcke- Cragus, Mons (IAU: Arzachel)
-Van Langren- Crani (IAU: Delambre)
-Hewelcke- Cratas, Mons (ejecta-ray north of Copernicus)
-Copeland- Crater chain (Stadius craterlets)
-Hewelcke- Crathis, Mons (IAU: Fra Mauro Kappa, Gamma, Zeta)
-RLA 1963- Cremona
-Van Langren- Crequii (IAU: Airy)
-NASA- Crescent (Apollo-12 site)
-NASA- Crescent (Apollo-15 site)
-Hewelcke- Creta, Insula (IAU: Bullialdus)
-Hewelcke- Creticum, Mare (IAU: probably near Bullialdus)
-Post Apollo- Crile
-Riccioli- Mare Crisium (Basin)
-Menzel, 1971- Crocco
-Van Langren- Croii (IAU: Heraclitus and Licetus)
-Menzel, 1971- Crommelin
-NASA- Crook (Apollo-15 site)
-Menzel, 1971- Crookes
-Caes- Crookes X, Catena
-NASA- Crossroads (Apollo-14 site)
-NASA- Crown (Apollo-16 site)
-Birt- Crozier
-Riccioli- Crüger
-Van Langren- Crugeri (IAU: Promontorium Heraclides?)
-NASA- Crystal (Apollo-15 site)
-Van Langren- Cuevio (IAU: Montes Harbinger Alpha)
-Menzel, 1971- Curie
-Van Langren- Curtii (IAU: Furnerius?)
-Post Apollo- Curtis
Curtiss Cross (clair-obscur phenomenon at Fra Mauro Zeta, see Fra Mauro)
-Riccioli- Curtius
-Van Langren- Cusae (IAU: Eudoxus Kappa)
-Van Langren- / -Riccioli- / -Schmidt- Cusanus
-Post Apollo- Cushman, Dorsum
-Maedler- Cuvier
-Hewelcke- Cyanea Europa, Insula (IAU: vague bright area north of Tacquet)
-Hewelcke- Cydises, Mons (IAU: Apianus)
-Hewelcke- Cyprus, Insula (IAU: Birt)
-Menzel, 1971- Cyrano
-Riccioli- Cyrillus
-Schmidt?- Cyrillus, Cap (IAU: Promontorium Agarum)
-Riccioli- Cysatus

Index page for lunar features whose names start with the letter D

Italics indicate farside features.

Note: if you want to explore an experimental list of new names for the many wrinkle ridges (and clusters of wrinkle ridges) at the moon's mare regions, please take a look at the page DORSUM. See:

Note: J.Hewelcke's Mons Dalanguer is mentioned as Mons Delanguer on page 204 of Ewen A. Whitaker's Mapping and Naming the Moon.

-Menzel, 1971- d'Alembert (with Slipher on its floor)
-Schroter- D'Alembert, Montes (discontinued name)
-Schmidt- D'Arrest
-Van Langren- D'Auxoni (IAU: Montes Recti Beta)
D. Brown (crewmember STS-107)
-Peucker- da Vinci
-Menzel, 1971- Daedalus
-Božič- Daffodil (dome in Lacus Veris)
Dag (craterlet near the D-shaped Ina caldera)
-Schmidt?- -Krieger?- Daguerre
-Caes- Daguerre's 270 degree ejecta craterlet
-NASA- Dakota (Apollo-16 site)
-Hewelcke- Dalanguer, Mons (IAU: Hommel, Nearch, Vlacq, etc.)
-RLA 1963- Dalton
-Caes- Daly, Lacus (NNE of Daly)
-Maedler- Damoiseau
Dana, Dorsa (in Mare Smythii)
-NASA- Dandelion (Apollo-15 site)
-Van Langren- Danesii (IAU: Clairaut)
-Birt- Daniell
Daniell, Rimae
-Lamech- Danjon (between Gartner and Kane)
-Menzel, 1971- Danjon
-Menzel, 1971- Dante
-Riccioli- Dantes (Lamech's Moreux) (Gambart C)
-LTO- Dario (Brunner N)
-NASA- Dark Crater (A-11 region)
-Caes- Dark "V" (36°30' S / 35° W)
-Lamech- Darney
-Schmidt- Darwin
Darwin, Rimae
-Menzel, 1971- Das
-Menzel, 1971- Davisson
-Maedler- Davy
Davy Crater Chain (Catena Davy)
-Birt- Dawes
Dawes, Rima (immediately NE and SE of Dawes itself, looks like some sort of "bow wave" or "bow shock")
-Menzel, 1971- Dawson
-NASA- D caldera (see Ina at Lacus Felicitatis)
-Wilkins- De Bergerac (Carlini D)
-Menzel, 1971- De Forest
-Schmidt- de Gasparis
de Gasparis, Rimae
de Gerlache
-Birt- De La Rue
-Caes- De La Rue's keyhole (on the floor of De La Rue)
De Moraes
-Birt- De Morgan
-Menzel, 1971- De Roy
-RLA 1963- De Sitter
-Schroter- de Ulloa (IAU: limbward of Strabo)
-Neison- De Vico
-Menzel, 1971- De Vries
-Muller- Debes
-NASA- Debus (IAU: Vavilov)
-Menzel, 1971- Debye
-Schmidt- Dechen
-LTO- Defoe (Kastner B)
-Lohrmann- Delambre
-Birt- Delaunay
Delia (craterlet in Catena Davy)
-Riccioli- Deliriorum, Peninsula
-Schroter- Delisle
Delisle, Mons
Delisle, Rima
-Sternberg- Dellen (Dollen?) (NNE of the IAU's Fizeau)
-Menzel, 1971- Dellinger
-Lamech- Delmotte
-Menzel, 1971- Delporte
-Maedler- Deluc
-Delvaux- Delvau-"X" (Rupes Altai during Full Moon)
-Krieger- Dembowski
-Caes- Dembowski mensa (tablemountain-shaped elevation SE of Dembowski)
-Riccioli- Democritus
-Schmidt- Demonax (aka Franz's Jungnitz)
-Menzel, 1971- Denning
-Riccioli- Deriennes (Letronne A)
-Van Langren- Derienni (IAU: Ideler and Ideler L)
-Van Langren- Derkenni (IAU: Abulfeda)
-RLA 1963- Desargues
-Maedler- Descartes
-NASA?- Descartes Mountains (Apollo-16 site)
Descensus, Planitia (Luna 9 site)
-Lamech- Deseilligny
-Caes- Deseilligny's elongated depression (south of Deseilligny)
-Antoniadi- Deslandres (aka Fauth's Horbiger)
-Schroter- Desplaces, Profund. (probably south of Grimaldi, on the limb)
-Schroter- De Ulloa (limbward from the couple Strabo and Thales)
-Menzel, 1971- Deutsch
-Schmidt- Deville, Promontorium
-Menzel, 1971- Dewar
-NASA- Diamond (Apollo-15 site)
-NASA- Diamondback Rille (A-11 region)
Diana (craterlet at or near Mons Esam)
Diderot (in Fermi)
-Hewelcke- Didymae, Insulae (IAU: Capuanus and Ramsden)
-Hewelcke- Didymus, Mons (IAU: Albategnius)
Dieter, Mons (in King)
-Van Langren- Dignitatis, Terra
Dilip, Mons (in King)
-Van Langren- Dionisii, Promontorium S. (IAU: SW of Darney)
-Riccioli- Dionysius
-Riccioli- Dionysius Exiguus (Censorinus C)
-Maedler- Diophantus
Diophantus, Rima
-Menzel, 1971- Dirichlet
Dirichlet-Jackson Basin
-NASA- Distant (Apollo-15 site)
Dobrovol'skiy (crewmember Soyuz-11)
-Schroter- Doerfel, Montes (discontinued name)
-Caes- Dogbone (the western part of Rima Delisle) (aka Butterfly nut / Winged nut)
-NASA- Dogleg (Apollo-16 site)
-Lohrmann- Dollond
Doloris, Lacus
-NASA- Dome (Apollo-15 site)
-Wood- Domeland (the dome region of Hortensius, Kunowsky, Milichius, and T.Mayer)
-NASA- Domingo (Apollo-15 site)
-Lamech- Dominique (IAU: Keldysh)
-Van Langren- Dominici, Promontorium S. (Rukl: 8? 9?)
-Birt- Donati
-Božič- Donkey / Shrek's donkey (Lacus Felicitatis and nearby lakes during Full Moon)
Donna (craterlet on Cauchy Omega dome)
-Menzel, 1971- Donner
-NASA- Doodlebug Hole (Apollo-16 site)
-Schroter- Doppelmayer
-Wood?- Doppelmayer pyroclastics (see Doppelmayer)
Doppelmayer, Rimae
-Menzel, 1971- Doppler
-Van Langren- Doriae (IAU: Hell)
-NASA- Dos (Apollo-12 site)
-NASA- Dot (probably Dotty Duke) (Apollo-16 site)
-NASA- / -IAU- Double (Apollo-11 site)
-NASA- Double Spot (Apollo-16 site)
-NASA- Doublet (Apollo-14 site)
-Caes- Double Weiss ray (ejecta rays from Tycho, running near Weiss)
-Menzel, 1971- Douglass
-Schmidt- Dove
-Tarsoudis- Dove of peace (the dove-shaped ejectablanket of Menelaus)
-LTO- Doyle (Schubert C)
-Franz- Drachenauge (at or near Mare Anguis)
-Franz- Drachenkamm (at or near Mare Anguis)
-Forest- Draconum Cubiculium / Sleepy dragon (Montes Teneriffe)
-Krieger- Draper
Draper, Rima
-Sternberg- Drashusov (NNE of the IAU's Chebyshev)
-Maedler- Drebbel
-Menzel, 1971- Dreyer
-Lamech- Drossos (IAU: Al-Bakri)
-Menzel, 1971- Drude
-NASA- Druid (Apollo-17 site)
-Menzel, 1971- Dryden
-Fauth- Drygalski
-NASA- Dry Gulch (A-11 region)
-Wilkins- Dublier (Alphonsus D)
-RLA 1963- Dubyago
-Menzel, 1971- Dufay
-Menzel, 1971- Dugan
-NASA- Duke Island (A-11 region)
-LTO- Dumas (ENE of Kastner)
-NASA- Dumbbell (nickname for an unlocated formation on the moon's farside)
-NASA- Dune (Apollo-15 site)
-Menzel, 1971- Dunér
-Krieger- Dunthorne
-Lamech- Dupont (Wilkins's Haas) (Pico E)
-NASA- Durins bridge (Apollo-15 site)
-Menzel, 1971- Dyson
-Wilkins- Dyson, Mount (Pytheas Beta)
-Menzel, 1971- Dziewulski
Dziewulski, Catena

Index page for lunar features whose names start with the letter E

Italics indicate farside features.

Note: the origin of the name Egnitis (or Eginitis?) is still uncertain. It is printed on Antonin Rukl's farside map, and also on the back (farside map) of Hans Schwarzenbach's Hallwag moonmap, at the location of the IAU's Murakami.

-NASA- Eaglecrest (Apollo-15 site)
-Copeland- Eagle gate (east of O'Neill's bridge)
-Chappaz-/-Melosh-/-Sood- Earhart (see discussion below)
-NASA- Earthlight (Apollo-15 site)
-NASA- East (Apollo-12 site)
-NASA- East Massif (Mons Vitruvius) (Apollo-17 site)
-NASA- East Wall crater (Apollo-15 site)
-Hewelcke- Ebissus, Insula (IAU: Mons Pico Beta)
-Hewelcke- Echinades, Insulae (IAU: bright spots west of Fra Mauro A)
Eckert (at Mare Crisium's centre)
-Riccioli- Eclipticum, Littus
-Riccioli- Ecphantus (Gruithuisen Gamma and Delta)
-Wilkins- Eddington (Reinhold B)
-Van Langren- Edelherii (IAU: Geminus)
-NASA- Eden Valley (Apollo-16 site)
Edith (craterlet between Bowditch and Lacus Solitudinis)
-Maedler- Egede
-Rukl- Egnitis (or Eginitis?) (IAU: Murakami)
-Menzel, 1971- Ehrlich
-Riccioli- Eichstadt
-Caes- Eight, The / The 8 (Guericke J and S)
-Menzel, 1971- Eijkman
-Schroter- Eimmart
-Caes- Eimmart K isles (cluster of hillocks SSW of Eimmart K)
-Wilkins- Einstein (Simpelius D)
-Menzel- Einthoven
-Schroter- Eisenhard (location unknown)
-NASA- Elbow (Apollo-15 site)
-Caes- Elbruz, Mons (part of Montes Caucasus)
-Krieger- Elger
-LTO- El Greco (Vitruvius G)
-Van Langren- Elisabethae Palat. Fil. (IAU: Aliacensis)
-Menzel, 1971- Ellerman
-Menzel, 1971- Ellison
-NASA- Elves (Apollo-17 site)
-Menzel, 1971- Elvey
-Van Langren- Emanuelis D. Sab. (IAU: Stiborius)
-Menzel, 1971- Emden
-Wilkins- Emley (Capuanus E)
-NASA- Emory (Apollo-17 site)
-Maedler- Encke
-Caes- Encke, Catena (small chain SSW of Encke)
-Caes- Encke's triplet (Encke M, east of Encke)
-NASA- End (Apollo-16 site)
-Van Langren- Endymion (originally as Endymionis)
-Caes- Endymion's triplet (on the floor of Endymion)
-Menzel, 1971- Engel'gardt (Engelhardt)
-Hewelcke- Eos, Mons (IAU: bright and dark areas east of Piazzi)
-Gassendi- Eoum Mare (IAU: Oceanus Procellarum)
-Menzel, 1971- Eötvös
-Hewelcke- Eoum, Mare (IAU: western part of Oceanus Procellarum)
-NASA- Epic (Apollo-15 site)
-Schmidt- Epicurius (IAU: De la Rue)
-Riccioli- Epidemiarum, Palus
-Riccioli- Epigenes
-Schmidt- Epimenides
Eppinger (discontinued name, see Euclides D)
Epsilon peak (see South Pole)
-Riccioli- Eratosthenes
-Van Langren- Eratosthenis (IAU: Sinus Successus)
-Hewelcke- Erichtini, Scopuli (IAU: Arago and Jansen bright areas)
-IAU 2009- Erlanger (north pole area)
-Menzel, 1971- Erro
-Hewelcke- Erroris, Insula (IAU: Helicon and Leverrier)
-Hewelcke- Eryx, Mons (ejecta-rays NNE from Copernicus)
Esam, Mons (between Lucian and Vitruvius G)
-NASA?- Eskola (Vesalius M)
-Menzel, 1971- Esnault-Pelterie
-Menzel, 1971- Espin
-Wilkins- Esquivel (beyond the IAU's Nansen)
-Van Langren- Estensis D. Mutinae (IAU: Maurolycus)
-Maedler- Euclides
Euclides D (see link in discussion below)
-Van Langren- Euclidis (IAU: Luther Epsilon)
-Riccioli- Euctemon
-Riccioli- Eudoxus
-Caes-/-Wood- Eudoxus's ghost (ancient crater east of Eudoxus)
-Van Langren- EUGENIAE (IAU: Plinius)
-Van Langren- Eugenianum, Mare (IAU: Mare Serenitatis)
-Schroter- Euler
-Caes- Euler Gamma's half-a-crater (the partly buried crater at Euler Gamma)
Euler, Rima
-Hill- Euler group (aka Lothrop hills) (unofficial names, see Euler)
-Riccioli- Eustachius (Sirsalis Z)
-Menzel, 1971- Evans
-Menzel, 1971- Evdokimov
-Menzel, 1971- Evershed
-Hewelcke- Evila, Desertum (IAU: Deluc and Gruemberger area)
Ewen (craterlet near Ibn Firnas and Ostwald)
Ewing, Dorsa
-Caes- Ewing's mob (craterlet-cluster at Dorsa Ewing)
Excellentiae, Lacus
-Kuiper- Exploratum, Mare (IAU: Mare Cognitum)
-NASA- Explorer (Apollo-17 site)
-Hewelcke- Extremus Ponti, Sinus (IAU: Mare Nectaris)
-NASA- Exuperay (Apollo-15 site)
-Van Langren- Eychstadi (IAU: Werner)
-Caes- Eye (Liebig J)
-Caes- Eyes of Clavius (clair-obscur phenomenon at Clavius, during local sunrise)
-Sternberg- Eyraud (IAU: Lovell?)

Index page for lunar features whose names start with the letter F

Italics indicate farside features.

