J nomenclature (from the IAU and from unofficial sources)

Italics indicate farside features.

The Jewelled Handle is the same as the Golden Handle effect (a wonderful clair-obscur phenomenon at Sinus Iridum and Montes Jura, always visible during local sunrise circumstances, at the moon's morning terminator). One doesn't need a powerful telescope to observe this phenomenon! It's already visible without telescopes or binoculars! A pair of sharp looking eyes is all you need, or perhaps your glasses. See also APOD 2017 June the 5th.

- John Lennon (the name John Lennon Peace Crater has been proposed for Daniell D, in honor of John Lennon, by the Luna Society International, but this has not been approved by the IAU).

-Schroter- J. Cassini (Jacques Cassini)
-Birt- J. Herschel (John Herschel)
-Menzel, 1971- Jackson
-Birt- Jackson-Gwilt (IAU: Bliss)
-Maedler- Jacobi
-LTO- James (Lick F)
-Caes- Jan Mayen (Piton Gamma)
-Maedler- Jansen
Jansen 1 (Irregular Mare Patch SE of the Jansen U couple)
Jansen 2 (Irregular Mare Patch WSW of Jansen T)
-Caes- Jansen R's small companion (SE of ghost-crater Jansen R)
Jansen, Rima
-RLA 1963- Jansky
-Birt?- -Schmidt?- Janssen
Janssen, Rimae
-RP 1097- Jarvis (crewmember STS-51L)
-RLA 1963- Jeans
-NASA- Jefferson (Apollo-17 site)
Jehan (craterlet in Euler group)
-Krieger- Jekaterinburg Damm (see Riphaeus, Montes)
-Krieger- Jekaterinburg Pass (see Riphaeus, Montes)
-Menzel, 1971- Jenner
Jerik (craterlet near Mons Argaeus)
-P.Moore?- Jewelled Handle (clair-obscur phenomenon, see Montes Jura / Sinus Iridum)
-Elger- Jew's Harp (see Reiner Gamma)
-Caes- J.Herschel, Vallis (the shallow valley near the SW part of J.Herschel's rim)
-Wilkins- Jiyah (Mersenius D)
-Menzel, 1971- Joffe (see Ioffe)
-LSI- John Lennon Peace Crater (Daniell D)
-LTO- Johnson (west of Brunner)
Jomo (craterlet SW of Mons Hadley Delta)
Jones (see Spencer Jones)
-NASA- Jones / Jones-Apollo (Apollo-17 site)
José (craterlet in Alphonsus)
-Menzel, 1971- Joule
Joy (and the "Pit of Joy" immediately east of it)
-Wilkins- Juan (-440/ -300, near Lagrange G)
-Murray- Juggler, The (the dark mare regions on the Full Moon)
Jules Verne
-Caes- Jules Verne Fault (on the eastern part of Jules Verne's floor)
-Caes- Jules Verne's handcuff (on the western part of Jules Verne's floor)
Julienne (peanut-shaped craterlet west of Rima Hadley)
-Riccioli- Julius Caesar
-Franz- Jungnitz (IAU: Demonax)
-Debes- Jura, Montes (and the Jewelled Handle effect)