Aratus CA (aka Lorca)

Lat: 24.56°N, Long: 11.18°E, Diam: 2.08 km, Depth: km, Rükl: 23
external image normal_Aratus-CA_AS15-M-0580_LTVT.JPG
Left: AS15-M-0580 It appears that the IAU name applies to the entire three-pointed depression seen in the lower part of this image. In this view, Vallis Christel, Vallis Krishna and Rima Sung-Mei should be viewed as IAU-named sub-components. Yoshi appears to be an unrelated impact crater, as is, possibly, the very non-descript Manuel. Dorsum Owen may or may not be related to Aratus CA.
Right: LROC NAC images M104447576LC and M104447576RC.


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(LAC zone 41C1) LAC map Geologic map LM map LTO map 42-A4 Topophotomap (West half) Topophotomap (East half)
21st Century Atlas of the Moon (Wood/ Collins): Chart 11 (page 35), location 5-E (magnifying glass required!).



Additional Information


  • This is regarded as a satellite feature and hence is named for the "parent" crater, Aratus, even though it is at a considerable distance and unrelated to it.
  • There is considerable confusion regarding the nomenclature of this feature. On several of the DMA-prepared NASA maps it is given the provisional name "Lorca" (used as the title for the Topophotomap sheets), and on two of the LM-series maps this name is even listed as "approved by the IAU". But it appears this is a clerical error and the name Lorca (an apparent reference to the Spanish writer) was never approved. - JimMosher JimMosher
  • The naming of sub-components of a named feature is rather unusual.
  • Aratus CA is called Krishna on chart 23 in Antonin Rukl's Atlas of the Moon.- DannyCaes DannyCaes May 26, 2010

LROC Articles


  • Greeley, R. (1976). Photogeology of Aratus CA, Mare Serenitatis. Abstracts of the Lunar and Planetary Science Conference 7 (2): 331. (Note: Greeley refers to the central pit as "Lorca" -- an impression he probably got from the placement of the label for that unapproved substitute name for Aratus CA on the topographic maps)
  • APOLLO OVER THE MOON: A VIEW FROM ORBIT, Chapter 7; Unusual Features (part 1), Figure 223.

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