Because the peculiar class of surface formations informally named Fossae are very much unknown, each one of them should appear in the F list below, to get an overview of all of them, and also of those not included on the LTO charts.
(for the whole collection of LTO charts, see the LPI's overview of them in:
-Riccioli- Fabricius
-Menzel, 1971- Fabry
Fairouz (craterlet between Bowditch and Lacus Solitudinis)
-NASA- Falcon (Apollo-17 site)
-NASA- Family Mountain (Apollo-17 site)
-NASA- Fan (Apollo-15 site)
-Birt- Faraday
-Schmidt- Faraday, Cap (the southern end of Montes Caucasus)
Far Cape (Luna 21 / Lunokhod 2 site) (in Le Monnier)
-Van Langren- Farnesii D. Parmae (IAU: Orontius)
-Caes-/-Moore- Farside dogbone (possible swirl in Hero H)
-Caes- Fat Eight / Fat 8 (between Beketov and Vitruvius)
-NASA- Faust (Apollo-17 site)
-RP 1097- Faustini (Malinkin on its floor)
-Muller- Fauth
-Birt- Faye
-NASA- Faye Ridge (A-11 region)
-Wilkins- Febrer (IAU: Back)
-Menzel, 1971- Fechner
-Riccioli- Fecunditatis, Mare (Basin)
Felicitatis, Lacus
Felix (craterlet halfway between Euler and Lambert)
-Menzel, 1971- Fényi-/
Feoktistov (crewmember Voskhod-1)
-Van Langren- Ferd. Caroli Leop. F. (IAU: Cyrillus)
-Van Langren- Ferd. Francisci Imp. Rom. F. (IAU: Theophilus)
-Van Langren- Ferdinandi Elect. Col. (IAU: Blancanus)
-Van Langren- FERDINANDI III Imp. Rom. (IAU: Albategnius)
-Maedler- Fermat
-RLA 1963- Fermi
-Riccioli- Fernelius
-Schroter- Feronce (location unknown)
-Menzel, 1971- Fersman
-Riccioli- Fertilitatis, Terra
-Schmidt- Feuillée (of the couple Feuillee-Beer)
-IAU 2009- Fibiger (north pole area)
-Hewelcke- Ficaria, Insula (IAU: Euler)
Fidei, Sinus
-NASA- Fifty Five (Apollo-15 site)
-NASA- Fifty Four (Apollo-15 site)
-NASA- Fifty One (Apollo-15 site)
-Van Langren- Finiaei (IAU: Mons La Hire)
-Riccioli- Firmicus
-LTO- Firdausi (Euler E)
-Menzel, 1971- Firsov
Fischer (in Mendeleev)
-Wood- Fish / Angelfish (Mare Crisium)
-Wilkins- Fisher (Vitruvius B)
-Caes- Fish's tail (the northern part of Mons Delisle)
-Menzel, 1971- Fitzgerald
-NASA- Five Crater Chain (near Apollo-12's landingsite)
-Menzel, 1971- Fizeau
-Caes- Fizeau, Vallis (short valley east of Fizeau)
-NASA- Flag (Apollo-16 site)
-Gaudibert- Flammarion
Flammarion, Rima
-Maedler- Flamsteed
Flamsteed-Billy Basin
Flamsteed P ring (Surveyor-1 site) (see Flamsteed)
-NASA- Flank (Apollo-14 site)
-Menzel, 1971- Fleming
-Copeland- Flock of Sheep (Montes Spitzbergen)
-Elger- Florence Flask Bottle (SW part Vallis Alpes)
-RP 1097- Florensky
-IAU 2009- Florey (north pole area)
-NASA- Florida (IAU: Mendeleev)
-NASA- Flow (Apollo-15 site)
-Van Langren- Fluvius, Regius (IAU: Mare Spumans and Mare Undarum)
-Copeland- Flying Eagle (east of O'Neill's Bridge)
-Menzel, 1971- Focas
Focas, Rimae
-Riccioli- Fontana
-Schroter- Fontenelle
Fontenelle Epsilon (see also Madler's Square)
-Hewelcke- Fortis, Mons (IAU: Kaiser and Nonius)
Fossa Incospicua (Luna 21 / Lunokhod 2 site) (in Le Monnier)
Fossa Recta (Luna 21 / Lunokhod 2 site) (in Le Monnier)
-LTO- Fossa Tetrazzini (at Palus Putredinis)
-Menzel, 1971- Foster
-Birt- Foucault
Foucault, Montes (see Foucault)
-Maedler- Fourier
-Van Langren- Fournerii (IAU: Darney)
-Menzel, 1971- Fowler
-Riccioli- Fracastorius
-Caes- Fracastorius's trifid (triangle-shaped cluster of craterlets at NE part Fracastorius)
-Maedler- Fra Mauro
Fra Mauro Formation (see Fra Mauro)
-Caes- Fra Mauro Zeta's mob (cratercluster SSE of Fra Mauro Zeta)
-Van Langren- Francisci D. Loth. (IAU: Kircher)
-Van Langren- Francisci S., Portus (IAU: Pitatus and Hesiodus dark area)
-Maedler- Franklin
-Birt- Franklin, J. (crater near Crozier and McClure)
-Krieger- Franz
-Sternberg- Fratres Vavilovi (see Vavilov)
-Maedler- Fraunhofer
-Van Langren- Fred. C. Pal. (IAU: Fabricius)
-Van Langren- Frederici D. Holstat. (IAU: Newton)
-Lamech- Frédéricos (Endymion A)
-Van Langren- Fred. Wilhelmi M. Brandenb. (IAU: Schiller)
-NASA- Freeman (IAU: Kibal'chich)
Freres Henry (see Henry, Freres)
-Wilkins- Fresa (Lagrange B)
-NASA- Fresh crater (Apollo-15 site)
-LTO- Fresnel, Fossae
-Schmidt?- -Lohrmann?- Fresnel, Promontorium
Fresnel Ridge (NASA's Hill-305) (Apollo-15 site)
Fresnel, Rimae
-Wood?- Fresnel, Straits of (see Fresnel, Promontorium)
-Hewelcke- Freti Pontici, Promontorium (IAU: Madler, bright point at or nearby)
-Menzel, 1971- Freundlich
Freundlich-Sharonov Basin
-Menzel, 1971- Fridman (Friedmann)
-Caes and others- Fried Egg (Irregular Mare Patch between Maskelyne F and Wallach)
-Riccioli- Frigoris, Mare
-Caes- Frigoris cluster (craterlet cluster at 56°N / 3°E)
-Caes- Frigoris handcuffs (between La Condamine and J.Herschel)
-Menzel, 1971- Froelich
-Caes- Froelich, Vallis (valley at NE part of Froelich's rim)
-Van Langren- Fromi (IAU: Blanchinus)
-Van Langren- Fromondi (IAU: Ross)
-NASA- Front (Apollo-15 site)
-Menzel, 1971- Frost
-NASA- Frosty (Apollo-17 site)
-RP 1097- Fryxell
-Riccioli- Fulgurum, Peninsula
-Riccioli- Fulminum, Peninsula
-NASA- Furnace Gulch (A-10 / A-11 region)
-Riccioli- Furnerius
Furnerius, Rima

Index page for lunar features whose names start with the letter G

Italics indicate farside features.

Note: the Golden Handle effect is the same as Patrick Moore's Jewelled Handle (a wonderful clair-obscur phenomenon at Sinus Iridum and Montes Jura, always visible during local sunrise circumstances, at the moon's morning terminator). One doesn't need a powerful telescope to observe this phenomenon! It's already visible without telescopes or binoculars! A pair of sharp looking eyes is all you need, or perhaps your glasses. See also APOD 2017 June the 5th.

Note: GEM, which means Gruithuisen E and M, is a region of many Irregular Mare Patches (IMPs) located near these two craters. Each one of the many clusters of the GEM-IMPs has its own number, for example GEM 24. It's worthwile to explore all of them in the Hi-Res NAC images of the LROC ACT-REACT QUICK MAP!

-Birt- G. Bond (aka G.P.Bond, George Phillips Bond)
G. Bond, Rima
-Menzel, 1971- Gadomski
-Menzel, 1971- Gagarin (mankind's first human in space, Vostok-1)
-Riccioli- Galilaei
Galilaei, Rima
-Schmidt- Galle
-Van Langren- Gallicus, Portus (Rukl: 43 / 54)
-Hewelcke- Gallicus, Sinus (IAU: NE part of Mare Imbrium)
-Van Langren- Gallilaei (IAU: Campanus)
-Menzel, 1971- Galois
-Schmidt- Galvani
-Maedler- Gambart
-Rand McNally- Gambart hills (see Gambart)
-Caes- Gambart L radial spokes (not really a name)
-Menzel, 1971- Gamow
Ganau, Mons (in King)
-Van Langren- Gansii (IAU: Halley)
-Menzel, 1971- Ganskiy (Hansky)
-Menzel, 1971- Ganswindt
-Wilkins- Gant (IAU: Bancroft)
-Menzel, 1971- Garavito
-Wilkins- Garcia-Gomez (Alpetragius B)
-Caes- Garcia-Gomez's mob (cluster of craterlets N of Garcia-Gomez)
Gardner Megadome (unofficial name)
Gargantuan Basin (aka Procellarum Basin)
-Van Langren- Garsioli (IAU: Kepler Theta)
-Schroter- Gärtner
Gärtner, Rima
-Caes- Gartner's rugbyball (Gartner M)
-NASA- Gashes, the (A-11 region)
-Van Langren- Gassendi (IAU: Timocharis)
-Riccioli- Gassendi
-Pilz- Gassendi archipelago (Rand McNally's Andreus hills)
Gassendi, Rimae
-Lamech- Gasser (Christian Mayer D)
Gast, Dorsum
Gaston (craterlet NE of Delisle)
-Van Langren- Gastoni D. Aurel. (IAU: Airy B) (Lamech's Klepesta)
-NASA- Gateway (Apollo-15 site)
-Copeland- Gateway rocks (low hills at Palus Putredinis)
-NASA- Gator (Apollo-16 site)
-NASA- Gatsby (Apollo-17 site)
-Krieger- Gaudibert
Gaudii, Lacus
-Van Langren- Gauraei (IAU: Santbech)
-Riccioli- Gauricus
-Maedler- Gauss
-Menzel, 1971- Gavrilov
-Maedler- Gay-Lussac
Gay-Lussac, Rima
-Krieger- Gay-Lussac, Sinus (discontinued name)
-Sternberg- GDL (Catena Leuschner)
-Riccioli- Geber
-Menzel, 1971- Geiger
Geikie, Dorsa
Geissler (in Gilbert)
GEM (the Gruithuisen E an M region of Irregular Mare Patches, IMPs)
-NASA- Gemini (IAU: Keeler)
-NASA- Gemini Ridge (A-10 / A-11 region) (see link below list)
-NASA- Gemini Twins (A-10 / A-11 region)
-Riccioli- Geminus
-Riccioli- Gemma Frisius
Gena (Luna-17 site)
Gentle crater (Luna 21 / Lunokhod 2 site) (in Le Monnier)
-Van Langren- Geometricus, Sinus (IAU: Sinus Iridum)
-NASA- Geophone rock (Apollo-17 site)
-Maedler- Gerard
Gerard Q Inner / Gerard Q Outer (see Gerard)
Gerard, Rimae
-Menzel, 1971- Gerasimovich
-Hewelcke- Germanicianus, Mons (IAU: Marius)
-Menzel, 1971- Gernsback
-Van Langren- Gevartii (IAU: Rabbi Levi)
-NASA- Ghostbead (Apollo-15 site)
-Caes- Ghost of Posidonius (ring-shaped wrinkle ridges SW of Posidonius)
-RLA 1963- Gibbs
-RLA 1963- Gilbert (with Geissler on its floor)
-RLA 1963- Gill
-NASA- Gilruth (IAU: Hertzsprung)
-Wilkins- Giner (Posidonius P)
-Van Langren- Ginnari (IAU: Brayley B)
-Menzel, 1971- Ginzel
-Maedler- Gioja
Giordano Bruno
-Van Langren- Giovanelli (IAU: Mersenius Zeta)
-Sternberg- GIRD (Catena Michelson)
-Riccioli- Glaciei, Stagnum
-Lee?- Glaisher
-Lee- Glaisher, Mount (discontinued name)
-Lamech- Glasenapp (Calippus A)
-Menzel, 1971- Glazenap
-LTO- Gluck, Rima (SW of Artsimovich)
-RP 1097- Glushko
-Riccioli- Goclenius
-LTO- Goclenius, Fossae
Goclenius, Rimae
-RLA 1963- Goddard
Golden Handle effect (clair-obscur phenomenon, see Montes Jura / Sinus Iridum)
-Schroter- Godin
-Lee- Goldschmidt
-Caes- Golgi's ghost (ghostcrater near Golgi)
-Menzel, 1971- Golitsyn
Golitsyn, Rimae (see link below list)
-Van Langren- Golii (IAU: Censorinus N) (Riccioli's Beda)
-Menzel, 1971- Golovin
-Rand McNally- Golubiz cluster (see Campanus)
-Wilkins- Goodacre
-IAU 2009- Gore (north pole area)
-Krieger- Gould
Grabau, Dorsum
Grace (craterlet at or near Mons Esam)
-Menzel, 1971- Grachev
-Menzel, 1971- Graff
-Wilkins- Graham (IAU: Swift)
-Riccioli- Grandinis, Terra
-Wilkins?- Granollachs (Gauricus A)
-Caes- Gran Sasso (a section of Montes Apenninus)
-Van Langren- Grassi (IAU: Hahn)
Grave (in Gagarin)
Great Pass (between Mts. Caucasus and Mts. Haemus) (see Fresnel, Prom.)
-"Westwind"- Great White Sheer Wall (NW quadrant of Moretus)
-Licchelli- Greek Theater Mask (Fabricius and Janssen J and K)
-Menzel, 1971- Green
-Wilkins- Green (-011/ -100)
-Menzel, 1971- Gregory
Gregory, Catena
-Menzel, 1971- Grigg-/
-IAU 2009- Grignard (north pole area)
-Riccioli- Grimaldi (Basin) (with Wilkins's Saheki on its floor)
Grimaldi, Rimae
-Van Langren- Grimbergeri (IAU: Fra Mauro Sigma, etc.)
-LTO- Grimm (near Volkov)
-Sternberg- GRIN (location unknown)
-NASA- Grissom (IAU: Pavlov)
-Menzel, 1971- Grissom (crewmember Apollo-1)
Grissom-White Basin
-Menzel, 1971- Grotrian
-Birt- Grove
-Riccioli- Gruemberger
-Neison- Gruithuisen
Gruithuisen Gamma
Gruithuisen Delta
Gruithuisen's "lunar city" (see Schroter)
-Caes- Gruithuisen's mob (craterlet-cluster NNW of Gruithuisen)
-Birt- Guajara (see Teneriffe, Montes)
-Van Langren- Gualteri (IAU: Hortensius?)
Guang Han Gong (Chang'e 3 landingsite name)
-Van Langren- Guasco (IAU: Pitiscus)
-Maedler- Guericke
-Caes- Guericke's keyhole (Guericke J and S)
Guettard, Dorsum
-Caes- Guitar (between Fedorov and Mons Delisle) (aka Bottle)
-Van Langren- Guldini (IAU: Palmieri Alpha)
-Menzel, 1971- Gullstrand
-Menzel, 1971- Gum
-Maedler- Gutenberg
Gutenberg, Rimae
-LTO- Gutenberg, Fossae
-Menzel, 1971- Guthnick
-Van Langren- Gutschovi (IAU: Dionysius)
-Menzel, 1971- Guyot
-Birt- Gwilt, G. (possibly Ritter B or C)
-Birt- Gwilt, J. (possibly Ritter B or C)
-Krieger- Gyldén
-Caes- Gylden, Vallis (valley at the western part of Gylden's rim)

