F nomenclature (from the IAU and from unofficial sources)

Italics indicate farside features.

Because the peculiar class of surface formations informally named Fossae are very much unknown, each one of them should appear in the F list below, to get an overview of all of them, and also of those not included on the LTO charts.
(for the whole collection of LTO charts, see the LPI's overview of them in: http://www.lpi.usra.edu/resources/mapcatalog/LTO/).
-Riccioli- Fabricius
-rille seeker- Fabricius, Rimae (on the floor of Fabricius)
-Menzel, 1971- Fabry
Fairouz (craterlet between Bowditch and Lacus Solitudinis)
-NASA- Falcon (Apollo-17 site)
-NASA- Family Mountain (Apollo-17 site)
-NASA- Fan (Apollo-15 site)
-Birt- Faraday
-Schmidt- Faraday, Cap (the southern end of Montes Caucasus)
Far Cape (Luna 21 / Lunokhod 2 site) (in Le Monnier)
-Van Langren- Farnesii D. Parmae (IAU: Orontius)
-Caes-/-Moore- Farside dogbone (possible swirl in Hero H)
-Caes- Fat Eight / Fat 8 (between Beketov and Vitruvius)
-NASA- Faust (Apollo-17 site)
-RP 1097- Faustini (Malinkin on its floor)
-Muller- Fauth
-Birt- Faye
-NASA- Faye Ridge (A-11 region)
-Wilkins- Febrer (IAU: Back)
-Menzel, 1971- Fechner
-Riccioli- Fecunditatis, Mare (Basin)
Felicitatis, Lacus
Felix (craterlet halfway between Euler and Lambert)
-Menzel, 1971- Fényi-/
-Caes- Fenyi, Rimae (on the floor of Fenyi)
Feoktistov (crewmember Voskhod-1)
-Van Langren- Ferd. Caroli Leop. F. (IAU: Cyrillus)
-Van Langren- Ferd. Francisci Imp. Rom. F. (IAU: Theophilus)
-Van Langren- Ferdinandi Elect. Col. (IAU: Blancanus)
-Van Langren- FERDINANDI III Imp. Rom. (IAU: Albategnius)
-Maedler- Fermat
-RLA 1963- Fermi
-Riccioli- Fernelius
-Schroter- Feronce (location unknown)
-Menzel, 1971- Fersman
-Riccioli- Fertilitatis, Terra
-Schmidt- Feuillée (of the couple Feuillee-Beer)
-IAU 2009- Fibiger (north pole area)
-Hewelcke- Ficaria, Insula (IAU: Euler)
Fidei, Sinus
-NASA- Fifty Five (Apollo-15 site)
-NASA- Fifty Four (Apollo-15 site)
-NASA- Fifty One (Apollo-15 site)
-Van Langren- Finiaei (IAU: Mons La Hire)
-Riccioli- Firmicus
-LTO- Firdausi (Euler E)
-Menzel, 1971- Firsov
Fischer (in Mendeleev)
-Wood- Fish / Angelfish (Mare Crisium)
-Wilkins- Fisher (Vitruvius B)
-Caes- Fish's tail (the northern part of Mons Delisle)
-Menzel, 1971- Fitzgerald
-NASA- Five Crater Chain (near Apollo-12's landingsite)
-Menzel, 1971- Fizeau
-Caes- Fizeau, Vallis (short valley east of Fizeau)
-NASA- Flag (Apollo-16 site)
-Gaudibert- Flammarion
Flammarion, Rima
-Maedler- Flamsteed
Flamsteed-Billy Basin
Flamsteed P ring (Surveyor-1 site) (see Flamsteed)
-NASA- Flank (Apollo-14 site)
-Menzel, 1971- Fleming
-Copeland- Flock of Sheep (Montes Spitzbergen)
