Marginis Basin

(unofficial name; IAU feature name for central 420 km of mare: Mare Marginis)
Lat: 13.3°N, Long: 86.1°E, Main ring diam: 580 km, Depth: km, Rükl 38
external image normal_Marginis-Mare-iv165-h3.jpg external image normal_Marginis_Basin_LIDAR_LTVT.JPG
Left: LOIV-165-H3, Right: Clementine, Clementine LIDAR Altimeter texture from PDS Map-a-Planet remapped to north-up aerial view by LTVT. The dot is the center position and the white circle the main ring position from Chuck Wood's Impact Basin Database. Grid spacing = 10 degrees.


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(LAC zone 63B2) USGS Digital Atlas PDF
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Basin Classification

(description of terms and most numeric basin data from Wood, C.A. (2004) Impact Basin Database)
Certainty of Existence
Wilhelms Age Group
Ring Diameters
Mare Thickness


Description: Wikipedia

Mare Marginis

Additional Information


The IAU feature name means "Sea of the Edge".
  • Named by Franz: Whitaker: Mapping and Naming the Moon, p 225.
  • The impact basin is named after the mare.
  • A set of dark mare-like regions west of Mare Marginis and east of Alhazen - Hansen has been unofficially named Lacus Risus Felis by Charles Wood (Sky and Telescope, June 2000, p. 118; and Wood, 2003 -- see LPOD link, below).

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Wood, C.A. 11/2005. Mysteries of the Eastern Limb. S&T 110(5):62-63

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