Index page for lunar features whose names start with the letter H

Italics indicate farside features.
-Wilkins- Haas (Pico E)
-Menzel, 1971- H. G. Wells (Herbert George Wells)
-IAU 2009- Haber (north pole area)
-LTO- Hadley (Hadley C) (see link below list)
Hadley Delta, Mons (Apollo-15 site)
-Schroter- Hadley, Mt. (Apollo-15 site)
Hadley Rille (Apollo-15 site)
Hadley, Rima (Apollo-15 site)
-Hewelcke- Haemus, Montes
-Van Langren- Haesteni (IAU: Mairan)
-Riccioli- Hagecius
-Menzel, 1971- Hagen
-Maedler- Hahn
-Schmidt- Haidinger
-Riccioli- Hainzel
-NASA- Haise (IAU: Kondratyuk)
-Hewelcke- Hajalon, Vallis (IAU: Blancanus and Scheiner)
Haldane (in Mare Smythii)
-RLA 1963- Hale
-NASA- Halfway (Apollo-16 site)
-Franz- Hall
-Birt- Halley
-Wilkins- Hallowes (+710/ +690)
-NASA- Halo (Apollo-12 site)
-Schmidt- Hamilton
-LTO- Handel, Rima (part of Rimae Prinz)
-Maedler- Hanno
-NASA- Hanover (Apollo-17 site)
-Maedler- Hansen
Hansky (aka Ganskiy)
-Maedler- Hansteen
Hansteen, Mons (aka The Arrowhead)
Hansteen, Rima
-Birt- Harbinger, Montes
Harden (in Mendeleev)
-Caes- Harden, Mons (immediately west of Harden)
-Van Langren- Hardii (IAU: Parry)
-Maedler- Harding
-Wilkins- Hare (Bailly B)
Harker, Dorsa
Harlan (Harlan J. Smith)
-Van Langren- Haro (IAU: Eratosthenes)
Harold (craterlet in Catena Davy)
-Riccioli- Harpalus
-Menzel, 1971- Harriot
-Wilkins- Harris (Riccioli E)
-Menzel, 1971- Hartmann
-RLA 1963- Hartwig
-Haruyama- Haruyama pit (the Skylight at the Marius hills)
-Menzel, 1971- Harvey
-Schroter- Hase
Hase, Rimae
-IAU 2009- Haskin / (north pole area)
-Menzel, 1971- Hatanaka
-Wilkins- Hauet (Wurzelbauer D)
-Schroter- Hausen
-IAU 2009- Haworth (south pole area)
-Menzel, 1971- Hayford
-RLA 1963- Hayn
-Caes- Hayn-Bel'kovich shadow (clair-obscur phenomenon, see Hayn)
-NASA- Haystack (Apollo-16 site)
-NASA- Head (Apollo-12 site)
-Wood?- Headlights / Two Headlights (Furnerius A and Stevinus A)
-NASA- Head valley (Apollo-15 site)
-Menzel, 1971- Healy
-Menzel, 1971- Heaviside
-Maedler- Hecataeus
-Gassendi- Hecates Penetralia (IAU: Mare Vaporum?)
-RP 1097- Hédervári
Heim, Dorsum
-LTO- Heine (near Volkov)
-Schroter- Heinsius
-Schmidt- Heis
-Menzel, 1971- Helberg
-Riccioli- Helicon (of the pair Helicon-Le Verrier)
-Schroter- Hell (in Deslandres)
-Hewelcke- Hellespontum, Sinus Propont. ad (IAU: W corner of Mare Vaporum)
Hell Plain (Deslandres)
Hell Q (Cassini's Bright Spot)
-Lamech- Héllene (Posidonius J)
Helmet, The (unofficial name)
Helmert (of the pair Kao-Helmert)
-Schmidt- Helmholtz
-Schmidt- Hencke (IAU: Daniell)
-Menzel, 1971- Henderson
-Menzel, 1971- Hendrix
-Van Langren- Henrizi D. Venet., Promontorium (IAU: Letronne area)
-NASA- Henry-Apollo (Apollo 17 site) (see link below list)
Henry Frères
-Van Langren- Hensii (IAU: Franklin)
-NASA- Henson (Apollo-17 site)
-Menzel, 1971- Henyey
-Hewelcke- Heracleum, Promontorium (IAU: Censorinus)
-Riccioli- Heraclides, Promontorium (aka Cassini's moon maiden)
-Schmidt- Heraclitus
-Riccioli- Hercules
-Hewelcke- Herculeum, Promontorium (IAU: Da Vinci)
-Hewelcke- Herculeus, Lacus (3 dark spots SE of Copernicus)
-Hewelcke- Herculis, Mons (IAU: Censorinus A and Maskelyne A)
-Maedler- Hercynii, Montes (discontinued name)
-Hewelcke- Hereus, Mons (ray NNW from Copernicus)
-Riccioli- Herigonius
Herigonius, Rimae
-Caes- Herigonius's snake (the twisted eastern end of Rima Herigonius)
-Van Langren- Herlici (IAU: Hansteen Alpha)
-Schroter- Hermann
-RLA 1963- Hermite
-Hewelcke- Hermo, Mons (ray NNE from Tycho)
-Maedler- Herodotus
Herodotus, Mons
Heron (Hero)
-Lohrmann- Herschel
-Birt- Herschel, C. (Caroline Herschel) (see C.Herschel)
-Birt- Herschel, J. (John Herschel) (see J.Herschel)
-Menzel, 1971- Hertzsprung (Basin)
-Maedler- Hesiodus
Hesiodus, Rima
-Menzel, 1971- Hess
-NASA- Hess-Apollo (Apollo-17 site)
-Van Langren- Hevelii (IAU: Lubiniezky A)
-Riccioli- Hevelius
Hevelius, Rimae
-IAU 2009- Hevesy (north pole area)
-Menzel, 1971- Heymans
-RP 1097- Heyrovsky
-Caes- Heyrovsky, Vallis (the valley slightly west of Heyrovsky)
-Hewelcke- Hiblaei, Montes (ray WSW from Copernicus)
-Copeland- Hidden valley (Promontorium Fresnel and Santos-Dumont)
Hiemalis, Lacus
-Franz- Hiemis, Mare (discontinued name) (see also Schluter)
-Hewelcke- Hiera, Insula (IAU: Pytheas)
Higazy, Dorsum
-NASA- High (Apollo-15 site)
Highland Ponds (see Chandler)
-Menzel, 1971- Hilbert
Hildegard (Hildegard von Bingen)
-Wilkins- Hill (Lockyer H)
-Copeland- Hill country (Montes Archimedes)
-NASA- Hill 22 (Apollo-15 site)
-NASA- Hill 305 (Fresnel Ridge) (Apollo-15 site)
-Caes- Hill 305 twins (the couple of craterlets west of Hill 305)
-Birt- Hind
-IAU 2009- Hinshelwood (north pole area)
-Maedler- Hippalus
Hippalus, Rimae
-Riccioli- Hipparchus
-Hewelcke- Hippoci, Montes (IAU: Kapteyn and Maclaurin F)
-Menzel, 1971- Hippocrates
-Hewelcke- Hippolai, Promontorium (bright point near Luther)
-Hewelcke- Hipponiates, Sinus (IAU: Sinus Aestuum)
-Menzel, 1971- Hirayama (with Montesquieu and Tolstoy on its floor)
-Menzel, 1971- Hoffmeister
-Menzel, 1971- Hogg
-Menzel, 1971- Hohmann
-Krieger- Holden
-NASA- Holden / Holden-Apollo (Apollo-17 site)
-NASA- Hole-in-the-Wall (Apollo-17 site)
-Menzel, 1971- Holetschek
-LTO- Homer (Stark V ?)
-Riccioli- Hommel
-Gassendi- Homuncio (or Thersite) (IAU: Mare Serenitatis, Tranquillitatis, etc.)
Honoris, Sinus
-Van Langren- Honoris, Terra (the IAU's Sinus Honoris?)
-Birt?- Honey Lake (probably Hill's Basaltic Lava Areas near Vieta)
-Schroter- Hooke
-Keene- Hoover dam (the central peak of Arzachel)
-Hewelcke- Hor, Mons (IAU: Heinsius P, Q, etc.)
-NASA- Horatio (Apollo-17 site)
-Fauth- Horbiger (discontinued name) (see Deslandres)
-Hewelcke- Horeb, Mons (IAU: Heinsius, Heinsius A, B, and C)
-Hewelcke- Horminius, Mons (D'Arrest and Dionysius, etc.)
-Fauth- Horologii, Mare (discontinued name) (see Temporis, Lacus)
-Schroter- Horrebow
-Birt- Horrocks
-Hill- Horseshoe (Parry M)
-Riccioli- Hortensius
-NASA- House Rock (Apollo-16 site)
-IAU 2009- Houssay (north pole area)
-NASA- Houston (IAU: Sklodowska)
-Menzel, 1971- Houzeau
-RLA 1963- Hubble
-Van Langren- Hugenii (IAU: Mercurius)
-Birt- Huggins
-LTO- Hugo (Purkyne V)
-Maedler- Humboldt
Humboldt, Catena
-Caes- Humboldt's concentric crater (on the eastern part of Humboldt's floor)
-Elger- Humboldt mountains (near Humboldt)
-Maedler- Mare Humboldtianum (Basin)
Hume (in Mare Smythii)
-Riccioli- Mare Humorum (Basin)
-Caes- Humorum's triplet (Doppelmayer J, K, and L)
Husband (crewmember of STS-107)
-LTO- Hussein (Cauchy A)
-Menzel, 1971- Hutton
-Schroter- Huygens, Mons
-Riccioli- Hyginus
Hyginus, Rima
-Klein- Hyginus Nova (discontinued name) (Hyginus N)
-Riccioli- Hypatia
Hypatia, Rimae
-Van Langren- Hypatiae (IAU: Sulpicius Gallus Gamma)
-Hewelcke- Hyperborea, Regio (North Polar limb area)
-Hewelcke- Hyperboreae, Paludes (vague dark area N. of Berzelius)
-Hewelcke- Hyperborei, Montes (Fontenelle A to Scoresby)
-Hewelcke- Hyperborei, Scopuli (IAU: Archytas and Protagoras)
-Hewelcke- Hyperboreum, Mare (IAU: Mare Frigoris)
-Hewelcke- Hyperboreus, Sinus (IAU: Sinus Roris)
-Hewelcke- Hyperboreus Inferior, Lacus (IAU: Lacus Spei)
-Hewelcke- Hyperboreus Superior, Lacus (IAU: Endymion)
-Van Langren- Hypparchi (IAU: Scoresby)

Index page for lunar features whose names start with the letter I

Italics indicate farside features.

-Van Langren- Iacobi, S. Promontorium (IAU: NW of Bode?)
Ian (craterlet in Palus Putredinis)
-Wilkins- Ibanez (Marinus K)
-IAU 2009- Ibn Bajja (south pole area)
Ibn Battuta
Ibn Firnas
-LTO- Ibn Hayyan (Zwicky N)
-Menzel, 1971- Ibn Yunus
-Menzel, 1971- Icarus
-NASA- Icarus / Icarus-Apollo (Apollo-15 site)
-Hewelcke- Ida, Mons (IAU: Agrippa and Godin)
-Schmidt- Ideler
-Menzel, 1971- Idel'son
-Van Langren- Ignatii, S. Promontorium (IAU: S of Sinus Concordiae)
Igor (Luna-17 site)
-RP 1097- Il'in
-Riccioli- Mare Imbrium (Basin)
Imbrium Sculpture (unofficial name)
Ina (D-shaped caldera at Lacus Felicitatis)
Ina IMP (the Irregular Mare Patches on the floor of Ina)
-Wilkins- Incognito, Mare (near Gauss)
-NASA- Index (Apollo-15 site)
-Hewelcke- Inferior, Sinus (IAU: S end of Mare Fecunditatis)
-Hewelcke- Inferiores, Paludes (ray NNE from Bessel)
-Menzel, 1971- Ingalls
-Wilkins- Ingalls (Riccioli C)
Mare Ingenii (Basin) (aka Object A)
-Maedler- Inghirami
Inghirami, Vallis
-Menzel, 1971- Innes
-Van Langren- INNOCENTII X (IAU: Ptolemaeus)
-Van Langren- Ioanni D. Sax. (IAU: Longomontanus)
-Hewelcke- Insula (IAU: Dawes and its nimbus)
Mare Insularum (Basin)
-NASA- Intruded Clast Boulder (Apollo-17 site)
-Menzel, 1971- Ioffe (aka Joffe)
-Riccioli- Iridum, Sinus
-NASA- Irwin's dunes (Apollo-15 site)
Isabel (craterlet near Delisle and Diophantus)
-Van Langren- ISABELLAE Reg. Hisp. (IAU: Manilius)
Isaev (in Gagarin)
-Van Langren- Isenburgi (IAU: Almanon)
-Riccioli- Isidorus
Isis (craterlet near Mons Argaeus)
-Hewelcke- Italia (regio) (bright areas W of Montes Apenninus)
-Riccioli- Iunctinus (Fra Mauro Sigma)
-Van Langren- Iustitiae, Terra (Rukl: 28/ 39/ 50/ 51)
Ivan (craterlet near Prinz)
-NASA- Ivy (Apollo-16 site)
-Menzel, 1971- Izsak

Index page for lunar features whose names start with the letter J

Italics indicate farside features.

The Jewelled Handle is the same as the Golden Handle effect (a wonderful clair-obscur phenomenon at Sinus Iridum and Montes Jura, always visible during local sunrise circumstances, at the moon's morning terminator). One doesn't need a powerful telescope to observe this phenomenon! It's already visible without telescopes or binoculars! A pair of sharp looking eyes is all you need, or perhaps your glasses. See also APOD 2017 June the 5th.

- John Lennon (the name John Lennon Peace Crater has been proposed for Daniell D, in honor of John Lennon, by the Luna Society International, but this has not been approved by the IAU).

-Schroter- J. Cassini (Jacques Cassini)
-Birt- J. Herschel (John Herschel)
-Menzel, 1971- Jackson
-Birt- Jackson-Gwilt (IAU: Bliss)
-Maedler- Jacobi
-LTO- James (Lick F)
-Caes- Jan Mayen (Piton Gamma)
-Maedler- Jansen
Jansen 1 (Irregular Mare Patch SE of the Jansen U couple)
Jansen 2 (Irregular Mare Patch WSW of Jansen T)
-Caes- Jansen R's small companion (SE of ghost-crater Jansen R)
Jansen, Rima
-RLA 1963- Jansky
-Birt?- -Schmidt?- Janssen
Janssen, Rimae
-RP 1097- Jarvis (crewmember STS-51L)
-RLA 1963- Jeans
-NASA- Jefferson (Apollo-17 site)
Jehan (craterlet in Euler group)
-Krieger- Jekaterinburg Damm (see Riphaeus, Montes)
-Krieger- Jekaterinburg Pass (see Riphaeus, Montes)
-Menzel, 1971- Jenner
Jerik (craterlet near Mons Argaeus)
-P.Moore?- Jewelled Handle (clair-obscur phenomenon, see Montes Jura / Sinus Iridum)
-Elger- Jew's Harp (see Reiner Gamma)
-Caes- J.Herschel, Vallis (the shallow valley near the SW part of J.Herschel's rim)
-Wilkins- Jiyah (Mersenius D)
-Menzel, 1971- Joffe (see Ioffe)
-LSI- John Lennon Peace Crater (Daniell D)
-LTO- Johnson (west of Brunner)
Jomo (craterlet SW of Mons Hadley Delta)
Jones (see Spencer Jones)
-NASA- Jones / Jones-Apollo (Apollo-17 site)
José (craterlet in Alphonsus)
-Menzel, 1971- Joule
Joy (and the "Pit of Joy" immediately east of it)
-Wilkins- Juan (-440/ -300, near Lagrange G)
-Murray- Juggler, The (the dark mare regions on the Full Moon)
Jules Verne
-Caes- Jules Verne Fault (on the eastern part of Jules Verne's floor)
-Caes- Jules Verne's handcuff (on the western part of Jules Verne's floor)
Julienne (peanut-shaped craterlet west of Rima Hadley)
-Riccioli- Julius Caesar
-Franz- Jungnitz (IAU: Demonax)
-Debes- Jura, Montes (and the Jewelled Handle effect)

Index page for lunar features whose names start with the letter K

Italics indicate farside features.

The name KAMP from Apollo 11's Command Module Pilot (CMP) Michael Collins seems to be a crater or craterlet in or near Mare Spumans. It was named KAMP in honour of Michael's family (Kate, Ann, Michael, and Pat). Source: John Moore.

-Schmidt- Kaiser
-Menzel, 1971- Kamerlingh Onnes
-Collins- / -NASA- KAMP (at Mare Spumans)
-Schmidt- Kane
-Maedler- Kant
Kant Plateau (see Kant)
Kao (of the pair Kao-Helmert)
-RLA 1963- Kapteyn
Karima (craterlet between Bowditch and Lacus Solitudinis)
-Krieger- Karische Strasse (see Riphaeus, Montes)
-Menzel, 1971- Karpinskiy
-Caes- Karpinskiy, Rimae (on the floor of Karpinskiy)
Kasper (craterlet near Ibn Firnas and Ostwald)
-Schroter- Kästner
Kathleen (craterlet in Palus Putredinis)
-Menzel, 1971- Kearons
-Menzel, 1971- Keeler (and Plante)
Keeler-Heaviside Basin
-Schroter- Keill (location unknown)
-Menzel, 1971- Kekulé
-Franz?- Kelvin, Promontorium.
-Caes- Kelvin, Dorsa (in Mare Humorum, near Prom. Kelvin)
Kelvin, Rupes
-Lamech- Kephalinos (Hercules F)
-Riccioli- Kepler
-Van Langren- Kepleri (IAU: Protagoras Zeta)
Keyhole (Fauth and Fauth A)
-NASA- Keyhole (location unknown, on the moon's farside)
-Sternberg- Khandrikov (Brouwer P)
-Menzel, 1971- Khvol'son
-Menzel, 1971- Kibal'chich
-Menzel, 1971- Kidinnu
-Schroter- Kies
Kiess (of the pair Kiess-Widmannstatten)
-NASA- Kimbal (Apollo-15 site)
-Menzel, 1971- Kimura
-Neison- Kinau
-Menzel, 1971- King
King Y (see link in discussion below)
-Van Langren- Kintschotii (IAU: Lansberg)
Kira (craterlet in Patsaev Q, aka Chenier)
-Schroter- Kirch
-Caes- Kirch pinnacle (the small "island" north of Kirch)
-Riccioli- Kircher
-Van Langren- Kircheri (IAU: Malapert)
-Schmidt- Kirchhoff
-Menzel, 1971- Kirkwood
-NASA- Kiva (Apollo-16 site)
-Maedler- Klaproth
-Sternberg- Kleiber (IAU: Houzeau)
Klein (in Albategnius)
-Lamech- Klepesta (Airy B)
-Menzel, 1971- Kleymenov
-Menzel, 1971- Klute
Knox-Shaw (in Banachiewicz)
-Menzel, 1971- Koch
-IAU 2009- Kocher (south pole area)
-Sternberg- Kohlrausch (location unknown)
-Menzel, 1971- Kohlschütter
-Menzel, 1971- Kolhörster
Kolya (Luna-17 site)
-Menzel, 1971- Komarov (Soyuz-1 cosmonaut) (in Mare Moscoviense)
-Caes- Komarov, Rimae (on the floor of Komarov)
-Menzel, 1971- Kondratyuk
-Van Langren- Konie c Polski (IAU: Hommel)
-Muller- König
-RP 1097- Konoplev
-Menzel, 1971- Konstantinov
-Menzel, 1971- Kopff
Kopff, Rimae
-Menzel, 1971- Korolev (Basin)
Kosberg (in Gagarin)
-Menzel, 1971- Kostinskiy
-Caes- Kostinskiy, Rimae (on the floor of Kostinskiy)
Kostya (Luna-17 site)
-Menzel, 1971- Kovalevskaya
-LTO- Kovalevskiy (Timocharis B)
-Menzel, 1971- Koval'skiy
-Schroter- Krafft
Krafft, Catena
-NASA- Kraft (IAU: Marconi)
-RP 1097- Kramarov-/
-Menzel, 1971- Kramers
-RLA 1963- Krasnov
-Menzel, 1971- Krasovskiy
-Konig- Krieger
Krieger, Rima
Krishna, Vallis (at Aratus CA, aka "Lorca")
-Riccioli- Kristmannus (Lacus Excellentiae)
-Wilkins- Krosigk (Tobias Mayer G)
-Schmidt- Krusenstern
-Menzel, 1971- Krylov-/
-Menzel, 1971- Kugler
-IAU 2009- Kuhn (south pole area)
Kuiper (in Mare Cognitum)
-Menzel, 1971- Kulik
-Neison?- -Schmidt?- Kunowsky
-Menzel, 1971- Kuo Shou Ching
Kurchatov, Catena

Index page for lunar features whose names start with the letter L

Italics indicate farside features.

The "Le Alda" mystery
Was Ken Mattingly's "LE ALDA" perhaps THE ALTAI?
154:02:57 G.E.T.: CMP Ken Mattingly (Apollo 16):
"Okay. Maybe we could have drawn a terminator that was a little more over towards the area where we've shown our target, but there may be quite a drop-off in elevation here. It would only take - quite a bit, to the Sun angle wouldn't have to be an awful lot, on a geologic scale I guess. But the actual terminator was running down just to the west of Le Alda [or Mädler?] so I ran a strip down that".
- Apollo 16 Flight Journal, David Woods and Tim Brandt. Day 7: Lunar Orbital Observations, Revs 35 to 45
Additional research: Danny Caes (the "Le Alda" mystery).

