Ina (aka D-shaped caldera)

Lat: 18.6°N, Long: 5.3°E, Diam: 3 km, Depth: km, Rükl: 22
external image normal_Ina%252BCaldera-050807.jpg external image normal_Ina_AS17-M-1518_LTVT.JPG
Left: Mick Hyde Ina can be spotted in the upper part of the plateau in the center of this frame. The crater near the bottom is Yangel'. The mare areas include Lacus Felicitatis (to the left of the Ina plateau), Lacus Odii in the upper right, and a part of Lacus Doloris in the lower right.
Right: AS17-M-1518 Ina is the D-shaped crater pointed to by the white arrow in this extreme enlargement of the area around the crater. The other IAU-approved names in this small area are Dag, Osama and Mons Agnes.


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Orbital Hasselblad photographs of Ina, made by the astronauts of Apollo 15 and Apollo 17: (research Danny Caes)

Ina's remarkable bluish coloration

Apollo 17's orbital color Hasselblads of the Lacus Felicitatis region show very well Ina's remarkable bluish coloration. This blue color is also noticeable on the LROC's WAC Albedo/Color Map, see close-up of the Lacus Felicitatis region:


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Additional Information

On certain digital lunar atlases, the location of Ina is erroneously located at crater Ideler (the same coordinates and diameter of Ideler). - DannyCaes DannyCaes Feb 15, 2010


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