Adding a Thumbnail to the LPOD Index Page


Assuming you have followed the directions for How to Create an LPOD Page, the following directions explain how to add a thumbnail of your LPOD image to the Calendar on the LPOD Index Page.

Detailed Instructions

  1. The example explained how to upload and display an image called "LPOD-22Jan-08.jpg" on an LPOD page (by inserting the instruction: [[image:LPOD-22Jan-08.jpg]]).
  2. When you uploaded the file, you may have noticed that a 64x64 pixel thumbnail of your image was displayed in the Files List on the upload page. The URL of this thumbnail is the same as the name of the file, but preceded by: Hence to display a thumbnail of the example image you need to use the Wikitext: [[image:]], which displays as:external image LPOD-22Jan-08.jpg.
  3. Armed with this knowledge, proceed to, and ask to Edit the LPOD Index page.

Adding Thumbnail with Text Editor

  1. Because the Calendar section of the LPOD Index page is a table, viewing it in the Text Editor mode gives a display gives a very messy looking display, but one that is actually very easy to correct to display the desired thumbnail.
  2. The table consists of a series of entries separated by || symbols. Each of these represents the contents of one of the Calendar cells. You will see an alternation of lines displaying links to thumbnail images and lines displaying links to LPOD pages.
  3. The cells that contain the "?" placeholder for the pages that do not yet have thumbnails look like: [[image:]].
  4. To add the thumbnail of your LPOD image, you simply have to locate the first "NewImage.GIF" entry and write over that with the name of your LPOD image. For example, in the present example, you would change the existing entry of [[image:]] to read [[image:]].
  5. Clicking Preview at the bottom of the editing screen should then display the thumbnail of LPOD-22Jan-08.jpg in the appropriate box of the Calendar. If it does not, you can always click Cancel.

Adding Thumbnail with Visual Editor

  1. The Visual Editor unfortunately provides no mechanism for changing the image properties (i.e., what URL the display is linked to). As a result, to add a thumbnail by this means you have to manually create your own 64x64 version of the LPOD image. One means to do this is to simply download to your hard drive the thumbnail displayed in the File List.
  2. Once you have the thumbnail ready to upload, go to the LPOD Index page and click on the Calendar cell containing the "?" placeholder you want to replace with your own thumbnail.
  3. Click on the thumbnail and press the Delete key on your keyboard to remove it. Then click on the Image icon (the one with the palm tree) at the total of the Visual Editor display.
  4. This will offer to let you upload and display your thumbnail inside the Calendar cell.
  5. Follow the instructions and click the Preview button at the bottom of the editing screen. Your thumbnail should display in the appropriate cell of the Calendar. If it does not, click Cancel.

Recovering from a Failed Edit

If you accidentally click the "Save" button and see the message that the "Page has been updated", only to discover you have made some irrecoverable error in the editing, do the following:
  1. Click on the History tab at the top of the page.
  2. Click on the early versions of the page until you find the most recent one that displays properly.
  3. Click Revert to go back to that earlier version.

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