L. Clark (Laurel Blair Salton Clark, crewmember STS-107)
-Schroter- La Caille
-Schroter- La Condamine
-Schroter- La Hire, Mons
-Wilkins- La Paz (Byrgius A)
-Maedler- La Pérouse
-Van Langren- Laboris, Terra
-Menzel, 1971- Lacchini
-Neison- Lacroix
-Gassendi- Lacuna (location unknown)
Lacus Mortis Fault (Rupes Mortis)
-Krieger- Lade
-Van Langren- Lafaillii (IAU: Posidonius)
-Fauth- Lagalla
-Maedler- Lagrange
-Whitaker- Lake Titicaca (one of the low-albedo spots in Alphonsus)
-Lohrmann- Lalande
-RP 1097- Lallemand
-RLA 1963- Lamarck
-Menzel, 1971- Lamb
-Schroter- Lambert
-LTO- Lambert, Dorsum
-RLA 1963- Lamé
-Muller- Lamèch
-Krieger- Lamont
-Moore- / -Caes- Lamont's IMP-rich ghost crater (within Lamont)
-Menzel, 1971- Lampland
-Menzel, 1971- Landau
-Wilkins- Landerer (Mersenius B)
-Menzel, 1971- Lane
-Menzel, 1971- Langemak
-Menzel, 1971- Langevin
-RLA 1963- Langley
-Menzel, 1971- Langmuir
-Van Langren- Langrenianum, Mare (IAU: Mare Fecunditatis)
-Van Langren- Langrenus (as Langreni)
-Riccioli- Lansberg
-Van Langren- Lantsbergi (IAU: Breislak)
-Maedler- Laplace, Promontorium
-Caes- Laplace hillocks (west of Prom. Laplace)
-Caes- Laplace, Lacus (between Maupertuis and Prom. Laplace)
-Caes- Laplace, Mons (between Montes Recti and Prom. Laplace)
-NASA- Lara (Apollo-17 site)
-Menzel, 1971- Larmor
-Larrieu- Larrieu's Dam (see Polybius)
-Birt- Lassell
-Wood?- Lassell Massif (see Lassell)
-NASA- Last (Apollo-15 site)
-NASA- Last Ridge (A-11 region)
-Hewelcke- Lathmus, Mons (IAU: Davy and Palisa)
-Van Langren- Laucii (IAU: Kepler Gamma)
-Menzel, 1971- Laue
-Van Langren- Laurini (IAU: Isidorus)
-Menzel, 1971- Lauritsen
-IAU 2009- Laveran (south pole area)
-Birt- Lavinium, Promontorium (discontinued name?)
-Maedler- Lavoisier
-Caes- Lavoisier, Rimae (on the floor of Lavoisier)
-Mattingly- -NASA- Le Alda (??) (perhaps The Altai?)
-Schroter- Le Gentil
-Lohrmann- Le Monnier (Luna-21 / Lunokhod-2 site)
-Caes- Le Monnier, Catena (chain of craterlets in Le Monnier)
-Van Langren- Le Pessier (IAU: Euler)
-Schmidt?- -Lecouturier?- Le Verrier (of the pair Le Verrier-Helicon)
-Hewelcke- Lea, Insula (IAU: Letronne pi) (bright spot at)
-Menzel, 1971- Leavitt
-Caes- Leavitt, Mons (east of Leavitt)
-Menzel, 1971- Lebedev
-Menzel, 1971- Lebedinskiy
-Birt- Lee
-NASA- Lee Scarp (Lee-Lincoln Scarp) (Apollo-17 site)
-Menzel, 1971- Leeuwenhoek
-NASA- Left Foot (of the Snowman) (Apollo-12 site)
-Maedler- Legendre
-Maedler- Lehmann
-Menzel, 1971- Leibnitz
-Schroter- Leibnitz, Montes (discontinued name)
-Menzel, 1971- Lemaître
-Hewelcke- Lemnos, Insula (IAU: Lalande A)
-Wilkins- Lenham (Kies A)
Lenitatis, Lacus
-Van Langren- Lennoxis (IAU: Apianus)
-Menzel, 1971- Lents (Lenz)
-Caes- Lents's beauty (ray-crater Pierazzo)
-Rand McNally- Leon hills (see Wichmann)
Leonid (Luna-17 site)
Leonov (crewmember of Voskhod-2)
-Van Langren- Leopoldi Arch. Aust. (IAU: Maginus)
-Van Langren- Leototi (IAU: Berosus)
-Krieger- Lepaute
-Hewelcke- Lesbos, Insula (IAU: Lassell, Lassell B, C, etc.)
-Hewelcke- Letoa, Insula (IAU: Campanus A)
-Maedler- Letronne
-Menzel, 1971- Leucippus
-Hewelcke- Leucopetra, Promontorium (IAU: Promontorium Agassiz)
-Van Langren- Leurechonii (IAU: Montes Spitzbergen)
Leuschner (GDL), Catena
-Menzel, 1971- Leuschner
Lev (Luna-24 site)
-Menzel, 1971- Levi-Civita
-Lamech- Lévisky (IAU: Trouvelot)
-Menzel, 1971- Lewis
-NASA- Lewis (Apollo-17 site)
-Schroter- Lexell
-Menzel, 1971- Ley
-Sternberg- L'Hospital (at or near Mitra A)
-Hewelcke- Libanus, Mons (IAU: Purbach, Regiomontanus, Walter)
-Riccioli- Licetus
-Schroter- Lichtenberg
-Caes- Lichtenberg's ghost (remains of an ancient crater NNW of Lichtenberg)
-Krieger- Lick
-Wilkins- Liddiard (+810/ +584)
-Schmidt- Liebig
Liebig, Rimae
Liebig, Rupes
-NASA- Light Mantle (Apollo-17 site)
-NASA- Lightning (Apollo-15 site)
-Van Langren- Ligni (IAU: Furnerius?) (the same as Van Langren's Curtii?)
-Hewelcke- Ligustinus, Mons (IAU: Aristillus)
-Riccioli- Lilius (and its pronounced central peak Lilius Alpha)
-NASA- Lincoln Scarp (Lee-Lincoln Scarp) (Apollo-17 site)
Linda (craterlet near Rima Delisle)
-Menzel, 1971- Lindblad-/
-Maedler- Lindenau
-Riccioli- Linemannus (Flamsteed Kappa)
-Van Langren- Lini (IAU: Montes Teneriffe Epsilon)
-Birt?- Link, The (from Gemma Frisius to Rabbi Levi)
-NASA- Link (Apollo-15 site)
-Maedler- Linné
Linné Alpha (Valentine Dome) (nickname from Alika Herring)
-Hewelcke- Lion, Mons (IAU: Hainzel, Mee, etc.)
-LTO- Li Po (Hume Z)
-Krieger- Lippershey
Lippmann (once known as Boltzmann)
-Caes- Lippmann-Mendel, Catena (near the NW part of Lippmann and W part of Mendel)
Lipskiy (at 180° East, 0° North)
-Hewelcke- Lipulus, Mons (IAU: Zollner)
Lister, Dorsa
-Menzel, 1971- Litke (Lütke)
-NASA- Little Green Man / LGM (in Mare Ingenii)
-NASA- Little Moltke (A-11 region)
-NASA- Little one (Apollo-15 site)
-NASA- Little West (Apollo-11 site)
-Maedler- Littrow
Littrow, Catena
-LTO- Littrow, Fossae
Littrow, Rimae
-Birt- Livingstone (one of the triplet of craters NW of Langrenus)
-Caes- Lobachevskiy's dark streaks (on the rim of Lobachevskiy)
-Peck- Lobster / Trilobite (system of hills NE of Gassendi)
-NASA- Locke (Apollo-17 site)
-Birt?- -Schmidt?- Lockyer
-Ronb(ee)- Locusta, Lacus / Lobster lake (near Lacus Bonitatis)
-Menzel, 1971- Lodygin
-Krieger- Loewy
-Maedler- Lohrmann
-Caes- Lohrmann A's swirl (1° South / 61° West)
-Krieger- Lohse
Lomonosov-Fleming Basin
-Markov?- Lomonosov, Montes (see Montes Archimedes)
-NASA- Lonely (Apollo-15 site)
-NASA- Lonesome Mesa (A-11 region)
-NASA- Lone Star (Apollo-16 site)
-Gilbert- Longa, Insula (IAU: part of Oceanus Procellarum)
-Van Langren- Longevalli (IAU: Zagut)
-Van Langren- Longevilli (IAU: Vendelinus)
-LTO- Longfellow (Hirayama Q)
-Van Langren- Longomontani (IAU: Mason or Plana?)
-Riccioli- Longomontanus
-Caes- Longomontanus's wafer structure (52° South / 22° West)
-Gilbert- Longum, Cape (IAU: south of Mare Nectaris)
-LTO- Lorca (Aratus CA) (Krishna in A.Rukl's atlas)
-Menzel, 1971- Lorentz (Basin)
-Rand McNally- Loro basin (see Parrot)
-NASA- Lost Basin (A-11 region)
-NASA- Lost Crater (A-11 region)
-Wood- Lost Peninsula (see Luther)
-NASA- Lost Valley (A-11 region)
-Rand McNally- Lothrop hills (see Euler) (Euler group)
Louise (craterlet near Samir, halfway between Delisle and Diophantus)
-Schroter- Louville
-Menzel, 1971- Love-/
-Caes- Love, Catena (craterchain on the western part of Love's rim)
-Menzel, 1971- Lovelace
-NASA- Lovell (IAU: Hilbert)
Lovell (crewmember Apollo-8)
-NASA- Low (IAU: Icarus)
-Wilkins- Lowe (Riccioli A)
-Menzel, 1971- Lowell
-Wilkins- Lower (Hansen B) (Franz's Olblatt)
-Rand McNally- Lower Alps highlands
-Rand McNally- Lower Apennine highlands
-NASA- Low Mesa (A-11 region)
-Neison- Lubbock
-Wood- Lubbock Rille (see Lubbock)
-Caes- Lubbock H, Catena (chain-rille slightly north of Lubbock H)
-Schroter- Lubiniezky
-Menzel, 1971- Lucretius
Lucretius (RNII), Catena
-Van Langren- LUDOVICI XIV Reg. Fran. (IAU: Alphonsus)
-Van Langren- Ludovici S., Promontorium (IAU: north of Hypatia)
-NASA- Luke (Apollo-15 site)
-Hewelcke- Lunae, Promontorium (IAU: Montes Spitzbergen) (vague bright area at)
Luna Incognita-/ (unofficial name, lunar southpole region)
Lunar V (clair-obscur phenomenon, see Ukert)
Lunar X (clair-obscur phenomenon)
-NASA- Lundi (Apollo-15 site)
-Menzel, 1971- Lundmark
Lunicus, Sinus (Luna-2 site)
-Schmidt- Luther
-Van Langren- Lutiani (IAU: Grove)
Luxuriae, Lacus
-RLA 1963- Lyapunov
-Hewelcke- Lybiae pars (WSW limb area)
-Hewelcke- Lychnitis, Palus (dark area SW of Santbech)
-Schmidt- Lyell
-Menzel, 1971- Lyman
-Wilkins- Lyot (IAU: Ammonius)

Index page for lunar features whose names start with the letter M

Italics indicate farside features.

Johann Hewelcke's name Mons Mampsarus is a typographical error. On his chart it is Mons Campsarus.
- Mandela (the name Mandela or Nelson Mandela International Peace Crater has been proposed for Plana G, in honor of Nelson Mandela, by the Luna Society International, but this has not been approved by the IAU).
- Mount Marilyn is perhaps the very first one of the NASA-related nicknames (of the Apollo era, Apollo 8 / Apollo 10) to be officially recognized by the IAU (July 2017).

M. Anderson (Michael Phillip Anderson, crewmember STS-107)
-Wilkins- MacDonald (Aristarchus F)
-Menzel, 1971- Mach
-NASA- Mackin (Apollo-17 site)
-Maedler- Maclaurin
-Lee- Maclear
-LTO- Maclear, Fossa
Maclear, Rimae
Maclear 1 (Irregular Mare Patch WNW of Arago E)
Maclear 2 (Irregular Mare Patches SSE of Maclear)
-Hewelcke- Macra, Insula (IAU: Posidonius)
-Riccioli- Macrobius
-Hewelcke- Macrocemnii, Montes (IAU: Atlas and Hercules)
-Birt?- -Schmidt?- Mädler
Madler's Square (unofficial name) (see also Fontenelle Epsilon)
-Hewelcke- Maeotis, Palus (IAU: Mare Crisium)
-Schmidt- Maestlin
Maestlin, Rimae
-Maedler- Magelhaens
-Van Langren- Magini (IAU: Liebig Gamma)
-Riccioli- Maginus
-Gilbert- Magna Occidentalis, Regio (IAU: Mare Fecunditatis, Nectaris, Serenitatis, Tranquillitatis)
-Gilbert- Magna Orientalis, Regio (IAU: Mare Imbrium)
-Van Langren- Magni (IAU: Capella B?)
-Sternberg- Magnitsky (near the IAU's Mach)
-Gilbert- Magnus, Sinus (IAU: between Mare Fecunditatis and Mare Nectaris)
-Birt- Main
-Schroter- Mairan
Mairan, Rima
-Caes- Mairan Tholus (the domelike hillock Mairan T)
-Hewelcke- Major, Insula (IAU: Langrenus)
-Hewelcke- Major Occidentalis, Lacus (IAU: Mare Marginis)
-Hewelcke- Majorca, Insula (IAU: Montes Recti)
-Menzel, 1971- Maksutov
-Riccioli- Malapert
-IAU 2014- Malinkin (in Faustini) (south pole area)
-Schmidt- Mallet
-Hewelcke- Malta, Insula (IAU: Lansberg)
-Schroter- Malvasia (IAU: Schluter)
-Van Langren- Malvezzi (=Malvasia?) (IAU: Byrgius A)
-Menzel, 1971- Malyy
-Hewelcke- Mampsarus, Mons (IAU: Suess, bright area)
-LSI- Mandela / Nelson Mandela International Peace Crater (Plana G)
-Menzel, 1971- Mandel'shtam
-Riccioli- Manilius
Manilius 1 and 2 (fields of Irregular Mare Patches west of Manilius)
-LTO- Mann (Zhiritsky Z)
-Riccioli- Mannae, Terra
-Birt- Manners
-Hewelcke- Mantiana, Palus (dark area SE of Fracastorius)
Manuel (craterlet near Aratus CA, aka "Lorca")
-Riccioli- Manzinus
-Hewelcke- Maraeotis, Palus (IAU: Grimaldi)
-Schroter- Maraldi
Maraldi, Mons
Marcello, Rima (near Mons Argaeus)
-Van Langren- Marci (IAU: Tobias Mayer A)
-Menzel, 1971- Marci
-Van Langren- Marci, S. (IAU: Gassendi A) (Wilkins's Clarkson)
-Maedler- Marco Polo
-Menzel, 1971- Marconi
-Franz- Mare Marginis (Basin)
Marginis Swirl (unofficial name)
-Van Langren- Mariae D. Mont. F. (IAU: Hadley)
-Van Langren- MARIAE Imp. Rom. (IAU: Menelaus)
-Van Langren- Mariannae Imper. F. (IAU: Calippus Alpha)
-J.Lovell, Apollo 8- / -IAU- Marilyn, Mount (Mons)
-NASA- Mariner (Apollo-17 site)
-Hewelcke- Marinus, Lacus (E corner of Mare Imbrium)
-Maedler- Marinus
-Menzel, 1971- Mariotte
-Riccioli- Marius
Marius, Rima
Marius Hills
-NASA- Mark (Apollo-15 site)
-RLA 1963- Markov
-Caes- Markov's triangle (isosceles triangle of 3 craterlets ESE Markov)
-Krieger- Marth
-Van Langren- Martinitzi (IAU: Bettinus)
Mary (craterlet near Mons Argaeus)
-Hewelcke- Masicytus, Mons (IAU: Alphonsus)
-Van Langren- Masii (IAU: Gauricus)
-Van Langren- Masii, Lacus (IAU: Lacus Excellentiae)
-Lohrmann- Maskelyne
Maskelyne IMP ("fried egg" halfway between Wallach and Maskelyne F)
-Maedler- Mason
-Krieger- Matra (see Carpatus, Montes)
-NASA- Matthew (Apollo-15 site)
-NASA- Mattingly (location unknown, probably on the moon's far side)
-Menzel, 1971- Maunder
-Schroter- Maupertuis
Maupertuis, Rimae
-Hewelcke- Mauritania (regio) (E and N of Sinus Iridum)
-Riccioli- Maurolycus
-Birt- Maury
Mavis (craterlet NW of Mons La Hire)
-Wood- Maw / The Maw (at Mare Pacificus)
Mawson, Dorsa
-Van Langren- Maximiliani Duc. Bava. (IAU: Clavius)
-Schroter- Mayer, F.C. (location unknown)
-Van Langren- Mazarinii (IAU: Alpetragius)
McAdie /
-RP 1097- McAuliffe (crewmember STS-51L)
-Birt- McClure
McCool (crewmember STS-107)
McDonald (aka Wilkins's Porthouse)
-Menzel, 1971- McKellar
-Menzel, 1971- McLaughlin
-Menzel, 1971- McMath
-RP 1097- McNair (crewmember STS-51L)
-Menzel, 1971- McNally
-Menzel, 1971- Mechnikov
-Van Langren- Medicaei (IAU: Bullialdus)
Medii, Sinus (site of Surveyor 4 and Surveyor 6)
-Gilbert- Medilunaria, Insula (IAU: Sinus Medii)
-Gilbert- Medilunarium, Mare (IAU: south of Mare Imbrium)
-Hewelcke- Mediterraneum, Mare (IAU: Mare Imbrium, Mare Nubium, E part Oceanus Procellarum)
-Van Langren- Medius, Sinus (IAU: Sinus Medii)
- Wilkins- Mee
-Menzel, 1971- Mees
-Menzel, 1971- Meggers
-Menzel, 1971- Meitner
Melissa (craterlet near Ibn Firnas and Ostwald)
-Schmidt- Melloni (near Billy and Hansteen) (same as Wilkins's Burrell?)
-Hewelcke- Melos, Insula (SE border of Mare Cognitum)
-Menzel, 1971- Mendel
-Caes- Mendel-Lippmann, Vallis (the valley or chain near Mendel and Lippmann)
Mendel-Rydberg Basin
Mendeleev (Basin)
Mendeleev, Catena
-Riccioli- Menelaus
-LTO- Menelaus, Fossae
Menelaus, Rimae
-Hewelcke- Menyx, Insula (bright area at Kunowsky)
-Schroter- Mercator
Mercator, Rupes
-Hewelcke- Mercurii, Promontorium (near Aristarchus?)
-Riccioli- Mercurius
-NASA- Mercury (IAU: Heaviside)
-Gilbert- Meridionalis, Continens (IAU: Mare Nubium and environs)
-Hewelcke- Meridionalis, Lacus (dark area SW of Schiller)
-Hewelcke- Meridionalis, Mons (IAU: Bettinus and Kircher)
-NASA- Merriam (Apollo-16 site)
-Menzel, 1971- Merrill /
-Van Langren- Mersenni (IAU: Azophi)
-Riccioli- Mersenius
Mersenius, Rimae
-Menzel, 1971- Meshcherskiy
-Hewelcke- Mesogys, Mons (IAU: Herschel)
-Riccioli- Messala
-Maedler- Messier
Messier A
-LTO- Messier, Fossa
Messier, Rima
-Van Langren- Methonis, Promontorium (NASA: Barbara Mesa)
-Riccioli- Metius
-Riccioli- Meton
-Van Langren- Mexiae (IAU: Reinhold)
-Menzel, 1971- Mezentsev
-Hewelcke- Micale, Mons (IAU: Lalande)
Michael (craterlet in the part of Palus Putredinis known as "Lacus Mozart")
-Van Langren- Michaelis S., Promontorium (IAU: Montes Secchi)
-Wood?- Michelin Man / Bibendum (system of hills east of Gassendi)
-Caes- Michelin Man / Bibendum (tiny craterlet-cluster east of Lansberg)
-Menzel, 1971- Michelson
Michelson (GIRD), Catena
-Peck- Mickey Mouse (trio Fra Mauro-Bonpland-Parry)
-NASA- Middle Crescent (Apollo-12 site)
-Menzel, 1971- Milankovič
-Caes- Milankovic, Vallis (the valley WNW of Milankovic)
-Riccioli- Milichius
Milichius, Rima
-Wilkins- Millas (Parrot C)
-Fauth- Miller (Lexell A)
-Birt- Miller
-Fauth- Miller (Lexell A)
-Menzel, 1971- Millikan
-Menzel, 1971- Mills
-Menzel, 1971- Milne (Basin)
-LTO- Milton (Purkyne S)
-Hewelcke- Mimas, Mons (IAU: probably Mosting)
-Menzel, 1971- Mineur
-Hewelcke- Mingui, Desertum (southern limb area)
-Caes- Mini Egg-in-a-Nest (central peak of Thebit L) (and also Lockyer G)
-Caes- Mini Schiller (between Kirch and Piazzi Smyth)
-Menzel, 1971- Minkowski
-Menzel, 1971- Minnaert
-Hewelcke- Minor, Insula (IAU: Atwood, Bilharz, Naonobu)
-Hewelcke- Minor Occidentalis, Lacus (Hansen B dark area, etc.)
-Hewelcke- Minorca, Insula (IAU: Mons Pico)
-Hewelcke- Miris, Stagnum (IAU: Riccioli O dark spot)
-Rand McNally- Mishqui basin (see Abbot)
-Higgins- Mister Peanut (between Guericke and Kundt)
-NASA- Misty doublet (Apollo-15 site)
-Rand McNally- Mitika peak (Jansen Alpha)
-Lee- Mitchell
-NASA- Mitchell / Mitchell-Apollo (Apollo-17 site)
-Menzel, 1971- Mitra /
Miyamori Valley (unofficial name, see Lohrmann and Riccioli)
-Menzel, 1971- Möbius
-NASA- MOCR (Mission Operations Control Room) (Apollo-17 site)
-Gruithuisen- Moenum (location unknown)
-Hewelcke- Moesia (regio) (northern border of Mare Serenitatis)
-Menzel, 1971- Mohorovicic
-Birt- Moigno
-Menzel, 1971- Moiseev
Moissan (in Mendeleev)
-Van Langren- Moleri (IAU: Baco B?)
-Riccioli- Moletius (Fra Mauro Lambda)
-Krieger- Moltke
-Schmidt- Monge
Monira (craterlet in Alphonsus)
-LTO- Montaigne (south of Wyld J)
-Fauth- Montanari
-LTO- Montesquieu (Hirayama S)
-Menzel, 1971- Montgolfier
-Hewelcke- Montuniates, Mons (IAU: Autolycus)
-Menzel, 1971- Moore
-Wilkins- Moore (Agatharchides A)
-Sternberg- Morehouse (near Ingalls)
-Van Langren- Moreti (IAU: Picard Gamma)
-Riccioli- Moretus
-Lamech- Moreux (Gambart C)
-Van Langren- Morgues (dark spot near Fourier)
-Van Langren- Morini (IAU: Harpalus)
-Riccioli- Morinus (location unknown)
Moro, Mons (Bonpland Psi in Mare Cognitum)
-Rand McNally- Morotcha (see Mare Vaporum)
-Menzel, 1971- Morozov
-Menzel, 1971- Morse
-Riccioli- Mortis, Lacus
Mortis (Lacus) Fault
-Hewelcke- Mortuum, Mare (IAU: Pitatus dark floor)
Mare Moscoviense (Basin)
-Hewelcke- Moschus, Mons (Catharina, Cyrillus, Theophilus)
-RLA 1963- Moseley
-Maedler- Mösting
-Gaudibert- Mouchez
-Bozic- Mouchez C --- Mouchez L, Catena
-Menzel, 1971- Moulton
-Caes- Moulton, Vallis (the short shallow valley west of Moulton)
-Caes- Moulures (the handcuff-shaped remains of craters in Mare Frigoris)
-Lamech- Moumouris (IAU: Galen)
-Van Langren- Moura (IAU: Cleomedes)
-Wood- Mouse / The Mouse (at Lacus Mortis)
-LTO- (?) Mozart, Lacus (at Palus Putredinis, near Kathleen)
-LTO- Mozart, Rima (at Palus Putredinis, near Kathleen)
-Sternberg- Mozhaisky (IAU: Guthnick)
-NASA- Mueller (location unknown, probably on the moon's far side)
-Riccioli- Mulerius (IAU: Metius)
-Lamech- Müller (Parrot C) (Wilkins's Millas)
-Caes- Muller, Catena (the chain of craters west of Muller)
-Hewelcke- Mundi, Catena (IAU: NW border of Mare Serenitatis)
-Riccioli- Munosius (IAU: Wolf)
-RP 1097- Murakami (aka Egnitis)
-Birt- Murchison
-Riccioli- Mutus
Mutus-Vlacq Basin
-Hewelcke- Myconius, Mons (ray NE from Copernicus)
-Schroter- Mylius (location unknown)
-Lamech- Myriame (Eudoxus A)
-Hewelcke- Mysius, Mons (IAU: Dembowski and Rhaeticus)