-Elger- Florence Flask Bottle (SW part Vallis Alpes)
-RP 1097- Florensky
-IAU 2009- Florey (north pole area)
-NASA- Florida (IAU: Mendeleev)
-NASA- Flow (Apollo-15 site)
-Van Langren- Fluvius, Regius (IAU: Mare Spumans and Mare Undarum)
-Copeland- Flying Eagle (east of O'Neill's Bridge)
-Menzel, 1971- Focas
Focas, Rimae
-Riccioli- Fontana
-Schroter- Fontenelle
Fontenelle Epsilon (see also Madler's Square)
-rille seeker- Fontenelle, Rimae (on the floor of Fontenelle)
-Hewelcke- Fortis, Mons (IAU: Kaiser and Nonius)
Fossa Incospicua (Luna 21 / Lunokhod 2 site) (in Le Monnier)
Fossa Recta (Luna 21 / Lunokhod 2 site) (in Le Monnier)
-LTO- Fossa Tetrazzini (at Palus Putredinis)
-Menzel, 1971- Foster
-Birt- Foucault
Foucault, Montes (see Foucault)
-Maedler- Fourier
-Van Langren- Fournerii (IAU: Darney)
-Menzel, 1971- Fowler
-Riccioli- Fracastorius
-rille seeker- Fracastorius, Rimae (on the floor of Fracastorius)
-Caes- Fracastorius's trifid (triangle-shaped cluster of craterlets at NE part Fracastorius)
-Maedler- Fra Mauro
Fra Mauro Formation (see Fra Mauro)
-Caes- Fra Mauro Zeta's mob (cratercluster SSE of Fra Mauro Zeta)
-Van Langren- Francisci D. Loth. (IAU: Kircher)
-Van Langren- Francisci S., Portus (IAU: Pitatus and Hesiodus dark area)
-Maedler- Franklin
-Birt- Franklin, J. (crater near Crozier and McClure)
-Krieger- Franz
-Sternberg- Fratres Vavilovi (see Vavilov)
-Maedler- Fraunhofer
-Van Langren- Fred. C. Pal. (IAU: Fabricius)
-Van Langren- Frederici D. Holstat. (IAU: Newton)
-Lamech- Frédéricos (Endymion A)
-Van Langren- Fred. Wilhelmi M. Brandenb. (IAU: Schiller)
-NASA- Freeman (IAU: Kibal'chich)
Freres Henry (see Henry, Freres)
-Wilkins- Fresa (Lagrange B)
-NASA- Fresh crater (Apollo-15 site)
-LTO- Fresnel, Fossae
-Schmidt?- -Lohrmann?- Fresnel, Promontorium
Fresnel Ridge (NASA's Hill-305) (Apollo-15 site)
Fresnel, Rimae
-Wood?- Fresnel, Straits of (see Fresnel, Promontorium)
-Hewelcke- Freti Pontici, Promontorium (IAU: Madler, bright point at or nearby)
-Menzel, 1971- Freundlich
Freundlich-Sharonov Basin
-Menzel, 1971- Fridman (Friedmann)
-Caes and others- Fried Egg (Irregular Mare Patch between Maskelyne F and Wallach)
-Riccioli- Frigoris, Mare
-Caes- Frigoris cluster (craterlet cluster at 56°N / 3°E)
-Caes- Frigoris handcuffs (between La Condamine and J.Herschel)
-Menzel, 1971- Froelich
-Caes- Froelich, Vallis (valley at NE part of Froelich's rim)
-Van Langren- Fromi (IAU: Blanchinus)
-Van Langren- Fromondi (IAU: Ross)
-NASA- Front (Apollo-15 site)
-Menzel, 1971- Frost
-NASA- Frosty (Apollo-17 site)
-RP 1097- Fryxell
-Riccioli- Fulgurum, Peninsula
-Riccioli- Fulminum, Peninsula
-NASA- Furnace Gulch (A-10 / A-11 region)
-Riccioli- Furnerius
Furnerius, Rima