Lat: 27.5°S, Long: 37.0°E, Diam: 32 km, Depth: 3.37 km, Rükl: 58
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LO-IV-072H A small part of the sunlit west rim of 11-km Weinek B is visible in the upper right; and the shadowed east rim of 20-km Neander C in the lower left.


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Was southern crater Weinek captured on one or more orbital photographs made during Project Apollo? Perhaps... (or... none?).
Something of Weinek is probably noticeable in the south-looking oblique Mapping/Metric Fairchild camera photographs of Apollo 16 (in the REV 26 frames, especially in frame AS16-M-0685, more precisely at the central part of the curved horizon).
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About Weinek's (rather wrong) investigations and misinterpretations of the Lick Observatory's photographs of the moon:
  • A.J.M.Wanders; Op Ontdekking in het Maanland (Het Spectrum, 1949).
  • W.P.Sheehan and T.A.Dobbins; Epic Moon, a history of lunar exploration in the age of the telescope (Willmann-Bell, 2001).

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