Index page for lunar features whose names start with the letter N

Italics indicate farside features.
-Van Langren- Nachara (= Aytona) (IAU: Montes Harbinger Beta)
-Menzel, 1971- Nagaoka
-Wilkins- Najera (-660/ +760)
-NASA- Nameless (Apollo-15 site)
-Wilkins- Nansen (+087/ +980)
-NASA- Nansen-Apollo (Apollo-17 site)
Naonobu (of the trio Atwood-Bilharz-Naonobu NW of Langrenus)
-Maedler- Nasireddin
-Gaudibert- Nasmyth
-Menzel, 1971- Nassau
-Van Langren- Nassauii (IAU: Fracastorius)
Natasha (aka Tennis Racquet, in the Euler group)
-Wood- Natasha hills (Euler group)
-Van Langren- Naudei (IAU: Argelander)
-Schmidt- Naumann
-Van Langren- Navei (IAU: Maskelyne)
-Birt?- Navigators' group (location unknown)
-Riccioli- Neander
-Wood?- Neander Fault (see Neander)
Near Cape (Luna 21 / Lunokhod 2 site) (in Le Monnier)
-Maedler- Nearch
-Riccioli- Nebularum, Palus (discontinued name)
Necho (NASA's Roosa) (aka The Bright One)
-Kopal- Nechville (IAU: Coulomb)
-Riccioli- Mare Nectaris (Basin)
-IAU 2009- Nefed'ev (south pole area)
-NASA- Neighbor (Apollo-14 site)
-Lamech- Neison
-NASA- Nemo (Apollo-17 site)
-Schroter- Neper
-Van Langren- Neperi (IAU: Lubbock N)
-Hewelcke- Neptunus, Mons (IAU: Reinhold)
-Menzel, 1971- Nernst (on the floor of Lorentz)
-Caes- Nernst, Rimae (on the floor of Nernst)
-Hewelcke- Nerossus, Mons (IAU: Furnerius, Hase, Petavius)
-Menzel, 1971- Neujmin
-Schmidt- Neumayer
-Krieger- Neutra (see Carpatus, Montes)
-Krieger- Neutra Streifen (see Carpatus, Montes)
-Neison- Newcomb
Newcomb, Rima
-Schroter- Newton
-Menzel, 1971- Nicholson (of the pair Nicholson-Pettit)
Nicol, Dorsum
-Maedler- Nicolai
-Neison- Nicollet
-Caes- Nielsen's ghost (ghost-crater NNE of Nielsen)
-Caes- Nielsen's keyhole, or Nielsen's peanut (doublet crater NW of Nielsen)
-Caes- Nielsen-Rumker, Dorsa (wrinkle ridge between Nielsen and Rumker)
-Menzel, 1971- Niepce
-Caes- Niepce, Vallis (valley, or system of valleys, near Niepce and Niepce F)
-Hewelcke- Niger Major, Lacus (IAU: Plato)
-Hewelcke- Niger Minor, Lacus (dark spot north of Montes Alpes)
Niggli, Dorsum
-Menzel, 1971- Nijland
Nikolya (Luna-17 site)
-Hewelcke- Nilus, Fluvius (dark streaks at Billy and Mersenius)
-Riccioli- Nimborum, Palus
-Van Langren- Nirenbergeri (IAU: Wurzelbauer D) (Wilkins's Hauet)
-Menzel, 1971- Nishina
-Hewelcke- Nitriae, Mons (dark spots at Lepaute D)
-Gassendi- Nivea, Rupes (location unknown)
-Riccioli- Nivium, Terra
-Menzel, 1971- Nobel
-Van Langren- Nobelarii (IAU: Drebbel E dark spot)
-RP 1097- Nobile
-LTO- Noether (Cauchy D)
-Schmidt- Nöggerath
-Riccioli- Nonius
-NASA- North (Apollo-12 site)
-Caes- North and South America (depressions with IMPs, aka Manilius 1)
-NASA- North Complex (Apollo-15 site)
-Rand McNally- Northern highlands
-NASA- Northern twin (Apollo-15 site)
-NASA- North Massif (Apollo-17 site)
-Elger- North Polar Range (near the north pole)
North Pole
-NASA- North Ray (North Ray Crater) (Apollo-16 site)
-Rand McNally- North Riphaeus range
-North- North Valley (see Auzout)
-Caes- Nose, The (the nose-shaped hillock Lambert Gamma)
-NASA- Notch (Apollo-15 site)
-Menzel, 1971- Nöther (Noether)
-Caes- Nother E, Vallis (the valley at the northern part of Noether E's rim)
-Caes- Nother T, Vallis (the valley at the southern part of Nother T)
-LTO- Novalis (south of Elmer)
-Wilkins- Novellas (Agatharchides P)
-NASA- November (Apollo-15 site)
-Franz- Novum, Mare (discontinued name)
-Van Langren- Noyelles (IAU: Piccolomini)
-Riccioli- Mare Nubium (Basin)
Nubium IMP field (Irregular Mare Patches ENE of Campanus A)
-Menzel, 1971- Numerov
-Menzel, 1971- Nusl
-Van Langren- Nuti (IAU: Zach)

Index page for lunar features whose names start with the letter O

Italics indicate farside features.

-Menzel, 1971- O'Day
-Wilkins- O'Kell (Atlas E)
-Wilkins- O'Neill (+730/ +260)
O'Neill's Bridge (unofficial name)
-Firsoff?- Object A (Mare Ingenii)
Oblivionis, Lacus
-Menzel, 1971- Obruchev
-Van Langren- Ocariz (IAU: Julius Caesar)
-Hewelcke- Occidentalior, Insula (location unknown)
Odii, Lacus
-Riccioli- Oenopides
-Maedler- Oersted
-NASA- Offset (Apollo-15 site)
-Menzel, 1971- Ohm
-Maedler- Oken
-Maedler- Olbers
-Franz- Olblatt (Hansen B) (Wilkins's Lower)
-Menzel, 1971- Olcott
-Caes- Olcott, Catena
-NASA- Old Deep (Apollo-14 site)
-NASA- Old Nameless (Apollo-14 site)
-NASA- Old North (Apollo-14 site)
-Birt- Olivium, Promontorium (discontinued name?)
-Hewelcke- Olympus, Mons (IAU: Hipparchus)
-Menzel, 1971- Omar Khayyam (in Poczobutt)
Oncoming hills (Luna 21 / Lunokhod 2 site) (in Le Monnier)
-RP 1097- Onizuka (crewmember STS-51L)
-Schmidt- Opelt
Opelt, Rimae
-Hewelcke- Ophiusa, Insula (IAU: Montes Teneriffe Delta, etc.)
Oppel, Dorsum
-Menzel, 1971- Oppenheimer
-Krieger- Oppolzer
Oppolzer A (very near the point at 0°North/ 0°East)
Oppolzer, Rima
-Van Langren- Opticus, Sinus (IAU: Sinus Amoris)
-Menzel, 1971- Oresme
-Maedler- Oriani* (discontinued name)
-Hewelcke- Orient, Paludes (NW edge of Oceanus Procellarum)
-Franz- Orientale, Mare (Basin)
Orientale Dark Mantle Ring Deposit (aka Mare Pacificus)
Orientale Secondary chains
-Hewelcke- Orientalior, Insula (location unknown)
-Gilbert- Orientalis, Sinus (IAU: probably north of Mare Humorum)
-Hewelcke- Orientalis, Sinus (western end of Mare Frigoris)
-Riccioli- Origanus (Darney Tau and Chi)
Oris (see Brisbane, Brisbane Z) (and description below list)
-Menzel, 1971- Orlov
-Riccioli- Orontius
-Wilkins- Orus (Petavius B)
-NASA- Orville (Orville Wright) (Apollo-15 site)
-NASA- Os (Apollo-15 site)
Osama (craterlet near the D-shaped Ina caldera)
-Sternberg- O.Schmidt (see Schmidt)
Osiris (craterlet near Mons Argaeus)
Osman (craterlet in Catena Davy)
-Van Langren- Ossolinski (IAU: Sirsalis A) (Wilkins's Bertaud)
-Menzel, 1971- Ostwald
-Riccioli- Osymandies (IAU: Mercurius)
-NASA- Outhouse Rock (Apollo-16 site)
Owen, Dorsum (near Aratus CA, aka "Lorca")
-?- Owl, The (Aristarchus/Herodotus/Vallis Schroteri)
-Van Langren- Oxensterni (IAU: Snellius)

