Coulomb-Sarton Basin

(unofficial name)
Lat: 52°N, Long: 123°W, Main ring diam: 440 km, Depth: 3.9-6 km, Rukl: farside
external image normal_coulomb-sarton.jpg
external image normal_Coulomb-Sarton_Basin_LIDAR_LTVT.JPG
Left: Aerial view of the basin using LTVT on a Clementine view from Map-A-Planet.
Right: Clementine, Clementine LIDAR Altimeter texture from PDS Map-a-Planet remapped to north-up aerial view by LTVT. The dot is the center position and the white circles several different estimates of the main ring position from Chuck Wood's Impact Basin Database. Grid spacing = 10 degrees. Birkhoff Basin is visible in the upper left.


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(LAC zone 20C4) USGS Digital Atlas PDF

Basin Classification

(description of terms and most numeric basin data from Wood, C.A. (2004) Impact Basin Database)

Certainty of Existence
Wilhelms Age Group
Ring Diameters
Mare Thickness
160, 250, 440, 670 km
1.2 km
Yes; +12 mG gravity anomaly
  • Ring diameters from Pike & Spudis (1987). Other authorities differ.


Additional Information


Basins filled with maria are named for the mare, and basins that were previously recognized as craters still bear the crater name. Basins located between craters have the names of the two opposite craters with a hyphen in between, in this case Coulomb and Sarton.

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