Index page for lunar features whose names start with the letter P

Italics indicate farside features.
Pacificus, Mare (aka Orientale Dark Mantle Ring Deposit)
-Van Langren- Pacis, Fretum (NE Taruntius)
-Van Langren- Pacis, Terra
-Caes- Pacman (the 270° ejectablanket SE of Banting)
-Hewelcke- Paestanus, Sinus (SSE area of Mare Imbrium)
-NASA- Paine (IAU: Beijerinck)
-Hewelcke- Palaestina (regio) (SSW highlands)
-Hewelcke- Palaestina, Paludes (location unknown)
-Krieger- Palisa
-Schroter- Palitzsch
Palitzsch, Vallis
-Maedler- Pallas
-NASA- Palmetto (Apollo-16 site)
-Schmidt- Palmieri
Palmieri, Rimae
-Hewelcke- Paludes (ESE limb area)
-Hewelcke- Paludosa, Loca (inner nimbus of Kepler's ejecta-rays)
-Wilkins- Paluzie (+770/ +635)
-Van Langren- Pamphilii (IAU: Herschel)
-Hewelcke- Pamphylium, Mare (southern part of Mare Nubium)
-Van Langren- Panciroli, Lacus (IAU: Plato)
-Menzel, 1971- Paneth
-Hewelcke- Pangaeus, Mons (IAU: Murchison, Pallas, Ukert)
-Menzel, 1971- Pannekoek
-Menzel, 1971- Papaleksi
-Caes- Papaleksi, Catena
-Van Langren- Pappi (IAU: Mare Humboldtianum)
-Menzel, 1971- Paracelsus
-Menzel, 1971- Paraskevopoulos
-Menzel, 1971- Parenago
-Van Langren- Parigi (bright area at Montes Riphaeus)
-Menzel, 1971- Parkhurst
-Hewelcke- Paropamisus, Mons (IAU: Furnerius A, Snellius A nimbi, etc.)
-Maedler- Parrot
-Caes- Parrot, Vallis (the valley at the SSE part of Parrot)
-Caes- Parrot C, Vallis (the short valley between Parrot C and La Caille GA)
-Maedler- Parry
-LTO- Parry, Fossae
Parry, Rimae
-Menzel, 1971- Parsons
-Hewelcke- Parthenius, Mons (IAU: Fra Mauro Zeta)
-Franz- Parvum, Mare (discontinued name)
-RLA 1963- Pascal
-Caes- Pascal, Vallis (the valley north of Pascal)
-Menzel, 1971- Paschen
-Lamech- Pasteur
Patricia (craterlet in the part of Palus Putredinis known as "Lacus Mozart")
Patsaev (crewmember Soyuz-11)
-Menzel, 1971- Pauli
-K.C.Pau- Pau, Rima (south of Manilius)
-Menzel, 1971- Pavlov /
-LTO- Pavlova, Fossae (near Dorsa Aldrovandi)
-Menzel, 1971- Pawsey
-Caes- Pear, The (pear-shaped crater SE Icarus J)
-Lacroux- / -Legrand- Pearl Ring (Gassendi)
-Wilkins- Peary (+030/ +999)
-Menzel, 1971- Pease
-Neison- Peirce
-Schmidt- Peirescius
-Hewelcke- Peloponnesus (Peninsula) (bright area Gambart to Guericke)
Penck, Mons
-Hewelcke- Pentadactylus, Mons (IAU: Seleucus)
-Maedler- Pentland
-Birt- Percy mountains (see Humorum, Mare)
-Menzel, 1971- Perel'man
-Menzel, 1971- Perepelkin
-Sternberg- Perevoshchikov (north of the Sternberg's Wheatstone)
-Menzel, 1971- Perkin
-Hewelcke- Peronticus, Sinus (NW corner of Mare Serenitatis)
-Menzel, 1971- Perrine
Perseverantiae, Lacus
-Hewelcke- Persia (Regio) (SSE highlands)
-Riccioli- Petavius
Petavius, Rimae
-Schmidt- Petermann
-Birt?- -Schmidt?- Peters
-Birt- Petora (see Teneriffe, Montes)
-Van Langren- Petri, S., Promontorium (NW Lalande)
-Menzel, 1971- Petrie
-Menzel, 1971- Petropavlovskiy
-Menzel, 1971- Petrov
-Sternberg- Petrushevsky (south of the IAU's Butlerov and Pease)
Pettit (of the pair Nicholson-Pettit)
Pettit, Rimae
-Menzel, 1971- Petzval
-Hewelcke- Peuce, Mons (NW border of Lacus Mortis)
-NASA- Phantom (Apollo-16 site)
-Hewelcke- Pharan, Montana (IAU: Clausius region)
-Hewelcke- Phasianus, Sinus (ESE corner Mare Tranquillitatis)
-Hewelcke- Pherme, Mons (IAU: Hevelius)
-Van Langren- Philip Christ. Elect. Treu. (IAU: Vlacq)
-Van Langren- PHILIPPI IV (IAU: Copernicus)
-Van Langren- Philippicum, Littus
-Van Langren- Philippicus, Oceanus (IAU: Oceanus Procellarum)
-Birt- Phillips
-NASA- Phillips (IAU: Daedalus)
-Riccioli- Philolaus
-Rand McNally- Philolaus escarpment (see Philolaus)
-Hewelcke- Philyra, Insula (IAU: Maskelyne)
-Riccioli- Phocylides
-Hewelcke- Phoenix, Mons (IAU: Alpetragius)
-Caes- Phoenix mountain (central peak of Alpetragius, aka Egg-in-a-nest)
-Van Langren- Phorylidi (IAU: Madler)
-Birt- Photographica, Terra (east of Clavius)
-Maedler- Piazzi
Piazzi Smyth
-Caes- Piazzi Smyth, Dorsum (wrinkle ridge NNW of Piazzi Smyth)
-Schroter- Picard
-Van Langren- Piccolomini (IAU: Catharina)
-Riccioli- Piccolomini
-Krieger- Pickering (Edward Charles Pickering)
-Krieger- Pickering, W. (William Henry Pickering)
-Schroter- Pico, Mons
-Maedler- Pictet
Pierazzo (the moon's most beautiful raycrater, near Lentz)
-Lamech- Pierot (Darney C)
Pierre, Catena (in Euler group)
-Krieger- Pietrosul Bay (Sinus Pietrosul, Pietrosul Bucht) (discontinued names)
-RP 1097- Pilâtre
-Wood- Pillars (elongated hills NE of Gassendi)
-Schroter- Pingré
Pingré-Hausen Basin
-Van Langren- Piperi (= Silgero) (IAU: Montes Harbinger Delta and Eta)
-LTO- Pirandello (east of Peek in Mare Smythii)
-Van Langren- Pironi (IAU: Kant)
-Menzel, 1971- Pirquet
-Lammel- Pi Symbol (in Sinus Fidei)
-NASA- Pitane (Apollo-15 site)
-Van Langren- Pitati (IAU: Mons Pico Beta)
-Riccioli- Pitatus
Pitatus, Rimae
-Riccioli- Pitiscus
-Caes- Pit of Joy (craterlet on top of the hillock east of crater Joy)
-Birt- Piton, Mons
Piton Gamma (see link below list)
-Menzel, 1971- Pizzetti
-NASA- Plain (Apollo-15 site)
-Lamech- Plakidis (location unknown)
-Maedler- Plana
-RLA 1963- Planck (Basin)
Planck, Vallis
Planitia Descensus (Luna-9 site)
Planté /
-Menzel, 1971- Plaskett
-Riccioli- Plato (J.Hewelcke's Lacus Niger Major)
Plato craterlets
Plato, Rimae
-Rand McNally- Plato uplands (see Plato)
-Caes- Plato M's bright nimbus (the "lightblue" ejectablanket of Plato M)
-Maedler- Playfair
-Riccioli- Plinius
-LTO- Plinius, Fossae
Plinius, Rimae
Plughole (with the Washbowl in Cassini)
-NASA- Plum (Apollo-16 site)
-Menzel, 1971- Plummer
-Riccioli- Plutarch
-NASA- Pluton (Apollo-15 site)
-Caes- Poczobutt, Vallis (the valley at the southern part of Poczobutt's rim)
-Menzel, 1971- Pogson
-Menzel, 1971- Poincaré (Basin)
-Menzel, 1971- Poinsot
-Caes- Pointers (Schomberger G and Simpelius J, pointing to the southpole)
-Maedler- Poisson
-Wilkins- Polit (+692/ +720)
-Birt- Pollock (between Clavius and Zach)
-Maedler- Polybius
-Menzel, 1971- Polzunov
-RLA 1963- Poncelet
-Caes- Poncelet's mini-Wargentin (at the SSE part of Poncelet's rim)
-Maedler- Pons
-Riccioli- Pontanus
-Maedler- Pontécoulant
-Hewelcke- Pontia, Insula (Wichmann, and Rand McNally's Leon hills)
-Hewelcke- Ponticum, Fretum (northern part of Mare Nectaris)
-Hewelcke- Pontus Euxinus (Mare) (IAU: Mare Serenitatis and Mare Tranquillitatis)
-Musewicz-/-Sabia- Poodle Dog (the mare regions at First Quarter Moon)
-NASA- Pooh (Apollo-15 site)
-LTO- Pope (west of Brunner)
-Van Langren- Popoli, de, Mare (IAU: Palus Epidemiarum)
-Caes- Popov, Vallis (the valley WNW of Popov)
-NASA- Poppy (or Poppie?) (Apollo-17 site)
-Menzel, 1971- Porter
-Wilkins- Porthouse (IAU: McDonald)
-Hewelcke- Porphyrites, Mons (IAU: Aristarchus)
-Riccioli- Posidonius
Posidonius, Rimae
-Van Langren- Possidoni, Lacus (dark area at Grimaldi)
-Lamech- Potamos (part of Rima Ariadaeus)
-NASA- Powell (Apollo-17 site)
-Menzel, 1971- Poynting
-Van Langren- Pozzo (IAU: Aristillus)
-Menzel, 1971- Prager
-Caes- Prager, Catena (chain north of Prager)
-Menzel, 1971- Prandtl
-Wilkins- Pratdesaba (Brisbane G)
-Van Langren- Pratii (IAU: Bode?)
-Menzel, 1971- Priestley
-Van Langren- Principis, Sinus (IAU: Sinus Roris)
-Krieger- Prinz
Prinz, Rimae
Priscilla (craterlet in Catena Davy)
-Kepler- Privolva (the moon's far side)
Procellarum, Oceanus
Procellarum Basin (aka Gargantuan Basin)
-Van Langren- Procli, Promontorium (Rukl: 48)
-Riccioli- Proclus
-IAU Commission 17- Proctor
-Riccioli- Profatius (Nicollet B)
-Hewelcke- Prophetarum, Mons (IAU: Wurzelbauer D) (aka Wilkins's Hauet)
-Hewelcke- Propontis (Sinus) (southern part of Mare Vaporum)
-Schmidt- Protagoras (Birt's Ward)
-Riccioli- Pruinae, Terra
-Riccioli- Ptolemaeus (with Ammonius on its floor)
Ptolemaeus, Rima
-Van Langren- Ptolomaei (IAU: Christian Mayer)
-Krieger- Puiseux
-NASA- Punk (Apollo-17 site)
-Riccioli- Purbach
-Menzel, 1971- Purkyne
-Van Langren- Puteani (IAU: Proclus)
-Riccioli- Putredinis, Palus
-Hewelcke- Pyramidalis, Petra (IAU: Montes Spitzbergen)
-Maedler- Pyrenaeus, Montes
-Van Langren- Pythagoras (as Pythagorae)
-Caes- Pythagoras' secondary crater chains (in Sinus Roris, near Pythagoras)
-Riccioli- Pytheas
-Caes- Pytheas' mob (cluster of craterlets WNW of Pytheas)
-Caes- Pytheas' twins (couple of craterlets NW of Pytheas)
-Van Langren- Pythias (IAU: Hercules A) (Keldysh) (Lamech's Dominique)

Index page for lunar features whose names start with the letter Q

Italics indicate farside features.

-NASA- Quadrant (Apollo-15 site)
-Van Langren- Quaresini (Lee Eta, see page 196 of E.A.Whitaker's Mapping and Naming the Moon)
-NASA- Quark (Apollo-15 site)
-Van Langren- Quesada (Milichius Gamma, see page 199 of E.A.Whitaker's Mapping and Naming the Moon)
-Caes- Question mark (the "?"-shaped string of high-albedo craterlets at 5°N/ 27°E in Mare Tranquillitatis)
-Menzel, 1971- Quetelet (the one and only officially recognized name on the moon which starts with the letter Q)

Index page for lunar features whose names start with the letter R

Italics indicate farside features.

Rabakuw and Rafelon
On page 47 of the january 1979 issue of Spaceflight (a well-known magazine for rocket and spaceship addicts) appeared a curious letter by a certain Geoffrey Hugh Lindop, who wanted to change the entire catalog of lunar nomenclature into some sort of lettered code system. In his letter, he included two examples of his system: Rabakuw (the IAU's Bianchini W) and Rafelon (the IAU's Plato F). After reading his letter about a dozen times, I still don't understand his method. G.H.Lindop's system could be a VERY interesting one (!), but he didn't give much explanation... (or rather: "a much too complicated" explanation) (the two examples were not enough to comprehend Lindop's way of thinking). - DannyCaes DannyCaes May 26, 2017

J.Hewelcke's nomenclature-system for the many ejectarays around pronounced craters, adapted by D.Caes, see:

-Lindop- Rabakuw (Bianchini W)
-Riccioli- Rabbi Levi
-Menzel, 1971- Racah
-LTO- Racine (SE of Ludwig)
-Van Langren- Radsevillii (IAU: Gemma Frisius)
-Lindop- Rafelon (Plato F)
-Menzel, 1971- Raimond
-Birt?- Rainbow heights (north of Mts.Jura and Sinus Iridum)
-Birt- Rambleta (see Teneriffe, Montes)
-Van Langren- Ramirii (IAU: Firmicus)
Ramon (crewmember STS-107)
-Menzel, 1971- Ramsay
-LTO- Ramsay, Dorsa (west of Brayley G)
-Maedler- Ramsden
Ramsden, Rimae
-Van Langren- Rantsovii (IAU: Thebit)
-Hewelcke- Raphidim, Desertum (western part of Clavius)
-Sternberg- Rastorguev (NNE of Chebyshev)
-Wilkins- Raurich (Hekataeus D)
Ravi (craterlet in Alphonsus)
-NASA- Ravine (Apollo-16 site)
-Menzel, 1971- Rayet
-RLA 1963- Rayleigh
-Menzel, 1971- Razumov
-Maedler- Réaumur
Réaumur, Rima
-Van Langren- Rechbergeri (IAU: Sharp)
-Van Langren- Recki (IAU: Hainzel)
-Wilkins- Recorde (Alhazen E)
-Caes- Recta, Rima (straight rille SSE of Carrel)
Recta, Rupes (the Straight Wall)
-Birt- Recti, Montes (Straight Range)
-NASA- Red Rose (Apollo-16 site)
-Wilkins- Reese (Pico B)
-Van Langren- Regiomontani (IAU: Endymion C)
-Riccioli- Regiomontanus
-Schmidt- Regnault
-Maedler- Reichenbach
Reiko, Rima (near Mons Argaeus)
-Schmidt- Reimarus
-Riccioli- Reiner
Reiner Gamma (aka Jew's Harp)
-Riccioli- Reinhold
-Van Langren- Reithae (IAU: Autolycus)
-Wilkins- Renart (-212/ -602)
-Maedler- Repsold
Repsold, Rimae
-RP 1097- Resnik (crewmember STS-51L)
-Wilkins- Reypastor (Faraday G)
-Riccioli- Rhaeticus
-Riccioli- Rheita
Rheita, Vallis
-Van Langren- Rho (IAU: Clairaut A?)
-Wilkins- Rhodes (-101/ +990)
-Hewelcke- Rhodus, Insula (IAU: Nicollet, Nicollet Delta, etc.)
-NASA- Rhysling (Apollo-15 site)
-Van Langren- Ricci (IAU: Euler Beta)
-Riccioli- Riccioli
Riccioli, Rimae
-Riccioli- Riccius
-Menzel, 1971- Ricco
-Van Langren- Richardi (IAU: Marius B)
Richards (in Mendeleev)
-Birt?- Richard's ridge (near Fracastorius)
-NASA- Ridge (Apollo-15 site)
-Menzel, 1971- Riedel
-RLA 1963- Riemann
-NASA- Right Foot (of the Snowman) (Apollo-12 site)
-NASA- Rim (Apollo-15 site)
-LTO- Rimsky-Korsakov, Rima (between Euler and Euler E)
-LTO- Rima Mozart (at Palus Putredinis)
-NASA- Ring (Apollo-15 site)
-Caes- Ring nebula (Lyell A during Full Moon) (the LTO's Abduh)
-NASA- Rio (Apollo-15 site)
-Hewelcke- Riphaei, Montes (IAU: Burckhardt, Cleomedes, Geminus, etc.)
-Gassendi- Riphaeus (IAU: Montes Apenninus)
-Krieger- Riphaeus Boreus (see Riphaeus, Montes)
-Krieger- Riphaeus Major (see Riphaeus, Montes)
-Krieger- Riphaeus Medius (see Riphaeus, Montes)
-Krieger- Riphaeus Minor (see Riphaeus, Montes)
-Hewelcke- / -Krieger- Riphaeus, Montes
-Wood- Risus Felis, Lacus (see Sabatier)
-Krieger- Ritchey
-Menzel, 1971- Rittenhouse
-Maedler- Ritter (of the couple Ritter-Sabine)
Ritter, Rimae
-Menzel, 1971- Ritz
-Sternberg- RNII (Catena Lucretius)
Robert (craterlet near Mons Argaeus)
-Menzel, 1971- Roberts
-Menzel, 1971- Robertson-/
-Van Langren- Robervalis (IAU: Wolf)
-Birt- Robinson
-Riccioli- Rocca
Rocco (craterlet near Krieger)
-Menzel, 1971- Roche
-Lamech- Rodes (Lalande A)
-Wilkins- Rodes (-910/ +404)
-NASA- Rogers (Apollo-17 site)
-Van Langren- Roma (IAU: Archimedes)
-Wilkins- Romana (Fracastorius D)
-Hewelcke- Romania (Regio) (SE of Montes Apenninus)
-NASA- Roman Steppe (Apollo-17 site)
Romeo (craterlet near Ibn Firnas and Ostwald)
-Schroter- Römer
-LTO- Romer, Fossa
Römer, Rimae
-NASA- Rondone (Apollo-17 site)
-RLA 1963- Röntgen (on the floor of Lorentz)
-Schroter- Rook, Montes
-NASA- Roosa (IAU: Necho) (aka The Bright One)
-Riccioli- Roris, Sinus
Rosa (craterlet in Euler group)
-Maedler- Rosenberger
-Van Langren- Rosetti (IAU: Lalande)
-Maedler- Ross
Ross E 1 (the field of Irregular Mare Patches SSE of Ross E)
-Lamech- Rossard (IAU: Ibn-Rushd)
-Birt- Rosse
-RP 1097- Rosseland
-Schroter- Rost
-Riccioli- Rothmann
-Caes- Route 66 (Rima Ariadaeus)
-Menzel, 1971- Rowland
-Menzel, 1971- Rozhdestvenskiy
-Lamech- Roy (Hesiodus B)
-Van Langren- Rubenii (IAU: Lacus Timoris)
Rubey, Dorsa
-Lamech- Rudaux (Lansberg C)
Rudolf, Rima (SW of Apollo 17's South Massif) (aka Fossa Rudolf)
-NASA- Rudolph (Apollo-17 site)
-NASA- Ruin Basin (A-11 region)
-Menzel, 1971- Rumford
-Lee?- -Schmidt?- Rümker, Mons
-Hewelcke- Rupes (location unknown)
-Wilkins- Russell (+758/ +645, within Wilkins's Paluzie)
Ruth (craterlet near Krieger)
-Gaudibert- Rutherfurd
-Menzel, 1971- Rydberg
-Menzel, 1971- Rynin
-Caes- Rynin, Vallis (the valley at the ESE part of Rynin)

Index page for lunar features whose names start with the letter S

Italics indicate farside features.

The abbreviation SAR (or S.A.R.) between farside craters King and Tsiolkovsky is still a mystery.
This name (S.A.R.) is mentioned in NASA's APOLLO 16 PRELIMINARY SCIENCE REPORT (without explanation of the meaning of S.A.R.).
Sabatier (near Lacus Risus Felis)
-Maedler- Sabine (of the pair Sabine-Ritter)
-Wilkins- Sacco (Scoresby A)
-Hewelcke- Sacer, Mons (W border of Mare Humorum) (Birt's Percy mountains)
-Riccioli- Sacrobosco
-Božič- Saddled donkey (Lacus Felicitatis and environs)
-Menzel, 1971- Saenger (Apollo-15's "Tangor"?)
-Caes- Saenger, Catena (small chain W of Saenger, SE of Erro)
-Menzel, 1971- Safarík
-Hewelcke- Sagaricus, Sinus (NNE part of Mare Serenitatis)
-Menzel, 1971- Saha
-Wilkins- Saheki (Grimaldi B)
-NASA- Saint Theresa (A-11 region)
-Van Langren- Salamona, Promontorium (IAU: Hansteen area)
-Gassendi- Salinae (location unknown)
-NASA- Sallyport West (Apollo-15 site)
-Hewelcke- Salmydessus, Sinus (Linne's high-albedo patch)
-NASA- Salyut (Apollo-15 site)
Samir (craterlet between Delisle and Diophantus)
-NASA- Samstag (Apollo-15 site)
-Hewelcke- Sanctus, Mons (IAU: Apollonius and Firmicus)
-Menzel, 1971- Sanford
-Riccioli- Sanitatis, Terra
-NASA- San Luis Rey (Apollo-17 site)
-Wilkins- Santacruz (Franz'z Abel?) (Birt's Abel)
-Riccioli- Santbech
-Van Langren- Sapientiae, Terra
-LTO- Sappho (Stark V)
-NASA- SAR (or S.A.R.) (between King and Tsiolkovsky)
-Hewelcke- Sardinia, Insula (IAU: Lambert)
-Hewelcke- Sarmatiae Asiaticae pars (south of Mare Crisium)
-Hewelcke- Sarmatiae Europaeae pars (ENE limb area)
-Hewelcke- Sarmatici, Montes (IAU: Christian Meyer)
-Menzel, 1971- Sarton
-Riccioli- Sasserides
-Muller- Saunder
-Maedler- Saussure
-Van Langren- Savedrae (dark spot on the floor of Schickard)
-Van Langren- Scala (IAU: Cruger) (low-albedo spot)
-Menzel, 1971- Scaliger
-NASA- Scarp (Apollo-15 site)
-NASA- Scarp (Lee-Lincoln Scarp) (Apollo-17 site)
-Copeland- Scattered hills (Hill's Euler group / Rand Mc Nally's Lothrop hills)
-Menzel, 1971- Schaeberle
-NASA- Schaber Hill (Apollo-15 site)
-Caes- Scheele hills (cluster of hillocks west of Scheele)
-Caes- Scheele's arc-shaped companion (ESE of Scheele)
-Riccioli- Scheiner
-Van Langren- Scheineri (IAU: Louville)
-Birt- Schiaparelli
-Riccioli- Schickard
-Riccioli- Schiller
-Caes- Schiller D, Catena (from 55.4°S/47.1°W to 56.4°S/53.5°W near Segner K)
Schiller-Zucchius Basin (aka Schiller Annular Plain)
-Menzel, 1971- Schjellerup
-Menzel, 1971- Schlesinger
-Menzel, 1971- Schliemann
-Lamech- Schlumberger (Lansberg D)
Schlumberger domes (discontinued name, see Hortensius)
-RLA 1963- Schlüter (with Franz's Mare Hiemis on its floor) (Schroter's Malvasia)
-Birt- Schmidt
-NASA- Schmitt (NW of Grachev)
-Krieger- Schneckenberg (discontinued name)
-Menzel, 1971- Schneller
-Riccioli- Schomberger
-Van Langren- Schonbergeri (IAU: Mons Piton)
-Menzel, 1971- Schönfeld
-Menzel, 1971- Schorr
-Van Langren- Schotenii (IAU: Montes Recti Epsilon?)
-Menzel, 1971- Schrödinger (Basin)
-Caes- Schrodinger-De Forest, Vallis (valley between Schrodinger and De Forest)
Schrödinger-Zeeman Basin
Schrödinger, Vallis
-Gruithuisen- Schröter
-Caes- Schroter D's radial spokes
-Rand McNally- Schroter hills (see Schroter)
Schröter, Rima
-Caes- Schroter swirls (see Schroter)
-Pickering- Schröter's Valley (Vallis Schroteri)
-Maedler- Schubert
-Maedler- Schumacher
-Fauth- Schupmann (Hell B)
-Menzel, 1971- Schuster
-Schmidt- Schwabe
-Caes- Schwabe, Vallis (valley east of Schwabe)
-Franz- Schwanzende (at or near Mare Anguis) (Eimmart T)
-Menzel, 1971- Schwarzschild
-Van Langren- Schyrlei (IAU: Abenezra)
-Van Langren- Scialli (IAU: Kunowsky)
-Van Langren- Scientiae, Lacus (eastern part of Lacus Somniorum)
Scilla, Dorsum
-Hewelcke- Scithiae pars (SW limb area)
-RP 1097- Scobee (crewmember STS-51L)
-Maedler- Scoresby
-Wilkins- Scott (+080/ -990)
-NASA- Sculptured Hills (Apollo-17 site)
-Peck?-/-North?- Seagull (SSW of Al-Bakri)
-Menzel, 1971- Seares
-Birt- Secchi
-LTO- Secchi, Fossae
Secchi, Montes
Secchi, Rimae
-Menzel, 1971- Sechenov
Sector, The (section of Plato)
-NASA- See (IAU: Alden)
-Krieger- Seeliger
-Menzel, 1971- Segers
-Schroter- Segner
-Van Langren- Segueri (IAU: Stevinus)
-Menzel, 1971- Seidel
-Hewelcke- Seir, Montana (IAU: Maginus, Street, etc.)
-Riccioli- Seleucus
-Wood?- Seleucus Ray (see Seleucus)
-Krieger- Semlja Novaja (see Riphaeus, Montes)
-Krieger- Semlja Sinus (see Riphaeus, Montes)
-Riccioli- Seneca
-Van Langren- Seneschali (IAU: Alfraganus Alpha)
-Hewelcke- Sepher, Mons (ray NW from Tycho)
-Schmidt- Serao, Mons (discontinued name)
-Riccioli- Mare Serenitatis (Basin)
Serpentine Ridge (unofficial name)
-Hewelcke- Serrorum, Mons (IAU: Aristoteles)
-Menzel, 1971- Seyfert
-Van Langren- Sfondrati (IAU: Seleucus)
-RP 1097- Shackleton (south pole crater)
-Wilkins- Shackleton (Gioja A)
-NASA- Shadow Rock (Apollo-16 site)
Shahinaz (craterlet near Ibn Firnas and Ostwald)
-NASA- Shakespeare (Apollo-17 site)
-RLA 1963- Shaler (of the pair Wright-Shaler)
-Collins- Shannen Ridge (see Plana)
-Menzel, 1971- Sharonov
-Schroter- Sharp
Sharp, Rima
-NASA- Sharp-Apollo (Apollo-17 site)
-Menzel, 1971- Shayn
-NASA- Shea (WNW of Vavilov)
-Birt- Sheepshanks
Sheepshanks, Rima
-NASA- Shepard (IAU: Racah)
-NASA- Sherlock (Apollo-17 site)
-Menzel, 1971- Shi Shen
-Riordan- Shoeprint (aka Alser's Alien, in Robinson)
-Schroter- Short
-NASA- Shorty (Apollo-17 site)
-Menzel, 1971- Shternberg (Sternberg)
-Lee- Shuckburgh
-RP 1097- Shuleykin
-LTO- Sibelius, Rima (south of Aristarchus R)
Sibericus, Rupes (discontinued name, see King)
-Riccioli- Siccitatis, Terra
-Hewelcke- Sicilia (insula) (nimbus of Copernicus)
-NASA- Side (Apollo-15 site)
-NASA- Sidewinder Rille (A-11 region)
-Menzel, 1971- Siedentopf
Siegfried, Rima (between Bowditch and Lacus Solitudinis)
-Menzel, 1971- Sierpinski
Sikorsky-Rittenhouse Basin
-Schroter- Silberschlag
-Elger- Silberschlag range (north of Silberschlag)
-Van Langren- Silgero (IAU: Montes Harbinger Delta and Eta)
-NASA- Silver Spur (Apollo-15 site)
-Sternberg- Simonov (Sanford T)
-Riccioli- Simpelius
-Van Langren- Simpilii (IAU: Marius A) (Wilkins's Barange)
-Sternberg- Simpson (Paschen L)
-Hewelcke- Sinai, Mons (IAU: Tycho)
-Schmidt- Sinas
-Caes- Sinas Skylight (ESE of Sinas)
-Hewelcke- Sinopium, Mons (dark area at Elger E)
-Elger- Sinus Iridum highlands (NW of Sinus Iridum and Montes Jura)
-Hewelcke- Sipylus, Mons (IAU: Ptolemaeus)
-Hewelcke- Sirbonicum, Fretum (Oceanus Procellarum / Mare Humorum join)
-Hewelcke- Sirbonis, Sinus (IAU: Mare Humorum)
-Lamech- Siredey (Cassini E)
-Riccioli- Sirsalis
-Wood- Sirsalis, Mount / Sirsalis Beta (see Sirsalis)
Sirsalis, Rimae
-Menzel, 1971- Sisakyan
-Wilkins- Sisebuto (Azophi A)
Sita (craterlet in King)
-IAU 2015- Slater (south pole area)
Slava (Luna-17 site)
-Van Langren- Slavatae (IAU: Horrocks)
-NASA- Slayton (IAU: Chauvenet)
-Forest- Sleepy dragon / Draconum cubiculium (Montes Teneriffe)
-NASA- Slide (Apollo-15 site)
-Menzel, 1971- Slipher (in d'Alembert)
Slot, The (Rheita E)
-NASA- Small (Apollo-12 site)
Smirnov, Dorsa
-Schroter- Smith, Rob. (between Brown D and Tycho D)
-RP 1097- Smith (crewmember STS-51L)
-Wilkins- Smith (Vendelinus C)
-NASA- Smith (Apollo-17 site)
-NASA- Smokey Basin (A-11 region)
-NASA- Smokey Valley (A-11 region)
-NASA- Smoky Mountains (Apollo-16 site)
-Menzel, 1971- Smoluchowski
-NASA- Smooth round crater (a name?) (Apollo-15 site)
-Lee- Mare Smythii (Basin)
-Birt- Smyth, Piazzi (see Piazzi Smyth)
-NASA- Snake Ridge (A-11 region)
-Van Langren- Snellii (IAU: Isidorus F?)
-Riccioli- Snellius
Snellius, Vallis
-Menzel, 1971- Sniadecki
-NASA- Snoopy (Apollo-17 site)
-NASA- Snowman (Apollo-12 site)
-Eskildsen- Snowman (Plato K and Plato KA)
-Murray- Soccer player (the dark mare regions on the Full Moon)
-Hewelcke- Sogdiana, Petra (dark area at S end of Vendelinus)
-Hewelcke- Sogdiani, Montes (IAU: Piccolomini)
Solitudinis, Lacus
-Birt?- -Lee?- Somerville
-Menzel, 1971- Sommerfeld
-Maedler- Sömmering
-Riccioli- Somni, Palus
-Riccioli- Somniorum, Lacus
-LTO- Sophocles (SW Diderot)
Soraya (craterlet in Alphonsus)
Sorby, Dorsa
-Riccioli- Sosigenes (with IMP cluster on its floor)
-Krieger- Sosigenes Bucht (see Sosigenes)
Sosigenes, Rimae
Sosigenes IMP or SIMP (large Irregular Mare Patch at Rimae Sosigenes)
-Lamech- Soulayou (location unknown)
-Birt- South
South AP (South of the Aristarchus Plateau) (informal name)
-NASA- South Cluster (Apollo-15 site)
-NASA- South Crater (Apollo-12 site)
-Caes- Southern farside mountain (50°30' South/ 123°30' West)
-Rand McNally- Southern highlands (Tycho-Clavius region)
-NASA- Southern twin (Apollo-15 site)
-NASA- South Massif (Apollo-17 site)
South Pole
South Pole - Aitken basin (aka SPA)
-NASA- South Ray (South Ray Crater) (Apollo-16 site)
Sovietici, Montes (discontinued name)
-NASA- SP (Apollo-16 site)
SPA (South Pole - Aitken basin)
-Van Langren- Spada (IAU: Marius)
-NASA- SP Crater (A-11 region)
-Schmidt- Spallanzani
Spei, Lacus
-Menzel, 1971- Spencer Jones
-Van Langren- Spinola (IAU: Lilius)
-Sternberg- Spinoza (IAU: Wilsing)
-NASA- Spirit (Apollo-17 site)
-Menzel, 1971- Spiru Haret (see Haret)
-Blagg- Spitzbergen, Montes (aka Spitzbergensis, Montes)
-NASA- Split Rock (aka Tracy's Rock / Station 6 boulder) (Apollo-17 site)
-NASA- Spook (Apollo-16 site)
-Krieger- Spörer
-NASA- Spot (Apollo-16 site)
-Franz- Spumans, Mare
-NASA- Spur (Apollo-15 site)
Spurr (at Palus Putredinis)
-NASA- Sputnik (Apollo-17 site)
-J.Moore- Squid, the (Irregular Mare Patch N°18)
-Caes- Squirrel (Mare Cognitum and Mare Nubium during Full Moon)
-NASA- St. George (Apollo-15 site)
-Menzel, 1971- St. John
-Hewelcke- St.Petro, Insula (IAU: Mons Vinogradov)
-Riccioli- Stadius
-Rand McNally- Stadius craterlets (see Stadius)
Stadius, Rimae
-Maedler?- Stag's Horn (discontinued name for the mountain-complex south of Rupes Recta)
-Caes- Stamp mountain (system of two hills SSE of Mons Rumker)
-Birt- Stanley (one of the triplet of craters NW of Langrenus)
-NASA- Star (Apollo-14 site)
-NASA- Star Crater (A-11 region)
-Menzel, 1971- Stark
-Copeland- Star Tip Mountain (Mons Herodotus)
-NASA- Station 6 boulder (aka Tracy's Rock / Split Rock) (Apollo-17 site)
-IAU- / -NASA- Statio Tranquillitatis (Apollo-11 site)
-Wilkins- Steavenson (Reichenbach A)
-Menzel, 1971- Stebbins
-RLA 1963- / -Menzel, 1971- Stefan
-Menzel, 1971- Stein
-Maedler- Steinheil (of the pair Steinheil-Watt)
-Menzel, 1971- Steklov
Stella (craterlet south of Apollo 17's Family Mountain)
-Menzel, 1971- Steno
-NASA- Steno-Apollo (Apollo-17 site)
-Lamech- Stephanides (Romer A) (Wilkins's Ataturk)
-Riccioli- Sterilitatis, Terra
-Menzel, 1971- Sternberg (see Shternberg)
-RP 1097- Sternfeld
-Menzel, 1971- Stetson
-Riccioli- Stevinus
-Riccioli- Stiborius
Stille, Dorsa
-Riccioli- Stöfler
-RLA 1963- Stokes
-Menzel, 1971- Stoletov
-NASA- Stone Mountain (Apollo-16 site)
-NASA- Stonewall (Apollo-17 site)
-Menzel, 1971- Stoney
-Menzel, 1971- Störmer
-Maedler- Strabo
-Caes- Strabo's triplet (Strabo L, B, and N)
-Birt- Straight Range (see Montes Recti)
Straight Wall, The (Rupes Recta)
-Wood- Straits of Fresnel (see Fresnel, Promontorium)
-Van Langren- Stratii (IAU: Ukert)
-Menzel, 1971- Stratton
-Schroter- Street
-Hewelcke- Strobilus, Mons (IAU: Isidorus) (with Capella?)
-Menzel, 1971- Strömgren
-Hewelcke- Strophades, Insulae (IAU: Darney Chi, Tau, Lambda)
-Maedler- Struve
-Birt- Struve, Otto
-Hewelcke- Strymonicus, Sinus (E part of Mare Nubium)
-NASA- Stubby (Apollo-16 site)
-Menzel, 1971- Subbotin
-NASA- Subsidiary peak (Apollo-15 site)
Successus, Sinus (Luna-16 site)
-Krieger- Suess
Suess, Rima
-Riccioli- Sulpicius Gallus
-LTO- Sulpicius Gallus, Fossae
Sulpicius Gallus, Rimae
-Menzel, 1971- Sumner
Sumner, Catena
-Menzel, 1971- Sundman
Sung-Mei, Rima (at Aratus CA, aka the LTO's Lorca)
-NASA- Sunrise (Apollo-14 site)
-NASA- Sunset (Apollo-16 site)
-Hewelcke- Superiores, Paludes (faint bright line W part Mare Serenitatis)
-NASA- Surveyor (Surveyor-3 and Apollo-12 site)
-NASA- Survey Ridge (Apollo-16 site)
Susan (craterlet in Catena Davy)
-IAU 2009- Svedberg (south pole area)
-Menzel, 1971- Swann
-NASA- Swann Mountain (see Apollo-15 site)
-NASA- Swann Range (see Apollo-15 site)
-Caes- Swimming pool (Brayley G)
-NASA- SWP (Science Working Panel) (Apollo-17 site)
-RLA 1963- Sylvester
-Caes- Sylvester, Vallis (the valley near Sylvester)
Sylvester-Nansen Basin
Sylvester, Catena
-Hewelcke- Syrticum, Mare (SW corner Oceanus Procellarum)
-Hewelcke- Syrticus, Sinus (dark area SW of Encke)
-Menzel, 1971- Szilard

Index page for lunar features whose names start with the letter T

Italics indicate farside features.
-Caes- T, the (the T shaped Irregular Mare Patch NNW of Arago D, SW of Arago E)
-Schroter- T. Mayer (Tobias Mayer)
T. Mayer, Rima
-Hewelcke- Tabor, Mons (the very bright nimbus at Deslandres QA)
-Riccioli- Tacitus
-Schroter- Tacquet
-Van Langren- Tacquetti (IAU: Promontorium Laplace Alpha)
-Hewelcke- Tadnos, Fons (two dark floor patches in Schickard)
-Hewelcke- Taenarium, Promontorium
-Rand McNally- Taenarium range (see Promontorium Taenarium)
-Hewelcke- Taigetus, Mons (IAU: Guericke)
Tai Wei (Chang'e-3 site)
Taizo (craterlet SW of Mons Hadley Delta)
-Hewelcke- Tancon, Mons (IAU: Colombo)
-NASA- "Tangor" (location unknown) (Saenger?)
-Riccioli- Tannerus
-Hewelcke- Taraciniae, Insulae (nimbus of Hortensius and bright spot west of it)
-Hewelcke- Tarantinus, Sinus (SE part of Mare Insularum)
-Riccioli- Taruntius
Taruntius, Catena
-LTO- Taruntius, Fossae
Taruntius, Rimae
-NASA- Tasaday (Apollo-17 site)
-Van Langren- Tassis (IAU: Geber)
-LTO- Tasso (Purkyne U)
-Krieger- Tatra (see Carpatus, Montes)
-Hewelcke- Taurica chersonnesus (Montes Taurus and area south of it)
-Hewelcke- Taurus, Mons (ray east from Tycho)
-Hewelcke- Taurus, Montes
-NASA- Taurus-Littrow Valley (Apollo-17 site)
-Van Langren- Taye (IAU: Boscovich)
-Maedler- Taylor (Van Langren's Ulloae)
-NASA- Tecumseh (Apollo-15 site)
-Hewelcke- Techisandam, Mons (IAU: Curtius and Moretus)
-Wood- Tee shaped depression (see discussion below)
-Menzel, 1971- Teisserenc
-LTO- Telemann, Rima (part of Rimae Prinz)
-NASA?- Telemann Unit (unofficial name, region NW of Aristarchus Plateau)
-Krieger- Tempel
-Van Langren- Temperantiae, Terra
Temporis, Lacus (Fauth's Mare Horologii)
-Menzel, 1971- Ten Bruggencate
-Birt- Teneriffe, Montes
-Copeland- Tennis Racquet (Natasha)
-NASA- Ten O'Clock boulder / 10 O'Clock boulder (Apollo-17 site)
Tereshkova (first woman in space, Vostok-6)
Termier, Dorsum
-NASA- Terrace (Apollo-15 site)
-Menzel, 1971- Tesla
-LTO- Tetrazzini, Fossa (at Palus Putredinis)
Tetyaev, Dorsa
-NASA- Texas (IAU: Gagarin)
-Van Langren- Thales (IAU: Burg)
-Riccioli- Thales
-Hewelcke- Thambes, Mons (vague bright area NE of Hermann)
-Riccioli- Theaetetus
Theaetetus, Rimae
-Van Langren- Thebit (IAU: Luther Zeta)
-Riccioli- Thebit
-Riccioli- Theon Junior
-Riccioli- Theon Senior
-Riccioli- Theophilus
Thera, Dorsum
-Van Langren- Theresae Hispa. Inf. (IAU: Calippus Theta, Eta, Omega)
-Gassendi- Thersite (or Homuncio) (IAU: Mare Serenitatis, etc.)
-Menzel, 1971- Thiel
-Menzel, 1971- Thiessen
-Cherrington- Thin cheese (Wargentin)
-Van Langren- Thomae D. Sab. (IAU: Kepler)
-Menzel, 1971- Thomson
-Wilkins- Thornton (-328/ +937)
-Hewelcke- Thospitis, Lacus (IAU: Fracastorius)
-Copeland- Three rocks (the Gruithuisen domes)
-NASA- Thud Ridge (A-11 region)
Tian Shi (Chang'e-3 site)
-Menzel, 1971- Tikhomirov
-Menzel, 1971- Tikhov
-Menzel, 1971- Tiling
-Caes- Tiling, Vallis (the valley NNE of Tiling)
-Riccioli- Timaeus
-Menzel, 1971- Timiryazev
-Van Langren- Timochari (IAU: Timaeus)
-Riccioli- Timocharis
Timocharis, Catena
-Schmidt- Timoleon (discontinued name)
Timoris, Lacus
-Caes- Tiny island (between Damoiseau E and Damoiseau G)
-Caes- Tiny white island (ESE of Pytheas K)
-Van Langren- Tirelli (IAU: Diophantus)
-Krieger- Tisserand
-Menzel, 1971- Titius
Titov (2nd human in Earth orbit, Vostok-2)
-Hewelcke- Tmolus, Mons (IAU: Taylor, Taylor A, etc.)
-LTO- Tolstoy (Hirayama Y)
-Sternberg- Topchiev (SE of Buffon)
-Caes- Topsy-turvy bathtub (Mons Gruithuisen Gamma)
-Copeland- Torch, The (Mons Delisle) (aka The baby)
-Van Langren- Torii (IAU: Mare Crisium Tau?)
-Hewelcke- Tornese, Caput de (IAU: Fra Mauro B, bright point)
-Maedler- Torricelli
Torricelli B (famous TLP site, especially in 1983)
-Caes- Torricelli B hill (southwest of Torricelli B)
-NASA- Tortilla Flat (Apollo-17 site)
Toscanelli, Rupes
-Lamech- Touchet (Maury A)
-NASA- Towers (Apollo-17 site)
-NASA- Tracy's Rock (aka Split Rock / Station 6 boulder) (Apollo-17 site)
-Maedler- Tralles
-Riccioli- Mare Tranquillitatis (Basin)
-Franz- Trans Hahn, Mare (see Hahn)
-Krieger- Transsemlja (see Riphaeus, Montes)
-NASA- Trap (Apollo-16 site)
Trapezium (Barker's Quadrangle)
-Hewelcke- Trapezus, Mons (IAU: Newcomb)
-Hewelcke- Trasimenus, Lacus (IAU: Palus Putredinis)
-Van Langren- Trautmansdorffii (IAU: Hind)
-Van Langren- Trederi (IAU: Zollner)
-Wilkins- Trewman (+321/ +919)
-NASA- Triangle, The (A-11 region)
-Copeland- Triangle, The (Delisle Alpha)
-NASA- Trident (Apollo-17 site)
-Lohrmann- Triesnecker
Triesnecker, Rimae
-Van Langren- Triestis (IAU: Petavius)
-Peck- Trilobite (aka Lobster) (hills NE of Gassendi)
-NASA- Trio, the (A-11 region)
-NASA- Triplet (Apollo-14 site)
-NASA- Tri-Pt. (Apollo-12 site)
-Hewelcke- Troicus, Mons (NE wall of Schickard)
-NASA- Trophy Point (Apollo-15 site)
-Fauth- Trouvelot
-Menzel, 1971- Trumpler
-Menzel, 1971- Tsander (Zander)
Tseraskiy (Ceraski)
-Menzel, 1971- Tsinger (Zinger)
Tsiolkovskiy-Stark Basin
Tsu Chung-Chi
-Van Langren- Tucheri (IAU: Macrobius)
-Wood- Turitella (NNW of Fra Mauro / WNW of Apollo-14 site)
-Lamech- Turner
-NASA- Turning Point Rock (Apollo-17 site)
-NASA- Turtle Mountain (Apollo-16 site)
-NASA- Twin Craters Ridge (A-11 region)
-Caes- Two arcs (Eddington P on Eddington's floor)
-Caes- Two arcs (between Campanus and Hippalus)
-Wood?- Two Headlights (Furnerius A and Stevinus A)
-Riccioli- Tycho
-Caes- Tycho, Catena (the chain of craterlets NNW of Tycho)
-Menzel, 1971- Tyndall

Index page for lunar features whose names start with the letter U

A whole series of unnamed fields of Irregular Mare Patches (IMPs) should receive some sort of officially recognized nomenclature, as soon as possible!
If the IAU can't or won't do a thing, I will. Fact is, we don't want to get lost on the moon while we explore the Hi-Res NAC close-ups in the LROC's Act-React Quick Map!
Coordinates are just coordinates, names are much more!
For IMPs, see the Moon-Wiki page Irregular Mare Patches

U1 basin (centre of basin at d'Alembert)
U2 basin (centre of basin at Darwin)
U3 basin (centre of basin at Trumpler)
U4 basin (centre of basin at Lacus Temporis)
U5 basin (centre of basin at Olivier)
U6 basin (centre of basin at La Condamine/ Mare Frigoris)
-Maedler- Ukert (and the Lunar V)
Ukert, Rima
-Caes- Ukert, Vallis (the valley SW of Ukert)
-Van Langren- Ulloae (IAU: Taylor)
-Maedler- Ulugh Beigh
-Gassendi- Umbilicus Lunaris (IAU: Tycho and its ray system)
-Gassendi- Umbrosa, Vallis (location unknown)
-Franz- Undarum, Mare
-LTO- Undest, Mons (see link below list)
-Krieger- Ural (see Riphaeus, Montes)
-RP 1097- Urey
-Van Langren- Urselii (IAU: Agrippa)
-NASA- US 1 (or: United States Highway Number One) (Rimae Hypatia) (A-10 / A-11 region)
Usov, Mons
-NASA- Uttermost West (Apollo-15 site)
-Hewelcke- Uxii, Montes (IAU: Lindenau, Rabbi Levi, Zagut, etc.)

Index page for lunar features whose names start with the letter V

Italics indicate farside features.

V (Lunar V, see Ukert)
-Wilkins- Vaisala (-180/ +990)
Valentine Dome (unofficial name for Linne Alpha)
Valera (Luna-17 site)
-Van Langren- Valerii (IAU: Playfair)
-Menzel, 1971- Valier
-Lamech- Vally (or Wally) (IAU: Bilharz)
van Albada
Van Biesbroeck
-Menzel, 1971- Van de Graaff
-Menzel, 1971- Van den Bergh
van den Bos
-Menzel, 1971- Van der Waals
-Menzel, 1971- Van Gent
Van-Gu (see Wan-Hoo)
-Sternberg- Vanini (Paschen U)
-Menzel, 1971- Van Maanen
-Menzel, 1971- van Rhijn
-NASA- Van Serg (Apollo-17 site)
Van Vleck
-Menzel, 1971- Van Wijk
-Menzel, 1971- van't Hoff
-Caes- van't Hoff, Vallis (the valley ENE of van't Hoff)
-Riccioli- Vaporum, Mare
-Caes- Vaporum's elongated craterlet (13°N / 1°E)
-Maedler- Vasco da Gama
Vasco da Gama,Rimae
-Menzel, 1971- Vashakidze
-Sternberg- Vasilchenko (IAU: Klute)
Vasya (Luna-17 site)
-Menzel, 1971- Vavilov (aka Fratres Vavilovi)
-Maedler- Vega
-Riccioli- Vendelinus
-Van Langren- Venetum, Mare (IAU: Mare Humorum)
-Menzel, 1971- Vening Meinesz
-Riccioli- Ventorum, Insula
-Menzel, 1971- Ventris
Vera (craterlet near Prinz)
-LTO- Verdi, Rima
-LTO- Vergil (Stark R ?)
-Franz- Veris, Lacus
-North- Vermiform Valley (south of Mare Crisium)
-Menzel, 1971- Vernadskiy
Verne (craterlet halfway between Euler and Lambert)
-Wilkins- Vernet (Gutenberg G)
-Menzel, 1971- Vesalius
-Menzel, 1971- Vestine
-Menzel, 1971- Vetchinkin
-Van Langren- Vici (dark spot in Schickard)
-NASA- Victory (Apollo-17 site)
-Riccioli- Vieta
-Riccioli- Vigoris, Terra
-Menzel, 1971- Vil'ev
-Van Langren- Vincetti S., Promontorium (IAU: Promontorium Heraclides)
Vinogradov, Mons (aka Mons Euler)
-Wilkins- Virgil (Bessarion E)
-Riccioli- Vitae, Terra
-Schroter- Vitello
-Riccioli- Vitruvius
Vitruvius, Mons (aka East Massif, Apollo-17)
Vitya (Luna-17 site)
-Van Langren- Vlacci (IAU: Capella)
-Maedler- Vlacq
Vladimir, Rima (in Palus Putredinis)
-Van Langren- VLADISLAI IV Reg. Pol. (IAU: Tycho)
-Krieger- Vogel
Volkov (crewmember Soyuz-11)
-Schmidt- Volta
-Caes- Volta, Rimae (on the floor of Volta)
-LTO- Voltaire (Pasteur T)
-Menzel, 1971- Volterra
-IAU 2009- von Baeyer (south pole area)
von Behring
von Békésy
von Bingen (see Hildegard)
-NASA- Von Braun (IAU: Doppler)
-RP 1097- von Braun
-Caes- Von Braun, Rimae (on the floor of Von Braun)
Von Cotta, Dorsum
-Menzel, 1971- Von der Pahlen
-Menzel, 1971- Von Kármán
-Menzel, 1971- Von Neumann
-Menzel, 1971- Von Zeipel
-Menzel, 1971- Voskresenskiy
-Van Langren- Vossii (IAU: Cepheus)
-Lamech- Voutzinas (Fracastorius B)
-Hewelcke- Vulcania, Insula (IAU: Eratosthenes)
-Van Langren- Vulleri (IAU: Alhazen Alpha)

Index page for lunar features whose names start with the letter W

Italics indicate farside features.
W. Bond (aka W.C.Bond, William Cranch Bond)
W. Bond, Rima (see W. Bond)
-Krieger- W.H.Pickering (William Henry Pickering) (Messier A)
-Wilkins- Wagner (-428/ +212)
-NASA- Wagner (Apollo-17 site)
-NASA- Wagon Road (A-11 region)
-NASA- Walden (Apollo-17 site)
-Menzel, 1971- Walker
-Copeland- Wall, The (between Diophantus and Mons Delisle)
-Schmidt- Wallace
-Lamech- Wally (or Vally) (IAU: Bilharz)
Walter (craterlet NE of Diophantus)
-Riccioli- Walther
-Menzel, 1971- Wan-Hoo (Van-Gu)
Wan-Yu, Rima (in the Euler group)
-IAU 2009- Wapowski (south pole area)
-Birt?- -Lee?- Ward (IAU: Protagoras)
-Schroter- Wargentin
-Wood- Wasatch mountains (see Crisium, Mare)
-NASA- Wash Basin (A-11 region)
Washbowl (nickname, Cassini A)
-NASA- Washington (IAU: Aitken)
-Van Langren- Wassenarii (IAU: Torricelli)
-Menzel, 1971- Waterman
-Menzel, 1971- Watson
-Schmidt- Watt (of the couple Watt-Steinheil)
-Wilkins- Watts (Kastner B)
-NASA- WC (Apollo-16 site)
-NASA- Weatherford (A-11 region)
-Neison- Webb
-NASA- Webb (IAU: Chaplygin)
-Menzel, 1971- Weber
-Menzel, 1971- Wegener
-NASA- Wegener / Wegener-Apollo (Apollo-17 site)
-Van Langren- Wegii (IAU: Pentland)
-Schroter- Weigel
-Fauth- Weinek
-NASA- Weird (Apollo-14 site)
-Krieger- Weiss
-Collins- Weka crater (WSW of Helicon)
-Menzel, 1971- Wells, H.G. (see H.G.Wells)
-Van Langren- Welperi (IAU: Colombo?)
-Van Langren- Wendelini (IAU: Maskelyne A)
-Riccioli- Werner
Werner-Airy Basin
-NASA- Wessex Cleft (Apollo-17 site)
-NASA- West (Apollo-11 site)
-NASA- West, Little (Apollo-11 site)
-Menzel, 1971- Wexler
-Menzel, 1971- Weyl
-J.Moore- Whale, the (Irregular Mare Patch n°15)
-Sternberg- Wheatstone (ENE Engelhardt)
-Birt- Whewell
-IAU 2009- Whipple (north pole crater)
-Wilkins- Whipple, Mount (La Hire Alpha)
Whiston, Dorsa
-Wilkins- Whitaker (+910/ -480)
-NASA- White (IAU: Levi Civita)
-Menzel, 1971- White (crewmember Apollo-1)
-Neison- Wichmann
Widmannstätten (of the Kiess-Widmannstatten pair)
-Menzel, 1971- Wiechert
-Sternberg- Wien (Hertzsprung D)
-Menzel, 1971- Wiener
Wiener F (noticeable lava flow)
-NASA- Wilbur (Wilbur Wright) (Apollo-15 site)
-Van Langren- Wilhelmi Lantgravii (IAU: Mee)
-Muller- Wilkins
-Krieger- Williams
-NASA- Williams (IAU: Lucretius)
-Menzel, 1971- Wilsing
-Schroter- Wilson
-NASA- Window (Apollo-15 site)
-Schroter- Wing, Vinc. (between Heinsius M and Wilhelm D)
-Menzel, 1971- Winkler
-Menzel, 1971- Winlock
Winthrop (on the rim of Letronne)
-Van Langren- Wisilii (IAU: Street)
-Sternberg- Witkowski (east of Tiling)
-Sternberg- Wittram (NNE of Fizeau)
-Schmidt- Wöhler
-Krieger- Wolf
-Schroter- Wolff, Mt. (in Montes Apenninus)
-Van Langren- Wolfgangi D. Neoburgi (IAU: Wilhelm)
-Van Langren- Wolfii (IAU: Lindenau)
-Maedler- Wollaston
-Menzel, 1971- Woltjer
-NASA- Wolverine (Apollo-15 site)
-Menzel, 1971- Wood-/
Wood's Spot (unofficial name, see Aristarchus Plateau)
-NASA- Worm Rille (A-11 region)
-NASA- Wreck (Apollo-16 site)
Wright (of the pair Wright-Shaler)
-Wilkins- Wright (Licetus F)
-NASA- Wright Brothers (Kiess and Widmannstatten)
-Birt- Wrottesley
-Schroter- Wurzelbauer
-Menzel, 1971- Wyld

Index page for lunar features whose names start with the letter X

Italics indicate farside features.

X (Lunar X) (well known clair-obscur phenomenon)
-Caes- X crater (Mercator A, which has an X-shaped system of dark radial bands on its inner slopes)
-Riccioli- Xenophanes
-Van Langren- Xenophanis (IAU: Strabo)

Index page for lunar features whose names start with the letter Y

Italics indicate farside features.

-Menzel, 1971- Yablochkov
-Sternberg- Ya. Bruce (Mariotte X)
-RP 1097- Yakovkin
-Menzel, 1971- Yamamoto
-LTO- Yangel', Fossa
Yangel', Rima
-Krieger- Yerkes
Yoshi (craterlet at Aratus CA, aka the LTO's Lorca)
-Schmidt- Young
Yuri, Catena (NW of Euler).
Yutu (Chinese name for one of the volcanic domes in the Marius Hills complex)

Index page for lunar features whose names start with the letter Z

Italics indicate farside features.

Is Van Langren's name Zylii really the last name in the ABC of (official and discontinued, or disallowed) Named Lunar Formations?

-NASA- Z, the (A-11 region)
-Maedler- Zach
-Hewelcke- Zacynthus, Insula (bright area east of Lansberg)
-Riccioli- Zagut
Zahia, Rima (north of Euler)
-Van Langren- Zamosci (IAU: the couple Steinheil and Watt)
-Menzel, 1971- Zander (see Tsander)
Zasyadko (in Babcock)
-Menzel, 1971- Zeeman
-Menzel, 1971- Zelinskiy
-Schmidt- Zeno
-Krieger- Zeno (see Riphaeus, Montes)
-Menzel, 1971- Zernike
Zhang Yuzhe
-Menzel, 1971- Zhiritskiy
-Menzel, 1971- Zhukovskiy
-Hewelcke- Zin, Desertum (the northern half of the dark halo around Tycho)
-Lamech- Zinger (Cassini C)
-Menzel, 1971- Zinger (see Tsinger)
Zirkel, Dorsum
Zi Wei (Chang'e-3 site)
-LTO- Zola (south of Houtermans)
-Schmidt- Zöllner
-Riccioli- Zoroaster (Mare Humboldtianum)
-Menzel, 1971- Zsigmondy
-Riccioli- Zucchius
-Franz- Zungenspitze (at or near Mare Anguis)
-Riccioli- Zupus
Zupus, Rimae
Zwicky (and Ibn Hayyan)
-Van Langren- Zylii (IAU: Theaetetus)

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